Mom And Me–Our First Time

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Blow Job

It happened over the long, hot fourth of July weekend of 2011. Mom and I had adjoining bedrooms with a shared bath. The door from it leading into the hall was always kept locked because my younger brother had his own bathroom across from his room, which was at the other end of the hall.The house was still quiet and dark when I woke up and walked naked into the bathroom to shower. The door on Julie’s side, that led into her dressing room, was wide open and the light from her dressing table shone brightly. I felt myself being drawn to that light, like a moth being drawn to an open flame. Julie was standing there naked, staring at her reflection in the mirror. I stood there in the open doorway, staring at her naked beauty.It didn’t take much to get me hard. Any erotic sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, güvenilir bahis or thought had my cock hard and throbbing for attention in minutes. I was one very horny sixteen-year-old, and I was getting harder by the second as I watched my mother run her hands slowly up to cup and caressed her titties.“Do you think I’m pretty? Sexy? Billy?”I wrapped my arms around her, pressing my throbbing member between the cheeks of her ass.“Oh, God, yes! Mom….”“You had better call me Julie.”“I’m so fucking horny, Billy. I want you inside me. Now. Right now! I need you to cum inside me. I need you to fill my aching pussy with your jism.”Scooping Julie up in my arms, I carried her into her room and laid her down on her bed. Leaning over her, we kissed like lovers for the first time. Our tongues met like two fiery güvenilir bahis siteleri serpents in mortal combat. Her moans growing louder as I took her nipples between my fingers, squeezing them, pinching them, milking them until they grew hard and erect. Her hand slipping down between our bodies to grasp my cock, guiding it in her sopping wet hole. Time seemed to fade away as I pounded into her grasping pussy. Her body flying upwards to meet me thrust for thrust. My pubic bone grinding against hers each time we collided. As our orgasms overtook us, Julie wrapped her powerful legs around me, pulling me even further into her spasming hole, holding me tight inside her as my cock erupted repeatedly.As I collapsed on top of her, spent, she still held my cock deep inside her. We started kissing iddaa siteleri again, and I felt my cock growing hard inside her. Kissing my way down her body, I took her nipples in my mouth, first one, then the other, sucking on them long and hard. Grasping my head, she pushed my lips and tongue lower, causing me to pull my now rock-hard cock out of her sweet pussy. Twisting around on top of Julie, I slid my tongue deep inside her, tasting her sweet womanly nectar for the first time. I moaned against her little love button as her lips closed around my swollen knob, her tongue lapping up my seeping pre cum. Julie grasped my hips with her hands, pulling my cock deeper down her throat. She started deep throating me like she was Linda Lovelace. I’m hung like an Arabian stallion. No girl had ever taken all of my cock down her throat before. I was so aroused. I was going to cum again soon, soon. I started working her clit with my tongue. Swirling the tip of my tongue over it and around it. I wanted her to orgasm with me again. And we did!