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Subject: Men and Boys Only Please part 4 MEN AND BOYS ONLY PLEASE By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is fiction. I wish it were real but it isn’t. Compliments, complaints and comments to ail Please donate to Nifty. I want to continue to help you get off. FOUR It is Tuesday. Daniel’s birthday. He’s 15. He looks 15. Kind of boyish face, just a little bit of hair across his lips. He’s not a little boy but not filled out either. But he is way cute and blonde and he has definitely loosened up. “Get up birthday boy” He stiffed and stretched one time before giving it up. “I don’t want to.” “I have special birthday planned for you” I say He burrows next to me “Do I get laid?” “Oh yeah” “Okay” I let him lay there fot a little bit, deciding that we both could sleep. But Cliff had other plans. He and Miko come down the trail with Cliff carrying a tray of breakfast burrito’s. Daniel stirred to life. “I smell food” “Happy Birthday” Cliff says, giving him a tender kiss on the forehead. Reluctantly Daniel stirred awake, stretching and yawning, both of us were. “So how do we make your birthday special?:” Cliff asked. “I remember a thing a couple of days ago for that kid” “I’ve kind of set something up” I said. “If everybody agrees. We’ll have to go to my dorm and get you a red bracelet. There are some guys that will also have red bracelets. They are going to suck and fuck with you today. You can’t say no and neither can they. All you do today is drink and smoke and have sex. And Miko will be Cliff’s cabana boy for the day.” “Fine. But he ends up in my bed tonight with me” Cliff says. “Of course” I say. They are lovers. It’s only right. “And you don’t get to wear clothes today” Daniel hesitated. “Except when I go running” We go to the dorm and see where I live when I am not sleeping with guests. Since cabana boys mostly sleep with the guests, there really aren’t but a few beds and mostly we have lockers and chests to keep our stuff. In the summer there aren’t as many guests as in the winter so there are plenty of cabana boys hanging around and all the beds would definitely be double occupied or even triple. In the last 7+ years, I’ve maybe spent 2 dozen nights sleeping in the dorm but it can be a really wild party. We go and I fish out a pair of red rubber bracelets for us both. We all have them. Four times a year, there is a Red Party. It’s a four day orgy. Everybody with a red bracelet on has to be willing to fuck anywhere, anytime. Davis came into the locker room. He had a sarong wrapped around his waist but was shirtless, his perfect abs showing, nice sized pects. He is 18 and has a fairly new tattoo on the left side of his neck, a serpeant. He is really well hung so it’s appropriate. “Red bracelet birthday boy” Davis said, getting in front of Daniel and cupping his junk. He leans in to kiss him. “Gonna have some fun today, huh?” “I guess. I like your tattoo” Davis smiled. He opened his sarong. Even soft, he is hung. Daniel didn’t reach in to touch it, which he should have, but he wasn’t making an effort to cover himself up and that’s progress. But Davis got down on his knees and put Daniel’s dick in his mouth. It waas soft but he licked it and came off of it slowly and Daniel stiffened up pretty qucik. Davis blew him for a couple of minutes before stopping. “I gotta motor. Got a guest. Hope we can hook up later. I think my guest will be down for it. He’s a watcher. Either way, though, have a good birthday” “Thanks” Davis stroked his hard dick and got up close to him and kissed him. “Keep cumming til you dry cum” He was still hard as we walked down the path to the pool, both of us naked. It waas just past mid morning and I went over the pavilion by the pool and made him a mimosa and brought it back. Owen and his guest, a fairly prominent Senator, were there. “Lay down on the chair” Owen told him as I handed Daniel the mimosa. “I’ll watch and then maybe have young Ari help me out” the Senator said “I’d be happy to” I said. I’ve been his cabana boy before. Owen went striaght down on Daniel’s cock and all you could see is a black head over a crotch. . Of course, you could see Owen’s round bubble butt sticking up as he lay prone on the chair. He came off the dick and sucked on Daniel’s balls and licked at his taint. A couple of young kids came over to watch and a man too. Daniel had his eyes closed as Owen blew him. The Senator got hard too, stroking himeself