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I put on the Halloween costume that Mom bought me and shook my head. “Mom, you can’t be serious,” I complained loudly.

“Come out here so I can see it,” she insisted.

I stood in front of her and put my hands on my hips. “I’m not wearing this,” I stated.

“Why not?! You look great!”

It was a Tarzan costume. A loincloth and leather sandals. The loincloth was basically bikini briefs with leather ties on the sides and rough-cut leather triangles that hung loose in the front and back. The briefs weren’t visible because of the hanging leather panels, so people might think I was naked underneath.

That was it. A whole lot of my skin and a few bits to hide my junk.

“I can’t wear this in public,” I said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Mom jumped off the sofa and put her hands on my broad chest. “It’s not ridiculous! You look hot!” she insisted and looked up at me with her big brown eyes and batted her long eyelashes. “Please, honey?”

It was always hard to deny her when she looked at me like that. “Come on, Mom. I might as well be naked. It’s crazy.”

“It’s an adult party, Ryan. Everyone tries to come up with the sexiest costumes. And since this year’s theme is ‘Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses’ I think that Tarzan ‘King of the Jungle’ will blow away all of the other costumes.”

“Make Dad wear it then,” I grumbled.

“Your dad doesn’t have your muscles.” Her warm hands slid from my pecs to my shoulders and on to my big biceps, which she lightly squeezed. She could tell I wasn’t convinced, so she added, “There are always young women at these parties, dressed as sexily as they can. Don’t you want to catch their attention?”

“I don’t know, Mom,” I wavered.

Her lush little body pressed against me. “Pleeeeease?” she begged.

I gave in, as I almost always did when she wanted something. “Okay. I’ll wear it,” I reluctantly agreed. I was 6’2″ tall and 190 pounds of muscle, so showing off my body wasn’t going to embarrass me.

“Excellent. You won’t regret it, honey.” She kissed my cheek.

The Wallace family’s annual Halloween party really was a big deal in Knoxville. My parents were proud that they’d been invited for eight straight years.

Dad was a professor at the university, and his female students often had crushes on him because he was tall, slim and handsome.

Mom was a successful author of romance novels. One of my friends described her as a “pint size sex kitten”, which all the other guys agreed was perfect. At 42 years old, her tiny 5-foot tall body was perfectly toned and sported lush C-cup boobs and a round ass. Shoulder-length black hair framed a sultry face highlighted by plush lips and naturally long eyelashes.

This was the first year that our family’s invitation included me. I was 19 and just started college at the University of Tennessee. I had an athletic scholarship to play baseball. I guess that caught the attention of the Wallace family when they made the guest list.

Mom picked up a bottle and told me, “You need to use this every day until the party.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a moisturizer with a tanning agent in it,” she explained.

“I don’t want an orange fake tan, Mom.”

She shook her little head and squirted moisturizer on her hand. “It’s not like that, Ryan,” she informed me. “This is quality stuff that looks perfectly real. Each time you use it has a light tanning effect, but if you use it every day you’ll have a nice even tan by the party. It will get rid of your ‘farmer’s tan'”.

My arms and face did have a darker than than my pale torso. I sighed, “I guess if I’m going to be practically naked I should try to look my best.”

“You’re going to look awesome.” She stepped behind me and began to massage the moisturizer onto my back with slow strokes. It felt good.

“How am I supposed to apply it to my back every day?” I asked. I was a freshman at the local university and lived in a dorm.

“You don’t want your roommate Stan to do it?” Mom teased and laughed. “I’ll do it for you, of course. Come by every afternoon and I’ll take care of it.”

Her tiny hands finished rubbing the lotion on my back. “You should become a masseuse. My back feels great,” I told her.

“Good. That will be an added enticement to get you over here every day,” she replied.

Suddenly Mom untied the leather stings on each side of my loincloth. I grabbed it to prevent it from falling off in front, but I felt the back hang down. “Mom!” I yelped.

She saucily reasoned, “Your butt is very pale, honey. It needs the lotion so white skin doesn’t show around the loincloth.”

“Christ, Mom. I can do that myself!”

“You can’t see your own butt,” she pointed out. “This will only take a minute.”

Her lotion-slick hands caressed my butt and I involuntarily tensed back there. “That feels weird,” I complained.

“Feels good to me! You have a great butt, Ryan.” She pressed harder, kneading my glutes. Then she lightly smacked my ass and announced, “All done! That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, I guess not.” My cock had swelled from the attention she gave my butt.

Mom retied my loincloth asyabahis yeni giriş strings then gave me a hug and said, “Thank you for being a good sport about your costume, honey.”

