mom and me

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mom and meEven though mom drank and made some bad decisions I knew she loved me. I know now she has her sexual needs and would bring some men home. Not all of them liked c***dren, a couple down right hated me. I stayed in my room when they came over. My mom and I were invited to a picnic that a family friend(so I was told) mom went in the house where the adults were talking and drinking, I was sent to the backyard where the k**s were. Some played games, others stood around bragging about how rich they were and all the stuff they had. I couldn’t wait to get back home.After a while a guy came out and talked and joked with us k**s. He rubbed my back when he came by me, then asked how many knees I had. Puzzled I said two. He smiled, held my shoulder and pulled me close,”you have three knees my boy.” He said standing right in front of me.”you have a left knee, right knee and a weenee.” Pointing to my left and right leg, then cupping my crotch when he said weenee. He thought it was a good joke and laughed. I jumped when he cupped me, and wondered when we were going. When it was time to eat mom introduced a man she said was a good friend of hers years ago. I said hi and shook his hand. Finally it was time to go, Mom said her good byes and we left. Instead of going home mom drove a trailer park. She pulled up to one and we got out the car. Before we reached the door, it opened and Robert( the man with the knee joke) said to come in. He and mom drank some mixed drinks and I had a cola. They talked and drank for a while till mom said she needed to lay down. He showed her to the bedroom and came back out. He sat next to me and asked how old I was, if I had a girlfriend, if I played sports. pendik escort He seamed nice, and willing to talk. I relaxed and told him I played football, and swam, what grade I was in, and how old I was. His eyes brightened when he heard my age and I swam. He said I could go get a coke if I wanted, and stayed there when I got up and came back. He found reasons to touch my chest and stomach area. After a while mom woke up and we left. A couple of weeks later, mom got a phone call. She was crying when she hung up and said my uncle died. She said she had to go, but being a school day I couldn’t go. While she was getting ready to go, Robert knocked on the door. He came in. Mom said he’ll be taking me to school and picking me up while she was gone. He walked her to the car and came back. He made dinner, and after eating said to get my bath. When I came out all I had on was my underwear. He said I could stay up for a while till the movie he was watching was over. He said to sit on the couch next to him, not thinking about it I sat. Watching the movie, he would find reasons to touch my legs and chest. He leaned over to say something and put his hand on my thigh up by the bottom of my underwear. Towards the end of the movie, I could of sworn I felt his finger rub my crotch area. The movie ended and I got up to go to bed, he said give me a hug good night. Mom and I never did this and he caught me off guard. He stood up and pulled me close to him. He rubbed my back and shoulders. I said good night and went to bed. Not sure what time it was when I woke up, but I opened my eyes and looked around. Robert was sitting on my bed. He said I had a nightmare and he came to check on me. I was escort pendik confused, I haven’t had a nightmare since I was little and my sheets were pulled down to below my stomach. He said he’d be up front if I needed him and left. The next morning I dressed and he took me to school. Later he picked me up and we went home.When we walked in Robert said the A/C was broken and I should strip down to my underwear to stay cool. It was hot in there,so I went to my room and undressed. I came back front to do my homework. After a while he came up behind me and rubbed my back and watched me. After dinner he said to get my bath. When I came out, it was still hot. I said I was going to bed. He said I should take off my underwear to be more comfortable in bed, I said okay. It was too hot for sheets and I pulled off my underwear. I woke up and he was sitting on my bed again. He was rubbing my stomach and said I had another nightmare. I said I was sorry for waking him, he said it was alright. He said to roll over and he’d rub my back, it might help me sleep. I rolled out and let him rub. As he did, his hand went lower and lower till he touched my butt. I wiggled and said that tickles. He asked if I wanted him to stop, but I said it feels good. He rubbed around my butt a little bit then said to roll on my back. When I did, he rubbed my chest and stomach. Then he slid his hand down my left hip then leg. He came up my right leg up to my hip, this time his fingers brushed my dick. I jumped,and giggled. He laughed and kept rubbing. When he came back down, he was rubbing the center of my stomach. He reached my groin and used his finger tips to tickle around my crotch. I wiggled and his fingers found pendik escort bayan my dick. He tickled it till it twitched. He said I think someone wants some attention. I looked down and seen I was starting to get hard. I reached up to cover up, but Robert ased “does it feel good”?. I said yes. “So why cover up. Relax, close your eyes and enjoy it”. I closed my eyes and felt him tickling lightly. My dick stood up stiff. He then tickled all around it, touching it now and then. I said it was starting to hurt, he said lets try something. He wrapped his fingers around it and slowly stroked it. I started breathing heavy and my heart beat quicker. “How does that feel” he ased. I said it feels good. Soon I felt something funny build up inside of me, and I started shaking. He stopped stroking and said I should go to sleep now. The next morning I woke up,dressed, and went to school. When he came to pick me up, he said we were going to his house for a couple of days since the A/C was broken. When we walked in I put my things away and started my homework. After dinner I went to take my bath, when I came out, Robert said I don’t need to wear my underwear if I didn’t want to. I felt funny, I know I shouldn’t be naked, especially in front of people. Robert said to come over in front of him. When I did, he reached up put his hands on my hips and grabbed my underwear. ” are you ready” he asked. I took a deep breath and said yes. Robert pulled down to the floor and said to step out of them. I stood there with my hands covering my crotch. Robert laughed,” your dick is to nice to keep covered, move your hands”. I did and blushed. I started shaking a my heart beat fast and my breathing sped up. He took my hand and pulled me to the couch. I sat next to him, he said to lay back with my head on his lap. When I did, he reached up and stroked my chest. As he did lower and lower he rubbed till he was tickling my crotch.