a little. I reached over and took over the handjob for him. “Would you be so kind as to suck on it?” “Of course, Senator.” I said with a smile. “I always try to please” He’s an older man and I’m not physically attracted to him much, of course. But he’s kind and thoughtful and grateful to still be able to be sexual with the objects of his desire and super interesting and great gossip about famous people. So, I am truly happy to give him a little bit of physical pleasure. That’s my calling in life. I’m not going to be a Senator or President or a great scientist but I can suck a dick. He’s half hard as I take it down. I tug on his balls as I swallow his rod. We are positioned in a way that he can watch Owen blow Daniel, which I know will definitely turn him on. Daniel is turned on, I can hear him moaning. The Senator gasps when I pull back and just have the head of it in my mouth and I use my tongue to roughly rub the frenulum. I am hard now too and have to stroke myself some just to relieve a bit of the horniness. Partly I am turned on knowing that there are people watching too. I am definitely an exhibitionist. The Senator purrs but then gently pushes me off. “I was about to cum” “That’s a good thing” I say with a smile. “At my age, I can cum once a day. It’s too early yet for that” I don’t know. That must suck. I can cum lots. I turn around and watch Owen go at it. He is working on Daniel’s full ripe balls, stroking his hard dick as he sucks on his red wrinkly kumkauts. I can’t see Owen’s dick but I know he is hard. His ass is a thing of beauty though. “Ahh, Ahhhh” Daniel moans as Owen goes from his balls to his dick. Owen takes him down, all the way and slides back up. “You want me to make him cum?” Owen asks me “Not yet. It’s too early” “Sorry kid, Ari’s the boss of you” Owen said, sliding up to kiss him passionately as Daniel’s dick was wedged between their hard bodies. “Let’s catch up later. I could fuck the cum out of you” As Owen and the Senator left, Daniel stoked his dick a little and I let him decompress. He looked over at me and asked if everybody had seen it and I told him that everyone around here had. “It’s kind of weird but I’m okay that they did. It’s … kind of a turn on” We got in the pool and let the cool water take some of the heat away. I got him another mimosa with the thought of switching to mudslides after lunchtime, which was coming up. Then Sean — beautiful Sean, red haired, freckled and green eyed — waded into the pool, along with his guests. They were a narrued couple with their adopted son. Usually young kids get matched to younger cabana boys unless there was a reason for an older guy — and in our world things are not always that clear. This is the first time for them so I don’t know their story, other than that the kid is 9 and the fathers in their 30’s, both bearded and hairy chested. Sean came our way. “Daniel, this is Sean. He’s kind of my boyfriend” “Really? Wow. How does that work?” one of the two bearded men, either Mark or Dave. since I couldn’t tell them apart. “We don’t get to have sex a lot but when we do it’s epic” Sean said. “And the birthday boy” Sean kissed him passionately and I got hard almost instantly. “Where can I get one of those red bracelets” the other bearded guy saud I shrugged. He was joking but still. “Come for one of the red bracelet parties. But only boys old nough to cum can başakşehir escort particupate, You can bring Colton but he’ll stay with the other young boys and they do their thing seperately” Sean was macking on Daniel pretty hard and I felt like Mark and David wanted a piece too and, as long as Daniel was cool with it, could be fun. I just suggested that we go over to the jacuzzi instead. It was a parade of cocks as we headed over to the hot tub. Daniel sat on the side and Sean descended into the water and got between his legs, taking his hard dick down. Mark and David stood on either side of Daniel and he turned to one and started scuking as Sean tended to him. I sat down on the warm water, a jet blowing on my back and Colton settled in on my lap. He watched his dad’s get blown and his little hand drifted underwater to touch himself. When I reached around, my own dick now hard and pressed against his back, I used my fist to squeeze on his stiffness. “You want me to do that to you?” He turned half around. “Yeah!” “You still want to see?” He nodded and I sat him up on the side of the jacuzzi, his legs dangling down, his feet barely in the