MLK day

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MLK dayAs I walked up to Cindy and her husband Steve’s front door that warm Spring afternoon, my cock was already starting to get hard; and the fact that this older white married couple had invited me there, and on Martin Luther King Day especially, made me all the more excited to fuck this still rather attractive older woman!The thought had already occurred to me that, whether King had intended it, or not, his civil rights activities had definitely yielded one very tangible result—and that was the barrier that had once existed between black men being able to (safely!) fuck a white woman, single or married, had been largely lifted!When my parents were my age, to be caught fucking any white woman by a black man was likely to end in a lynching! But that had been in the 60’s; now, in 2018, I was able to walk up to the front door of this older white married couple, in the open light of day, too, knock on their front door—and, eventually, fuck the guys wife…and not just in secret(!), but openly, and in front of the husband, and (and this was the sweetest part) the husband wanted me to do it!If, I told myself, there is a Heaven, then this was certainly it!By then, by the time I knew Cindy and Steve, I was well experienced in fucking other men’s wives; and other white married men’s wives, especially! In fact, nearly every week I was fucking at least one older white married woman (who’s husbands knew I was, and had freely given me their permission to do so)! I was, quite literally in pussy heaven, and white married pussy heaven in particular!As Steve greeted me at the front door, he smiled.”Good to see you again!” He said. “How’s it been?””Been great, thanks, Steve; and you and Cindy?””Good,” he said. “But, better now that you’re here!” As he said that we both smiled and laughed good naturedly. Once again, I felt that strange, but by no means unpleasant sensation of…what?Excitement? Exhilaration? Anticipation? It was a combination of all three of these feelings, for me; and, it sure seemed to be the way that Steve was feeling as well; which was rather nice!”Come on in!” He said stepping to one side as I did. “Cindy’s in the bedroom waiting,” he added with a faint smile appearing on his face once again.He then led the way to he and Cindy’s bed room, which was at the end of the hallway. I’d been there a number of times already, and so he furnishings were familiar. Their home was filled with antiques, and paintings on the wall. They had quite canlı bahis a bit of money, and I enjoyed being around that. My own background had been of a single parent mother with three c***dren (one girl, my sister, and two other brothers). We hadn’t be exactly ‘poor’, as such, but we hadn’t had the advantages that Steve and Cindy’s backgrounds obviously had enjoyed.When we arrived at their bedroom door, I could see that Cindy was already laying across the double bed, smiling as I walked in and greeted hger. Her face immediately lit up with excitement; and I liked how that made me feel!”Hey, handsome!” She said propping herself up on her elbows. “I’ve really missed you.””She has,” Steve said, and then added: “She’s missed that big, beautiful black cock of yours as well!”Cindy smiled again at that. “Steve’s right,” she said. “I really have missed that!” “MMMM,” I said, grinning, “that’s nice to hear! Thanks!””Well, it’s true!” Cindy said, still propped up on her elbows facing me and her husband. “I’ve thought of you so much since the last time you were here! Isn’t that true, Steve? Tell him.””Cindy’s right,” he said, without the slightest hesitation. “The last time you were here was quite a memorable occasion…for Cindy,and I as well!”I thought back to that time, nearly two weeks earlier, and I clearly recalled the intensity with which Cindy had given herself upto me; and the urgency with which she and I had fucked! I also remembered how Steve had reacted to that; and how excited he’d become watching her and I! He’d jerked-off. Fairly quietly, and then, when he finally ejaculated, he gave a faint series of grunts. And that was that.I felt strangely amused(?), as Steve unloaded like that, while I, on the other hand, had come inside Cindy’s moist, and so receptive vagina; and I had a really huge load that day; which had not just filled Cindy’s pussy up, but overflowed it…and as I’d finally withdrawn my cock, the excess had ran down the crack of her slightly plump ass and onto the sheets beneath her. ‘Oh MY GOD!’ Steve had said, coming up close to the bed to witness Cindy’s over-full pussy. ‘What a load! Holy shit!!’ I’d found his—admiration? his appreciation? pleasing to my ego, and as I rolled over next to his wife, my glistening wet cock, still mainly erect, became the focus of both Cindy, as well as Steve. ‘Now that,’ Steve had said, without prompting, ‘is what a cock ought to be like!’Cindy, without pausing, agreed with her husband bahis siteleri completely. I felt undeniably proud of what God had bequeathed to me in that regard. I couldn’t help it!Then, as I continued to lay next to Cindy, Steve came up, and getting between her wide-spread legs, began fingering her pussy, playing with my semen as it continued to slowly ooze out of her; and then, and it made me feel even more excited than ever, Cindy and I both watched as Steve began doing, what he called ‘clean-up’; and he greedily lapped his tongue between Cindy’sbright pink pussy lips, and slurping up my sperm as he did so for some time! When he finished, he kissed his way up along Cindy’s curly pubic hair, and kept kissing her till he was kissing her mouth. There wasn’t the slightest sign or indication of jealousy on Steve’s part. None, and I found that particularly rewarding and exciting!Cindy was looking up at me from their bed, smiling. “Well?” She said. “You going to give me that big cock of yours, or what?”I began undressing. Steve stood not far away as I did, and yet I didn’t feel the least bit intimidated, or embarrassed in front of him. There was no need to feel that way around him. After all, he and I had already established who it was that was the Alpha male, and who was the Beta! There was no dispute on that point.When I was undressed, I saw Steve, out of the corner of my eye, move so that he could get a better view of my cock, which had grown nearly fully erect as I’d undressed.”Wow,” I heard him say out loud (seemingly to himself) “what a beautiful cock.””Yes,” Cindy said in agreement, “it’s exactly that.” Then, with only a brief pause, she added: “Now, fuck me with that.And—fuck me hard!””Yes,” I heard her husband reply in an aside, to himself apparently. “Fuck my wife. Please.”Later, after I’d cum in Cindy’s pussy (I did so twice that time!), Steve assumed that position between her thighs, as he always did, and eagerly lapped up every last drop of my sperm; or, as much as oozed outof his wife’s pussy; because a lot remained inside!”Oh my god, that was incredible!” He said smiling, strangely content as always. “What a massive load! How do you do that?!” He laughed, and I did the same.”I don’t know,” I replied, and leaning over to kiss his wife’s nipples, and then her plump, inviting lips. “I just do!”Cindy smiled into my face. “Steve’s jealous.” She said not so much as a taunt, though it partly was, a playful one!”Well,” he said, laughing bahis şirketleri slightly as he sat up on the end of the bed, “I am sort of jealous! Okay? I’ll admit to that! Is that so wrong?””No,” Cindy said. “It’s actually good! It’s good that you now know you’re place in the scheme of things! Especially as a lover!”He and I caught one another’s eye for a moment, and he smiled. “I’m man enough to admit that you are, without a doubt, are the alpha male here; and that I’m, without any doubt, the beta! Agreed?””Yes. Agreed.””You see, Cindy?” Steve said, now standing up, and looking down at where his wife and I were still laying together, he added: “I’m ‘the husband’ here, but I am not the alpha male. We all three agree on that point!”Then, as Steve always did at some point after I was finished fucking his wife, he proceeded to jerk-off; and Cindy and I both laid there silently watching as Steve stroked his considerably smaller erection (much smaller than mine, I have to add!); and it didn’t take him long before he ejaculated his own (much smaller in quantity) load of cum. It was touching to see his facial expression as he spurted his small load. It was so full of exhilaration; of the pleasure of it’s long-with-held release; and as he came, Cindy quietly said: “That’s it, babe. Come. Let it all out.”Later, as I was getting dressed to leave, Steve was watching Cindy drying her hair from having taken a shower, and he thanked me (and the sincerity in his voice was clear, and that pleased me)!”Thank you so much,” he said to me. “It’s wonderful for Cindy—your visits here. And for me, too, of course,” he added. “We both enjoy your company so much. Please? Please come again; and please come back soon! Okay?””Definitely!” I said, and I hoped that I’d get the opportunity to do so! Though, what I didn’t tell either Steve, or Cindy, was that I had many other married couples of their relative age category, and race, to visit! But, I enjoyed Cindy very much! She was an excellent piece of ass. A true ‘whore’, and in every sense of that word, too, which was a good thing, not a bad thing!As I drove away, my balls gave a faint, but pleasant, sort of ache; and feeling that made me smile to myself. I’d filled Cindy’s pussy up good and proper! Just as she loved; and just as (apparently) Steve preferred as well!I suddenly remembered that it was Martin Luther King Day; and I smiled again, and thought how he had contributed greatly to what I had just been able to do with Steve and Cindy! Without his influence in society, I could never have so freely, nor so openly, fucked this white married woman as I had! Now I had a very good reason to celebrate, if I hadn’t before!THE END