MILFS are desperate

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MILFS are desperatewell well well i am your average british 18 year old teen you know the type average build 6 inch dick im not like 3/4s of the poulation of story writers with there 10 inch dicks and i work in the shop in my town and i know quite a few people in there you know old people middle aged people and k**s and any way one of the regulars a 45 year old MILF who camein regularly recently broke up with her husband of quite a few years and one of the old biddies told me and after she left sharon (thats the MILFs name) came in and told me herself that she had broke up with her husband then she proceeded to tell me that i was very handsome and if she was a few years younger. now me being the suave handsome gentlmen excitedly told she didnt need to be a few years younger she was fine the way she was and sh took the bait and said she needed help back at her place. i lived just down the road from her so i said i would call in after i finished 7.00 i called round and there she was answering the door in a see through dressing gown i was like bitch you’ll pendik escort catch your death. then i was like hot stuff. so she lead me down her hallway to her kitchen and sat next to me and we started talking and then she puts her hand on my leg, we carry on talking then it starts to slowly move up until it lands on my rock hard 6 incher and then she says mmmm i think tonight should be fun and im like wow so she grabs my hand and leads me up the stairs and then her hot pantie covered ass starts swaying side to side and i get even harder so we get to her room and she makesme wait outside whilst she “powders her nose” then she says come in so slowly push the door open and i am blessed with the greatest image evar.there she was butt naked with her hair up, legs sexily closed hiding her secret she then beckons me forward with her thin long finger. so i go to the side of her bed and she wraps her long slender legs around me and then using her teeth she slides my zipper down and then pulls my trousers down and i step out of them çekmeköy escort then she starts to take off my top pausing the slowly and sensually lick an suck each of my nipples then fully takes my top off and kisses me hard before returning to my chest lickin and nibbling and kissing her way down before she reaches my boxers where she pulls them down roughly and starts to lick the lenght of my shaft whilst playing and fondling my balls then she starts to kissthe top of my dick then just starts gobbling my entire cock im very close now so i stop her up to this point she has been in charge now it was my i push her onto the bed and start by making out with her for a while and then i move on to her lucious chest (36DD case you were wondering) so i spent quite a bit of attention on each one licking and kissing and vaguely fondling by now she is really hot and tells me to lick her now and i comply imediatly i kissed her hairy pussy to start with then i move on to her clit and lick and suck on it driving her wild and while maltepe escort im licking on it i start to fnger her starting with two fingers she then begs me to put more in and im happy to comply with her wishes. i now had my entire fist in and she was loving it im gonna cum she shouted so i start licking her and she came allover my face i was like wow that was hot.she now said put it in me PUt IT IN ME NOW i was a little scared at this point but i bravely carried on i place it at her opening gentle resting it in her lips then she looked about ready to shout again so i forcebly shove it in her i was going slow but quite hard and she was loving it the look on her face told it all then after about five minutes we switched postion to doggy her ass looked so good from this angle and we kept going i was going really fast now and she came again then i was ready to come and i told her say and she said the words every guy wants to here which are “i want it on my face” so i pulled out she turned around and i let lease all over her har and face and a bit went in her mouth she then licked herself clean and said were doing it again next week i loved it so i wasnt saying no.i was then sneaking out of her house when her 17 year old hot daughter steps out of her room and leans against her door frame and says so you fucked my mum.ZOMG sex with the daughter Part 2 maybe! tell me if you want it