water. I spread his legs and took his small hairless cock into my motuh. He had that sweet smell of boyhood about him. None of the musky odor of puberty. I could open and take his cock and balls in together. He groaned when I did. “Okay, I need to get fucked” Sean said. “Playroom” I say. You would expect a playspace to dark and red lighted. It is universal. Well. not so much here. It’s more like a covered patio than a room and the walls are glass so the whole space during the day is open and airy. You have to be an exhibitionist to fuck here during the day. Like most cabana boys, I dnm’t care but guests are usually more shy. Sean went right to where he wanted. He bent over a padded sawhourse and I grabbed some lube from one of the shelves. Sean can be an aggressive bottom (and the kind of top that can fuck you senseless) and he likes it rough. I smeared the lube on Daniel’s hard dick and then greased up Sean’s ass, finger fucking him a bit. I told Daniel to fuck him hard. Sean had to help guide him in but then Daniel rammed it in all the way. Sean grunted and reached down to stroke his hard dick. He liked it that way. One of the bearded guys went around to kiss Sean and the other got down below to suck him as he got fucked. That left me with Colton and I got up on one of the padded platforms wtih a good view and Colton climbed on my lap and I reached around and stroked his little dick as he both watched. I was hard as a rock. Colton turned half way around. “I can’t wait until I;m old enough to do that” I smiled. “To fuck or get fucked? Cause you can get fucked now” “I’m too little” he said. “But I like sucking though. Sometimes I like it when they shoot in my mouth and I swallow it but a lot of times I like it when they shoot it all over me. It’s slimy and I can rub it on my dick” “You like it when Sean sucks on your dick?” “Yeah. I like that a lot. Mark and David too. They think it’s funny if I get all tickly” then he stopped and acted all adult for a second “have orgasms over and over” “They’re jealous:” “Yeah” Colton said, losing interest. He was watching Daniel plow Sean’s ass hard, grunting and groaning as he did. “Is Sean really your boyfriend?” “Yeah, sorta. We are really good friends and we have sex as much as we can” “I like that. You should be boyfriends” Daniel with a grunt rammed it in and came. He whole body shuddered as he orgasmed. With a sigh, he pulled his dick out with the cum dripping off it and came over to where we were as a Mark/David took over. Colton gave him a high five as he came and sat down. “You’re not done yet” I told him. “Got all day and the night and you needed to get that first nut out of the way. And Colton was jealous of you. ” The three of us watched as Sean continued to get plowed and Colton was restless on my lap. “Can Ari fuck Sean. It’s his boyfriend” Colton called out. The Mark/David fucking stopped and pulled out. He nodded. Colton egged me on and I went over. But I didn’t want it to be there. I told Sean to come back to the platform and I would do him doggy as he blew Colton. He was struggling with wanting to do it and being left out and Jeffrey preaches that the boy should always be the center of everything. I entered him from behnd and Sean buried his face in Colton’s crotch. The Mark/David’s stroked themselves watching their cabnna boy get fucked whule he sucked their son. It did turn me on, I will admit. Plus, I just love Sean’s ass. I love his dick too but I really wanted his hot ass and Daniel’s cum in there turned me on too. Colton was whining a little. The good kind of whining. He was liking it. There was movement behond me. I turned my head to see. Daniel was on his back with his legs up and one of the Mark/David’s was pushing his dick in while he other was at Dnaiel’s head, slapping his face with that sausage. So, being set free has turned him into a real pig. He wants it. With Daniel settled, I can just concentrate on fucking Sean the way he likes. that means hard. I pounded it, reaching around and stroking his hard dick as I did it. “Oh fuck” Sean moaned “Wear my ass out’ I just grabbed him by the hips and railed. Colton was hot too. He bucked, trying to push his small cock into Sean’s mouth. I could hear the grunting behind me too. It was hot in there and I sweating, dripping on to Sean’s back as my dick plowed his ass. My body slammed against his while Mark/David has a different rhythm as he fucked Daniel. “Oh fuck” I called out “Oh fuck” “Fuck” Mark/David