Mom massaged son and got pregnant

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Autumn Falls

Mom massaged son and got pregnantI’m Rahul from Mumbai India. Came home from college for the vacation. Dad always in abroad for work while leaving sex deprived mom lone at the house. I’m a hot male with six pack, fucked many chicks at the college. One day I got home from gym all sweaty, so I went into the bathroom to take shower. I undressed and got butt naked while my mom looking through the key hole. She suddenly opens the door ( no lock) and sees my naked body, I was flabergasted. She then held my hands and grabbed my biceps saying how they look red and tired and said that I needed a massage. She then went into the kitchen to get some oil and asked me to sit on a chair. I asked if its ok, for that she said how she’s sex less and desperate, I, as a good son, accepted canlı bahis her offer and went on to the massage.It’s a nice smelling coconut oil, she kneeled in front of me and poured some in my head and thoroughly massaged my hair, then on to my neck, biceps, back and abs. By the time she got to the lower ab, my 7 inch red plump dick just stood in front of her face. She said how it is way bigger then my dads dick and said it looked sexy on me. Then she poured some oil on my thandu ( known as penis in my language, also known as virai, thadi,etc). I just couldn’t take the pleasure of my mom touching my oiled penis and shouted “aaahhhh”. She the smirked and went on to give me a blow job, she liked it very much, but all she was interested was in my dick in her pundai ( known bahis siteleri a pussy in my language). I then lifted her in my hands and walked to the bedroom and just threw her on the bed. By that time my dick was so erected, that it was ready to explode. I then undressed her saree, slowly unhooked her bra. Oh boy, those tits, they both were like ripe mangoes hanging from her chest, her hips are like marble statues, . I then slowly removed her panties , more like torn that out with my raging hands. The cunt was so juicy and moist like an oyster.I then grabbed her and licked her pussy, sucked the juice out of her, while she was brushing my oiled hair. Her cunt tasted very sweet. She then came down on me an sucked my dick, while her long hair brushed my thighs, that was bahis şirketleri heaven. I then held her and inserted my long dick in her anus, but she insisted on her pussy.I then went straight in, she shout ‘ooohhhh’, then again thrusted, she went ‘ahhahho’. She looked like an angle, while all her deprivation was being fulfilled by her own son. But this time, I was too out of control and took matters into my hands,I slapped hard on her bum cheeks, till it was red. I just showed her my full manhood and dominated her. The sex last for 30-40 minutes. In the climaxe, while we were both at our most pleasure, she asked me to cum in her, lust covered my eyes and just busted all my semen in her pussy. And we slept naked all day hugging together.After 2 weeks she comes to me and says she was pregnant. I was shocked but then she said that my dad had a condom-less sex last night with her. And that she said she’s gonna blame him and going to keep the my baby as his.Well it’s a win win work me;)