“No problem, Mom,” I responded. “But if a bunch of fat old women try to grope me at this party, I’m going to be pissed.”

“The Wallaces only invite the best-looking people in Knoxville to their Halloween party, Ryan. No fat old broads. Like I said, there will be plenty of pretty girls your age. Lots of beautiful married ladies too.”

“It sounds wild. It’s not an orgy, is it?”

Mom made a face. “Eww. No. Just people dancing and having fun. What makes it interesting is that couples don’t stick together all night. Everyone mixes and mingles on their own. So it’s very likely that some married women will ask you to dance.”

“And that’s okay?” I asked.

“Of course.”

“Will you ask men to dance with you?”

Mom nodded and smiled. “One more thing, honey. Will you apply the lotion to my back? I want to even out my tan too.”

“Sure. No problem.”

She pulled her t-shirt off over her head and laid face down on the sofa. Her hands reached behind her to unfasten her bra and move the strap out of the way. “Have at it,” she said.

I squirted lotion on my hands and rubbed them together to warm them. Starting at her neck, I slowly smoothed the moisturizer on evenly.

“Mmm,” she purred. “That feels good.”

It didn’t take long to cover her slim little back. “Want me to do your butt?” I teased.

She chuckled. “I’ll be wearing a miniskirt so that’s not necessary.”

“Who are you going as?” I asked as I hooked her bra strap for her.


“Did she wear miniskirts?”

“This Cleopatra does.” Mom sat up, giving me a look at her boobs in her thin, lacy bra before putting on her t-shirt again.


The next afternoon I walked into our family home and called out, “I’m here for my back rub!” Mom’s an author who writes at home so I knew she’d be there.

Mom came out of her office with the lotion in one hand and the Tarzan loincloth in the other. “Good timing,” she said. “I just finished a chapter and I don’t feel like writing any more today. Put on your costume.”

“Why are you wearing a bikini? And why do I need to wear that?”

“It’ll be easier to apply the lotion to me if I’m just in my bikini, and you should wear your loincloth because it will help get you used to wearing it,” she told me, “and it gives me easy access to your back and butt.” She grinned wickedly.

I rolled my eyes but took the loincloth and went to put it on.

When I returned to the living room, Mom said, “You look so good in that!”

“I feel naked.”

“Uh huh. That’s why you look so good,” Mom teased. “Lay down on the sofa so I can put this stuff on you.”

She stood beside the sofa and thoroughly rubbed lotion into my back. “I can see that it’s working already, honey. Your pale back is getting darker.”

“Your hands are magic,” I told her. “My back is totally relaxed.”

“Good. Time to do your butt.” She untied the loincloth and moved the back out of the way.

I didn’t tense up that time. Having Mom’s little hands on my butt was odd, but damn it felt good. Like the day before, she finished by lightly spanking my butt.

We switched places and I untied her bikini top. I took it slow and easy, massaging all over her back.

“Mmm. You have magic hands too,” she praised.

Every afternoon for the rest of the week was like that. I admit that I looked forward to it.

The day before Halloween arrived; the last day to apply lotion.

I was face down on the sofa as usual, but Mom was straddling my thighs on her knees. She said that position made it easier for her to lean over me and give me the best rubdown. “Your back is so sexy,” she cooed as her hands stroked up and down.

“How can a back be sexy?” I asked.

“A V-shape muscular back that’s wide at the shoulders and narrow at the waist is super sexy,” she informed me. “And that’s what you’ve got.”

I didn’t have a response to that. She massaged my back for much longer than necessary to spread the lotion. I did not complain.

She untied my loincloth and moved it out of the way. “Do I have to explain how a butt can be sexy?” she playfully asked.

“No. I understand that one.”

She rubbed and kneaded my ass with relish. “Your butt is perfect, honey. Firm and nicely rounded. And the dimples! God!”

I flexed my glutes and Mom giggled like a girl. “Do that again,” she urged. I did and she laughed. “That feels awesome!”

She tied my loincloth straps and it was her turn for a final rub down.

I knelt over her thighs, the same way she did, and my hands went to work.

“Mmm,” she purred in delight. “I love it.”

I spent a lot of extra time massaging her, then joked, “Are you sure you don’t want me to do your butt too?”

Mom thought about it for a long moment, then surprised me by saying, “Go for it. I’ve been wondering how it feels.”

Emboldened, I tugged her bikini bottom down to mid-thigh. “Your butt is really pale, asyabahis giriş Mom. We should’ve been doing this every day.”

“Missed opportunity,” she replied.

