Modern Relations (part 06): Valentines Day

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 “I planned to pop the question at dinner tonight,” Kevin told Alex as they got in the back of the limo. Alex extended her hand so she could examine her sparkling engagement ring and smiled. Kevin sighed at the sight of his bride to be. In addition to the ring, she wore a dress he’d selected specifically for the evening. A red form fitting sleeveless dress with a bandage effect which created lines to accent curves and draw the eyes up and down her form. Two inch straps held up the dress exposing large areas her of chest and back. The skirt stopped at mid-thigh, showing plenty of leg to draw his eye down to her black velvet four inch pumps.“What else did you plan?” she asked, looking at him lovingly.“Well Frank is taking us to Chez Panisse first,” he said. Alex waved at their driver, who she’d met once or twice before on other special dates. “Then jazz, and we’ll see after that.”Dinner was wonderful and concluded with a delicious flourless chocolate cake. From there Frank drove them to a jazz club. Alex confessed the show tired her, Jazz hits or misses that way. Kevin didn’t take it personally. They left the Jazz joint early to club in the city, first at the Cat Club then, inevitably at The End Up. Alex took advantage of the driver service, leaving her jacket and clutch in the limo. At around 2 am, sweaty and buzzed, the happy couple piled back into the town car.“Frank, take the scenic route home, please. Maybe down the Embarcadero and the Marina.” Kevin looked at Alex for agreement. She nodded.“Ok, sir, though the Wharf or over Bay.”“Bay, I think.”Alex liked being chauffeured. Two sleek leather bucket recliners filled the back, with a good four feet of legroom before the privacy screen. She reclined back in her seat and relaxed, legs sprawled şişli escort casually, and looked out heavily tinted windows.“We’re voyeurs,” she said, looking at the crowd on the sidewalk as they pulled away. “We’re safely behind this mirror looking out on the lives of others.”“Speaking of voyeurism, put the privacy screen down please Alex.”Alex did as he asked, thrilled he was talking charge but wondering what he had planned. She waved to Frank once the screen was down. Frank returned her wave with a nodd, looking back through the rearview mirror. “Is that ‘the’ clutch from Halloween?” Kevin asked, picking opened her clutch purse, inside it looked a lot like the clutch she’d described from the Halloween story.“It’s a lot like it.”“No condoms,” he wagged eyebrows at her, “but I see you have ID, credit, cash, lube and physical protection. You still carry a scalpel?”“The same one Mom gave me all those years ago,” said Alex. “I never used it.”  “Let’s see if it’s still sharp,” he said. Kevin unsheathed the scalpel. “You’re wearing too much, I think.” With two quick slashes Kevin cut the straps of Alex’s dress. Kevin unzipped her dress all the way down the side then peeled it over, exposing her frilly black lingerie. “Spread your legs, sweetheart,” he commanded.Alex had been relaxed in a supine position, legs still splayed out. She spread her long legs for Kevin and caught Frank spying on her in the mirror. She stiffened and gasped inaudibly.“That’s a nice bra,” Kevin commented. He pulled the side band of her demi-bra and cut it, the bra snapped away, exposing Alex’s perky breasts and hardening nipples. This time her gasp was audible, she blushed at her exposure.“Master, maybe Frank doesn’t want to see this,” she said.“Frank, are you mecidiyeköy escort enjoying the scenery?” Kevin asked with a smirk.“Yes sir,” he replied. He winked at Alex.“Now the thong.” Kevin pulled the blade back out and cut each side of her thong, then roughly pulled them off by the gusset.“That’s better,” he said, tossing the trashed thong onto the floorboard next to her ruined bra. Alex reclined submissively on her dress, opened legged, and available. Despite her audience, or maybe because of it, she humped her pelvis slightly with need.Kevin relaxed into his seat and casually looked out the windows, saying nothing, waiting. Alex breathed in short, shallow, silent gasps as she tried to calm the excitement coursing through her. First he’d stripped her in front of Frank. Or behind him, actually. What would Kevin do next?Looking out the window, Alex saw that the Marina was mostly abandoned. None of the day time bustle of tourists and joggers were present so Frank could gaze back at her without fear of hitting someone. Her pussy spasmed each time they made eye contact. He adjusted the rearview mirror to get a view further down. “Alex, give us a show, play with your breasts,” Kevin said softly, not taking his eyes off the scenery outside.Alex blushed, as she hesitantly caressed her breasts. She sighed and closed her eyes when her fingers rubbed across her nipples.“Mom and Dad invited us to visit in the Spring,” Kevin said, out of the blue. Alex giggled softly. She could play it cool, too.“Taos will be cold, why don’t they come out here?” she said. She pinched her nipples hard and gasped. Both Frank and Kevin turned to look at her. She smiled with pleasure, enjoying their attention.“They’re old, changing routines is tough, mecidiyeköy eskort I think,” Kevin said. “Besides, we can go see your grandparents in Santa Fe.” Kevin and Alex grew up in nearly the same area of New Mexico. Alex’s grandparents were scientists at Los Alamos but retired to Santa Fe while Kevin’s parents had been movers and shakers in Taos.“Alright, we can celebrate our birthdays with them and announce our engagement, too,” Alex suggested. Alex was a day older than Kevin.She caught Frank looking back at her again. He smiled as she fondled her perky breasts. Alex upped the ante, slowly wetting a finger in her mouth and then rubbing her nipple. She splayed her legs a bit farther apart hoping Kevin might take the hint and fondle her pussy.“You think we should wait that long to tell them? I thought we’d tell your Mom Sunday at brunch.” He speculated calmly, “I bet it’s less than thirty minutes before your grandparents learn about it.”“Is that what you’re really thinking about?” Alex asked. She pulled her legs together to see if he was dead below the neck. Kevin nonchalantly grabbed her knee and pulled it toward him. He slapped her inner thigh lightly.“Keep them apart, and put those wet fingers in your pussy,” he commanded. She blushed with excitement, thrilled with the idea of pleasing herself in strange company. Keeping one hand on a breast, Alex pushed the other into her drenched pussy, fingering herself.She moaned wantonly.“Don’t come,” Kevin commanded. “But get as close as you can.”Quietly, the town car slipped out of the Marina, through the glaring lights of the new tunnel and onto the Golden Gate. A deep fog had rolled in, obscuring nearly everything. Alex barely noticed. She was in a fog of her own pleasure. She pushed fingers into her wet pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb, then mercilessly pinched a nipple to keep from coming. Seeing Frank looking back at her was too stimulating, so she closed her eyes. She was a mewling mess by the time they arrived home some twenty minutes later.