Mom Sat On My Face

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Ava Addams

Mom Sat On My FaceThere I was under a sofa with Mom sitting on my face. Her hairy pussy was suction cupped to my mouth. Her large wet hole was over my tongue and her womanly fluids were flowing into my mouth. It was the best taste in the world and I never wanted it to end.How this all happened was Mom wanted to change a light bulb on the ceiling fan! To do that she would have needed to move the couch and get a ladder from the garage. Instead she had me steady her while she climbed up onto the back of the couch and stretch out toward the light fixture on the fan.Needless to say things went wrong all over the place. First she had me standing behind the couch when I should have been in front of it, she kept her high heels on instead of removing them, and she reached past her safe limits. High up in the stretched out position I could see up under her mini skirt and realized that she was not wearing any panties and the fact that she did not shave her pussy. It was my first look at a real pussy and it was exactly what I had wanted to see, a natural pussy with hair covering it.Then everything started to crumble around me. Mom lost her balance, the couch titled in my direction and I went down. The couch pinned me to the floor as Mom came tumbling down at me. Her high heels hit the waxed hard wood floor and slipped out from under her. They went straight out to the sides. Mom slid into a Russian split with her legs completely outstretched to the sides and her hairy pussy landed on my face.Mom screamed out in extreme agony. It was loud enough to wake the neighbors. Then she passed out from the pain. She remained on my face and her weight kept me from getting free…as if I wanted too in the first place.About five minutes passed by as I continued to drink from her wonderful tasting womanly nectar. I could have stayed like that forever.Unfortunately Mom woke up. She apologized for falling on me then she felt me munching on her pussy and lifted her skirt high enough to look istanbul escort under it. Mom asked me what I was doing but I only mumbled into her crotch. Then she realized the position I was in was completely her fault and that my hands were still pressed under the couch.As she tried to move herself she cried out again. Fortunately the lady next door called out to see if everyone was all right. Mom called out to her to come in and help. It took all of their combined strength to get Mom off my face. She had done some real damage to her muscles and tendons but neither of them though that she had broken anything.With Mom safely off to one side Janet and I managed to move the couch off from me so that I get up. Mom’s legs were still splayed straight out to the sides. Janet reached up and wiped a finger across my face. From there she tasted it and smiled at Mom. Janet then proceeded to lick my face clean.When Janet asked for more I just pointed at Mom’s exposed pussy. Without even asking Janet knelt down and buried her face in Mom’s hairy crotch.As Janet knelt there I was treated to her raised skirt and the fact that she had no panties on either. Janet was shaved bald, freshly shaved too, and her pussy lips were glistening from her sexual excitement. I wanted to taste her so badly.I got on my back and under her pelvis quicker than you could shake a stick. I grabbed the top of her ass and raised my face into her waiting pussy. My first taste was surprisingly strong. Janet did not break contact with Mom but she dropped herself down onto my face. We both enjoyed the pussy before us. Janet’s stronger taste intrigued me and I could not contain myself. I unzipped my pants, fished my hard cock out, and started to stroke it.Mom pushed Janet away and said, “Don’t let him waist that.”Janet looked over her shoulder, backed up over me, and sat down on my cock burying it in her love tunnel.I had never avcılar escort felt anything that good around my cock before. I knew right then that I had lost my virginity to the girl next door and that I wanted to fuck her as often as I could. I never wanted it to end but I came almost immediately.Janet said, “If you need me again I’ll be right here.” Then she went right back to licking Mom’s pussy as she moaned out her delight. Photos watched Janet lick Mom and learned a few things. Mom was really enjoying it. Her fingers were entwined in Janet’s hair, her head was thrown bock, and she was in the throws of yet another orgasm.When she came down from her high she said, Janet will take care of that for you.”I had not even realized that I was once again stroking my hard cock.I decided to remove my pants and underwear that time. I removed my T-shirt too. Then I slipped my cock back into Janet’s pussy. As I fucked into Janet she ate Mom’s pussy. Mom looked me right in the eye and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She then unhooked her bra and removed that too. I was staring at her beautiful full breasts when she reached under Janet and started to unbutton her blouse too. Janet helped Mom get it off of her and then Mom unhooked Janet’s bra. Again Janet helped Mom get it off from her.I reached underneath Janet and fondled her tiny hanging breasts. They were barely a handful, unlike Mom with her huge knockers just inches from my face. Then Mom lifted one of her big breasts and positioned her nipple right in front of my face. I latched onto her swollen nipple, I kneaded the two soft breasts in my hands, and I thrust into that hot pussy for all I was worth. When I came that time I really filled Janet up, to the point where she couldn’t hold it all and some leaked out onto the hard wood floor.It seems that the three of us had each reached our climax at about the same time. Mom just lay back, şirinevler escort I pulled out, and Janet rolled to the side.That was my first look at her body. Only her skirt was covering a few inches of her belly but the rest was bare. Janet’s legs were spread open, her bald pussy was red, swollen, and leaking my cum. Her breasts were saggy and both of them were leaning to the one side. I grabbed a hold of the upper one by its nipple and stretched it out until it snapped out of my fingers on its own.She smiled up at me and said, “My husband used to like doing that too.”Mom looked Janet over too and said, “You are one classy lady Janet. I can’t believe that you were sixty-five last year and retired.”Janet said, “I can’t believe that it took me that long to taste pussy. I love eating your pussy.” She turned toward me and said, “And you young man, can fuck me anytime that you want too.”Mom smiled and said, “Not a lot of thirteen-year-old boys get an offer like that. You had better thank her.”I blushed and said, “Thank you Mrs. Brown.”Mom said, “Not like that…stick that cock of yours back into her.”I looked down and sure enough I was hard again. Janet rolled onto her back, both of her breasts touched the floor under her armpits, and she opened her legs. I got between then, slipped my cock in, and then I felt Janet wrap her legs around my waist and pull me into her even tighter. I just looked into her smiling face as I fucked her for the third or forth time that day. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was labored. She cried out as if I had hurt her. Mom assured me that Janet was fine and just experiencing a really good orgasm. I felt proud of myself for having given her a good one.Mom was eventually taken to the hospital emergency room, given some muscle relaxers, and sent home to rest and relax. She had over stretched her tendons and the doctor said that it was worse than breaking something. It could take six to ten weeks for her to get back to normal.Mom took a medical leave from work.It was summer break for me from school.The three of us spent those next eight weeks making love all day long. I enjoyed eating and fucking both women. At first mom was not into i****t and letting me fuck her but her curiosity got the best of her, along with Janet telling her constantly how good my cock felt up inside her.