I hesitated for just a second, then squirted lotion directly on her buns and smoothed it around.

“Oooo. That does feel good,” Mom moaned.

“Yeah it does,” I agreed. “Your butt is awesome, Mom.”

“It’s not too big?” she asked.

“Not at all. You have perfect curvy proportions.”

“Sometimes I think I’d look better if I was thinner because I’m so short,” she explained.

“Nah. My friends sure don’t think so,” I assured her.

“Why? What do they say?”

I decided to tell her the truth, to boost her self-esteem. “Jimmy called you a pint-size sex kitten and all the guys agreed. They think you look great.”

She thought about it and said, “I guess I should be proud that my old butt has your friends’ stamp of approval.”

“Mine too,” I told her. “Flex it for me.” She did and we both laughed. “You’re right. That feels awesome with my hands on you.”

I smacked her butt and pulled up her bikini bottom.

We stood and looked at each other. Mom’s stiff nipples tented her bikini top and my cock was swollen although not erect.

“I like our massages,” she confessed. “Can we keep doing it after the party? You know, just every once in a while.”

“Sure. I like it too,” I agreed.


Halloween arrived.

Mom and Dad always volunteered to help the Wallace’s decorate their mansion for the big Halloween party. Dad and I loaded our van with the decorations while Mom finished getting herself ready.

Dad wore a Caesar costume that consisted of a long toga, a gold crown, gold cuff bracelets and leather sandals. He looked distinguished. On the other hand, I was wearing the Tarzan loincloth. “How did your mom convince you to wear that?” Dad asked. He looked amused.

“I don’t know,” I grumbled. “She can talk me into anything.”

Dad just laughed.

A bit later I had almost everything in the van and called out, “Dad, these big column things don’t fit in the van.” The two columns were part of a gateway decoration. One of the rear seats was already removed, but the columns were still too long to fit.

Dad came to look. “Fold down the front passenger seat and they’ll fit.”

“That only leaves one seat for me and Mom,” I pointed out.

“True,” he replied. He looked stumped.

“This is why I need to take my car,” I said. I wanted to drive myself so I could bail if the party sucked. But that apparently wasn’t an option.

“We only have one parking permit,” Dad reminded me.

The party was so freaking big they had to issue parking permits. Isn’t that nuts?

“I’ll get an Uber! No parking permit needed.”

“Good thinking, Ryan,” Dad praised and patted me on the back.

Mom appeared at that moment and declared, “You’re not getting an Uber.”

Dad and I turned to look at her and our jaws dropped. Her costume was Cleopatra, and it was stunning. She wore a white bikini top that strained to contain her bouncy tits and a white mini skirt, leaving her toned belly bare. Gold accessories made the costume special, including a gold crown, a wide gold necklace, a gold snake wrapped around her right bicep, gold cuff bracelets, a gold chain around her waist and gold sandals on her feet. Heavy black “cat eye” makeup and red lipstick highlighted her sultry face. Her black shoulder-length hair was straightened, perfect for Cleopatra.

“Wow, honey! You’ve outdone yourself this year!” Dad gushed.

“Yeah, Mom, you look spectacular,” I agreed. “But why can’t I Uber to the party?”

“Because you’ll get halfway there, decide this party is stupid, turn around and come back home,” she predicted.

She knew me too well. That was definitely what I’d do.

“We had to fold down the front passenger seat, Mom. There’s no place for me to sit,” I argued.

She pondered for a moment, then said, “I’ll sit on your lap.”

“What?” I replied.

“It’s only a half-hour drive, Ryan, and I’m tiny. I won’t squash you.” She gave Dad and I a look that meant she didn’t want to hear any more about it. “Let’s go. If we don’t hurry we won’t have time to put up the decorations.”


Dad put bluegrass music on the van stereo and pulled out of our driveway.

I attached my seatbelt, but Mom was out of luck if we got into an accident so I wrapped my strong arms around her middle. She looked down at my arms then turned sideways so she could look me in the eye. “Are you my seatbelt?” she asked.

“Better than nothing,” I said.

“Thank you,” she replied and rested her little head on my broad muscular chest. “How did you get to be so … brawny? All of the men on your father’s side of the family are thin, and on my side they’re skinny and short.”

“How should I know? Was the postman brawny?” I kidded.

“If your face wasn’t a mirror image of your dad’s, other people might wonder the same thing,” Mom admitted. She dragged her hand down my side until it came to rest on my cut abs.

The van hit a pothole and Mom bounced on my lap. asyabahis güvenilirmi “Sorry,” she said.

“No problem. You’re as light as feather.” I felt my cock swell a bit, but I willed it to behave. Getting hard in this situation was unthinkable.