said I rammed myself into that ass and unloaded. It felt great. Then I sat on the ground and sucked Sean off until he came in my mouth. His cum is like honey. When it was done, I left Daniel in there and went to get him some pizza. Both of us ate two big slices and had a hard apple cider to drink. “This is everyday for you?” Daniel asked “Not this intense but, yeah, I guess. I have sex with guests and with other cabana boys” “And the guys wearing the red bracelets today, the other cabana boys are they ….” I smiled. “They’re not getting paid extra if that’s what you mean. They could have said no but they all volunteered. They were all totally cool with it. Here’s the thing. my job is to have sex with you and Cliff. That’s way more fun than doing to some office all day, right? “Yeah” The drink of the day was a mudslide. Bailey’s Irish Cream, vodka, ice, chocolate syrup. It’s rich and a definite birthday drink. He sipped on it and declared it great. We were in the water and I gave him my vape pen and let him take a toke of shitface, knowing that being high would only make the chocolate taste better. I asked him how he liked his birthday so far. He grinned broadly and grabbed at my dick. :”Hey, don’t drip that” I hear from the side of the pool. It’s Ben, brown haired and green eyed and himself 15. He was with a black boy I didn’t recognize. “We want some” I kind of backstroked over there to them through some kids splashing around to hand the pen to him. Both him and the black boy were naked and then I saw the man, an older gray haired guy with a pretty big gut and a small dick. “This is Tyreese and Warren” Ben said. “Warren said he wanted to watch” “Where?” Daniel asked “Our room?” Tyreese suggested It was agreed. They had one of the two story one bedroom villas that fronted the lap pool. The villa costs quite a bit more than what Cliff was paying, which was for the cheapest room. The downstairs is the living room area. We all entered and Warren closed the door and made sure the blinds were closed. “I want a private showing” he said, sinkng into a chair “You four beautiful boys fuck” I let Daniel get after Tyreese first, I had a sense halkalı escort I knew the story. Tyreese was a bought boy. Essentially, he was what Ben and I were: someone who has sex for a living. But Warren was more of a watcher, I think, than a doer and that was cool. Tyreese was hot. A nice lean body, veins on his arms, hairy pubes and hairy pits and a bigger than average cock. Daniel, who didn’t know the score or care, went after him, kissing him passionaely He was hard quick. Then Ben and I kissed him and we all four in a knot kissing each other as we grew hot and horny, hot and hard. I was surprised that Daniel was willing to have an audience but he ignored Warren. He wanted both Tyreese and Ben. Ben is more compact than Tyreese but he is all there, defined muscles and broad shoulders but a very boyish face without the first hint of peach fuzz. But he was hard right then. Daniel sank to his knees so that he suck them both, one to another. I stood by and let him be greedy for a little while, blowing one and stroking the other and then reversing it. But there is fucking and I want to be involved. And I want Tyreese’s fat long cock too. I’ve done Ben, plenty. He is hot as fuck for 15 and I’d happily fuck him ten times a day but Tyreese is fucking hot as shit and his big boner needs expert attention. I move Daniel over to Ben and I take Tyreese. He has a funky musk. It is hot as fuck. His big dick fills my mouth. He’s maybe 14 but it’s mansized and he will fill out to be a fucking hunk but as it is he is a hot twink and seems to be a lot like us, pure fucking sexual energy. He face fucks me in a way he didn’t Daniel but I can take it. I tongue his cock as he moves it back and forth in my mouth. I am hard and stroking my uncut dick. I like his hardness in my mouth and I am trying to keep up and do. I reach up and grab his firm tight ass and pull his cock into my throat, my nose in his pubes and hold him there as I use my tongue around his shaft and head. “Suck that big block cock” Tyreese said. “That’s the way” I come off it and Daniel looks over, wanting to switch. I suck Ben. Ben is fucking hot. Green eyed beauty. I take his dick, his pubes not filled in yet, sort of between where Miko is and full grown. I swallow him down and he moans some. Of course, he likes sex too. He face fucks me too. I am stroking myself and am hoping Warren is getting