Me,my husband, and our ex babysitter, part 2 of 3

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Me,my husband, and our ex babysitter, part 2 of 3God I was horny. As I lay in bed naked, all I could think about was the fabulous lesbian sex I had last week with Abby who used to babysit for me and the hubby. As I squeezed my breast with one hand,gently pinching my erect nipple, I was rubbing my clit with my finger on the other hand, all the time thinking of Abby. As I played with my clitoris I remembered licking hers.I remembered her cumming and screaming so loud her neighbours must have heard.She didn’t care so I guessed her neighbours must be used to her.I said it to her and she told me it was for the benefit of one of her neighbours Tony, who had told her before in the pub when drunk,that he sometimes heard her. So since then she made a point of being as loud as possible.She said if she had any jobs around the house that Tony was only too willing to help.The little minx.So pretty,but so manipulative.She said for some reason Tony’s wife didn’t like her.Strange that.I considered phoning the local spa to organize a massage.I fantasized if I could get a male masseuse I would go naked and try get a shag. Hell, if I got a female masseuse I would try have some sexy fun. Problem was my bingöl escort sister worked as the receptionist.And although I loved her , she was a prude. and a bit of a selfish bitch to be honest. After I came, a dull unfulfilled orgasm, I was still horny.It was too early to go drinking and go on the pull. And my hubby might suspect as I was making a habit of going drinking alone. I suppose I could wait till he got home. Sex between us had been better since last week. But only because I had been thinking of Abby each time. When my hubby licked my pussy, I dreamed it was Abby.I would tell him to finger both my holes, and think of her long slender fingers inside me like last week.There was only one thing for it. I still had her number in my phone from years ago. I wondered if it was still her number. Only one way to find out. I dialed her number,and on the 3rd ring she answered with ,”Hi Jen, I was thinking of you earlier”. “Were you ?,” I asked,secretly pleased. “Yeah” she said,”I was in the shower masturbating”. So much for being coy. I had been trying to come with an excuse to go round to hers but she followed her opening line with,”do you fancy coming around bitlis escort for sex ? I’m still horny.”I told her I would be there in ten minutes I just have to get dressed. She said she would be round to mine in 5 minutes and I didn’t need to bother getting dressed.So almost exactly 5 minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Abby. And I couldn’t believe it but she was in her pajamas. She said sorry but she was in a hurry to see me. I only had my bathrobe on.I welcomed her in and was about to ask her if she wanted a drink but she walked straight up the stairs.She paused halfway up and turned and asked me if I was coming. I knew I soon would be.Then she started undressing as she walked up the stairs,losing her top,then her bottoms,revealing that she had nothing else on.She was naked as she got to the top of the stairs and I dropped my robe and followed, gazing at her beautiful bum.She walked straight over to my bedroom and opened the door before falling on my queen size bed. She must have remembered from years ago when she was the babysitter for my k**s who were now in school.I had at least 5 hours before they got home,and my hubby probably hours after that.She escort bayan lay on the bed and I climbed on top of her, kissing her passionately.Soon we were kissing and licking and biting each other like 2 teenagers.She was beautiful. Her ass was so firm , no doubt due to the years she spent competitively swimming. And she certainly had stamina. She asked me if I had any toys. I blushed but opened the bottom drawer of my bedside locker.There was a number of dildos and vibrators, and of course,a big rampant rabbit. “Nice “,she said. “Mine are bigger though,and I have a strap on we can use next time we’re in my place”. The thought excited me.I took out a 7 inch rubber phallic favourite of mine. I was about to put in her pussy when she said not to, and to play with her ass with it. The dirty thing. It wouldn’t fit in my ass.I knew, because I had tried before.It was too painful.Soon it was inside her and she started cumming loudly. My own pussy was soaking and I couldn’t wait for her to use one of the others on me. She was screaming loudly,she screamed she was cumming as if I didn’t know. The sound had drowned out all other sounds. I hadn’t heard the front door open. I hadn’t heard footsteps walking up the stairs past her clothes an my dressing robe. I did hear the bedroom door burst open though.And as Abby gushed from her pussy, my favourite dildo up her sweet ass, I heard my shocked husband shout ” What the F**k ? “……….To be continued tomorrow !