“How’s it going back there?” Dad called out over the music on the stereo.

“We’re fine, dear,” Mom answered.

“Traffic is slow, but I think we’ll get there in about 20 minutes,” he told us.

Mom and I were silent for a couple minutes. Holding the warmth of her against my nearly naked body was interesting to say the least. “You smell nice,” I said softly. She had a light floral scent.

She gave me a funny look. “I don’t think you’ve ever noticed my perfume before.”

I shrugged. “I’ve never held you on my lap before.”

“It’s Caswell-Massey Elixir of Love No. 1,” she educated me.

I smirked. “Elixir of Love?”

“Number 1,” she added and laughed. “Perfume names are crazy.”

After another quiet pause, I requested, “Tell me more about this party.”

Mom sat up and turned so she was facing me, straddling my legs. My hands held her hips. Her hands went to my pecs. “Everyone in town wants to go, but the Wallaces are very particular. If you aren’t fit, you aren’t invited. 500 of the best looking people in Knoxville will be there.”


She nodded. “This party is huge, Ryan.” Her hands caressed down to my abs, then back up to my pecs. “The tanning lotion worked great. Your skin is glowing all over!”

“Yours too,” I returned the compliment. My hands slid up her sides and back down to rest on her hips again.

She nodded happily. “We’re both soft and tan.” Her hands continued to explore. Massaging my shoulders. Sliding down my arms. Fingertips bumping over my abs.

My big hands moved up her sides again, until hitting her bikini top strap, then slid inward with fingers sliding just under her tits. She squirmed and inhaled sharply. “You’re stunning in your Cleopatra costume,” I praised.

“Thank you, honey.” She leaned in to kiss my cheek.

I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her torso against me. Her arms loosely circled my neck and her lush breasts compressed on my hard chest. Mom rested her head on my shoulder.

“Will you save a dance for your mom tonight?” she inquired.

“Of course,” I assured her.

We sat that way, holding each other as the miles and minutes passed. The movement of the van made her boobs rub my chest.

I flipped up the back of her miniskirt and grasped her asscheeks. “One last massage before the party,” I told her. My hands rubbed and kneaded her bum through her thin panties.

“Unnnh,” she moaned in my ear, “I love your big hands.” She squirmed sensually and rubbed her tits on me harder.

Dad turned the van off the road onto a long gravel driveway leading to the mansion. I quickly smoothed down Mom’s miniskirt. She kissed my cheek and swiveled around to face forward.

The driveway was a half-mile long and the entire length would be lined with cars that evening. We were early so Dad got a parking spot on the circular driveway in front of the mansion.

It was a real mansion. 9 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, den, home theater, library, a couple of offices, several bathrooms and a big ballroom that was the main location for the party.

Dad got out and opened the sliding side door for us. “Did you two survive the trip?” he asked.

“No problems at all, Dad,” I told him.

“I told you it would be fine,” Mom chipped in.

“Good, because you’ll have to do the same thing tomorrow morning when we drive home,” he teased.

I stopped short. “Tomorrow?!”

“I thought we told you,” Dad said. “We crash here overnight so we can take the decorations home with us tomorrow. A lot of the guests do the same because they get too drunk to drive.”

“Nobody said this was an overnighter,” I fumed and glared at Mom. “Are there bedrooms reserved for us?”

Mom and Dad both laughed. “Oh honey,” Mom said. “There will be around 200 people sleeping here tonight. There are no reserved bedrooms. We all sleep wherever we find a spot.”

“Jesus Christ,” I groaned.

I unloaded the van but I was pissed off about the overnight thing so I slipped away and left the actual decorating to Mom, Dad and the other volunteers.

The mansion was fascinating to explore. I passed a few people in the halls but nobody asked who I was nor said a word about my skimpy Tarzan costume.

I looked for a spot that I could stake out as mine for sleeping that night, and I hit the jackpot in the rear of the mansion on the second floor. A side hall went to a utility closet, but an alcove on the right had a door to an office. It wasn’t big, containing only a desk and a loveseat. Fortunately for me, the loveseat folded out to a bed.

I opened up the bed and found that sheets and a blanket were already on it. The memory foam mattress wasn’t thick, but I figured it would be comfortable enough. Beggars can’t be choosers.

I found a sheet of paper and a black marker. I wrote “Keep Out” on the paper and taped the paper to the outside of the door. My hope was that the guests would assume the homeowner wrote the note and stay out of the office. I had my fingers crossed that it would be my private room that night. All of the other suckers could crash wherever, but I planned to sleep well.