a good enough show. “Bottom on top:” Tyreese says Daniel and I get serviced, Ben doing me and Tyreese doing Daniel I’m cool with that. I wanted his cock. I wanted to blow him but I don’t care if he blows me. I think he knows how and so does Ben. Ben does me. And he does it well. I put my hands behind my neck and let him go at it. Down deep and he slides off. He knows how and it feels good. “Who fucks who?” Daniel asks Nobody has to fuck anybody. Anal is not necessarily required for it to be good. But if he wants it, so be it. “You’re the birthday boy” I say. “But if you want to fuck Tyreese, he has to agree to it” Tyreese comes off Daniel’s dick and starts to speak. Warren pipes up “Pull a train on him” I look over and Warren isn’t really hard but he is massaging his cock and balls. He is living his sex life through Tyreese right now. He’s a bottom and wishes we would fuck him. Tyreese does like his man wants. His legs spread and his knees on the couch, his torso hanging over, Daniel enters him bareback. All the way in. “Fuck that ass” Tyreese said. Daniel slams it, hard. He reaches around and strokes Tyreese’s dick as he pounds his ass. He is grunting with each hard stroke and Tyreese is taking it like a champ, bucking back on his dick to get Daniel in him deeper. The strokes were short and rapid fire and he held Tyreese close to him, the body heat from one boy merging into the other, as Daniel let one hand feel his hard, lean and fit torso and the other to stroke his fine dick. “Oh, fuck” Daniel spit out. I knew he was going to cum. A second cum for the day but he is young, just 15 today, and he is made out of cum. If he doesn’t cum dry by tonight, I’ll be disappointed. His ass is beautiful as it flexes and he drives his dick in with animal intesnity. I stroke Ben and he strokes me and we are both excited and eager to take our turns on that fine ass too, soon as Daniel is done. And Daniel is greedy. He wants that ass. His will be the cum we all have to fuck him through. “Oh fuck” Daniel calls out, louder and more emphatic He drives it in one last time and holds it there, unloading his cream in the ass. After he is done with the orgasm, he pulls out his cummy dick and turns to me, smiling. I nod to Ben to go ahead. “God, Ben is fucking hot too” Daniel says. “They are both so hot” “Yeah” I say “And, fuck, Ari, God, you are a fucking sex God. I’m still so fucking horny.” Daniel said “But I am so glad you are our cabana boy. Our friend. Not jsut a cabana boy but my friend.” I kissed him. “Happy Birthday” Ben didn’t cum. He was disciplined. I got behind Tyreese and got a taste of his ass too. I fucked him hard and it felt good to me. I reached around and started to jack him. “Oh Fuck!” Tyreese called out His cum coated my hand. I pulled it back and licked it off my hand, pulling my dick out of his ass. Daniel was upset I didn’t cum but it’s totally cool. I don’t have to cum to enjoy sex and Tyreese is a guest and when he came we were finished. That’s the way it is. Warren, I think, never got completely hard but he was satisfied too. With that, we all parted ways I suggested that we go jogging and get it out of the way so we can keep on fucking and partying. Right outside our front gate is a busy four lane road but then just around the corner is a residential street. He and I have jogged it before but I have several routes picked out and they are all 5K exactly or 10K, depending on what the guest wants to do. I can do a half marathon if I have to but not more than that. Fortunately, Daniel is good at 5 K. We were well into it when Daniel said that he knew that Cliff wanted to fuck a little boy. I said that he did. “I didn’t like that about him because I thought little kids should be left alone but, you know, the kids there at Hurricane Point, they all seem pretty okay with it” “A man with a boy, when it’s right, when the man loves and respects the boy, it can be really cool.” “You gonna help him with that? Like you have me?” “Yeah” I said Yeah, I am. Cliff is a good guy. He loves Dnaiel. In a couple of years, when Daniel is gone, or even before then if Daniel could accept it, Cliff would be a really good man for a young boy. I know he would. When we got back, we got some cold water and soaked in the hot tub, both of us naked and I was glad that Daniel is loosening up and being less shy. We were letting the warm water and the jets loosen our muscles when my older brother Laurencio came up. He sat down on the edge and let his feet dangle in the water. He told me that Jeffrey wanted to see me. “I’ll stay here and keep the birthday boy company” he said. I sprinted over to the dorm and shot up the stairs to pull on a pair of assless underwear. He doesn’t want us going to his villa completely naked. He says that boys are sexier in their underwear. That teasing is sexier than showng. Maybe but I don’t like wearing clothes but still I do what he wants. I sprint past 16 and down the side of the building and through the gate. The Grand Villa has a seperate pool. Jeffrey is in the pool floating backwards, naked. “Beautiful Boy!” he says standing up in the shallow end. He gets out and kisses me, tenderly. “I do so miss you when I don’t see you. You have a guest, I hear, with a birthday?” “Yeah. He’s only been with his man so I am trying to make sure he gets with as many people as he can today” Jeffrey smiled. “Very good. I’ll let you get back to it. It sounds şirinevler escort like a perfectly delightful mission. But I require a favor from you. Another product of your father’s very productive sperm. Rafael is now 9 1/2 and ready to begin the life he destined for.. I should like you to show him the ropes” “Of course, Jeffrey” I said. “Anything I need to know” Jeffrey shrugged. “He is a bit more ass shy than either you or Laurencio but once he gets warmed up, he likes it as much. :Like you and many boys, he is fascinated by ejaculation. He’ll stay in my bed one last night and then off to work” I have no idea how many brothers and sisters I have. My father will fuck anything, male or female, and he was chrildren all over the place. My mother is a slut and plenty of men have been down that river. There are lots of us but Jeffrey has only taken us three. He’s cute, honey colored and lean with a big toothy smile. Jeffrey has him in a mini thong that just covers his pinto but emphasizes that he is hairless down there. We’ve met before a few times when Jeffrey has been here with him but, despite being brothers, we are not close. Not that it matters. If my job was to fuck him, and it may very well be that, I would. No qualms. No guilt. When I get back to the room to connect up with Daniel, he has Laurencio bent over the side of the bed fucking him. He is going at it to, really slapping it in as my big brother, the first guy to ever stick his dick, his prepubescent dick, in my ass. I sneak in and drop into the easy chair and stroke myself as I watch. It is hot seeing him go at it like that, like an animal.. Laurencio is uncut and big dicked but he is a true bottom for the most part. He is liking having his ass plowed. Daniel is slamming it in bareback and Laurencio is stroking it hard. He’s going to cum on the bed and I figure that’s cool. It’s the bedspread and at the bottom of the bed and this is a hot scene and who gives a fuck anyway. “I’m fucking your brother’s hot ass” Daniel says to me “You want a piece” “I’m good” “Had to do something while you were gone” I laughed. “You picked the right thing” He grabbed him by the hups and drove himself into Laurencio, who was moaning and whimpering. Then he had a cry of pain and hsi dick erupted in jizz, spewing it on the bed and on the floor. “Fuck me” Daniel said I was hot too. I was hard and stroking it. Daniel looked over at me and smiled. I think he wasa getting off from me watching him. Then I could tell he was close. He bit his lip and fucked my brother even harder. He rammed it in and his body shook as he unloaded. “Man, I leave you alone for just a minute and look what happens” I say grinning. “It was fun” Daniel said “Si” Laurencio said, chiming in, before kissing Daniel. Back at the pool, I made him another mudslide. Miko and Cliff showed up and we were both glad to see them since it had been since breakfast. I am pretty sure Cliff fucked Miko all ready but that didn’t matter. We talked for a while –Daniel telling Cliff about his day — and both of them drank. I had Daniel decide on what he wanted for his special birthday dinner and he just said wanted Italian. Me and Miko served them on the table outside their room, veal pamegiana and chianti. They ate it up and when they were done, me and miko having eaten between servicing them, both Miko and I oculd get naked again. We all went to the hot tub to hang out. As afternoon got long headed for dusk, Davis and Owen came along, both naked. Both fine. “Red bracelet boy” Davis said with a smile. “Time for me to have a piece” “Me too” Owen said. Daniel stood up and grabbed his junk and pointed it at them. “Come and get it” Cliff and Miko and me watched as Davis got between Daniel’s legs and stiffened up his dick. Owen stood next to Daniel outside the hot tub as Daniel sat on the edge. Daniel swallowed him down to Owen’s black pubes. “You created a monster” Cliff said, laughing but half serious too. ‘I unleashed it, that’s all” Cliff was silent. for a minute. “Another couple in Milwaukee would be great” I shrugged. I wouldn’t give up the name of anyone who had come here before anymore than we would give up his name.Even though it is stupid, men fucking boys is illegal. Even if the boy wants it. The three of them were going for it and Miko was smiling and enjoying watching. Cliff was still touching him, his arms wrapped around the boy’s tight torso. I excused myself to get some lube. When I got back, Davis was standing in the pool with a shit eating grin on his face. “Come on” he said. Six of us, all naked and hard, went to the playroom. Well all except Davis. He went for some hash. Hash made it. We all sat around and got baked and stroked each other off. We kissed and laughed. Life is good, one fine daddy and 4 other teen age guys, all hot as fuck, siting around getting high. I sucked Miko a little bit and Davis and stroked my own hard cock too. Then the cotton mouth got us and Miko and I went to get some drinks and snacks for everyone. “Happy Birthday” I saw to Daniel, handing him a weak planter’s punch. He sipped it and said, “I think my dick needs to be sucked” Owen laughted. “Let’s get on that” Owen and Davis fought for pride of place around Daniel’s tool. I nodded for Miko to go and let Daniel suck him. Then I sat beside Cliff as we both sipped our drinks, relievng the thirst. “Thanks” Cliff said. “He needed that. He needed to learn that it’s okay to be who you are, to want what you want” “I think he has been worried he would lose you if he did” Cliff looked at me hard. “That’s silly” “It’s down side of being the boy. There’s a difference in the power.” “I love him” “And he knows that now. You love him just the way he is” I said Cliff reached over and stroked my hard dick as we watched that pile of bodies writh and squirm. I was superglad that seeing Daniel being a pig made Cliff horny. That made it so much better, for both of them. He leaned over and sucked me and I thought that I was in heaven, in the best situation a gay boy can be in. My life is totally cool. “I want to fuck everybody” Daniel said. “Not Cliff. All of you. Then Cliff can fuck me, but just us two. Sorry, Ari” “No, it’s cool” He’s right, of course. That is the perfect way. All four of us crouhed doggy style, our asses out, waiting for Daniel to come fuck us. Owen first and then me. I don’t hear the sound of bodies slapping together so I begin to wonder what he is doing. I turn to look and see just as Daniel comes to my ass. I feel the wetness of his tongue poking at my asshole. He is rimming us first, which is a supercool touch. And it does feel good. Not as good as a finger or a dick but good. Then it’s Miko and then Davis. Then Daniel comes back and I hear the sound I was listening for, the slap, slap, slap of fucking. He fucks Owen, slow and steady but then building in fever and intesity. Then I feel his dick sliding up and down on my sphincter before he plunges it in. I love the feel of a dick in my ass. I love fucking but I love getting fucked too. A hard dick and Daniel was hard as fucking titanium. He was excited and reveling in sin. He wanted it. And he fucked me hard. I stroked myself to enjoy it, knowing that he would have to move on Miko next. He reached around and took over stroking my dick as he rammed my ass and that was a nice touch. “Oh, yeah, fuck me” I say He slides it in and out as he fucks my ass. He strokes me and I feel the lust building. I want it. I need it. Give it to me. And then he is done. He goes to Miko and pounds him. That isn’t gentle. His blood is up. He is beginning to need release. He fucks the boy hard, hard and fast Dnaiel is grunting and groaning. He slaps Miko’s ass and just pounds nn hm. Then he pulls out and plows into Davis’s ass. But not for long. He grunts and shoves it in and cums. Daniel smokes a bit more and hands the pipe to Cliff for him to get high too. “Ari, I think me and Cliff will sleep together but by ourselves tonight. I want him to fuck me slow” “Sure. I’ll see you in the morning” MIko can fuck me tonight. That’s cool.