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MOM’S NEW YEARS RECORDMom’s New Year’s Recordbyzipadofan©First of all, let me say that I fucking hate my cousin Shawn. I fucking hate him. But I guess if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be writing this story. My name is Chris. I just turned 18 and I live with my mom (Lana) and dad (Eddie) and my older sister (Sarah). So anyway, my parents have a New Year’s Eve party at our house every year. We have a lot of bedrooms so my parents usually get a pretty big crowd since people can drink as much as they want and not have to worry about driving. This year was pretty much the same except my sister went to a friend’s party instead. So my parents always have these lame-ass party games that they get off of a website where everybody has to, like, find out something out about somebody by asking questions or figure out who’s lying from a group of statements. Of course everyone’s getting drunk the whole time and then at midnight we watch the Time Square thing on TV. It was around 2:00 a.m. when my dad told me to go to bed. He said my cousin Shawn had to go too, even though he was older and wanted to stay up. But we were sharing the same room – and no, don’t even think there is any gay stuff in this story because there isn’t – and Shawn’s dad (my Uncle John) said he had to go too. So anyway, we’re in my room and he wants to use my computer. He says we should look at porn online. I told him that I can’t because my parents have CyberSitter on my computer and it blocks me out of that stuff. Then he starts making fun of me because I still have CyberSitter on my computer. That asshole! He messes around with it for like 15 minutes before he gives up. He’s about to turn it off when I tell him that I have some pictures in an email folder. I have a friend in England that I met online and he sends me pictures of this one girl that we absolutely worship. He would say “fancy,” but that’s because he’s a Limey. The girl’s name is Lucy Pinder and she’s about the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s got these enormous – and I mean huge – knockers. But they’re 100% real (seriously – look it up on Google) and she’s also got an amazing figure and these eyes that drive me crazy, it’s like you look at them and they say “relax, I’m going to take good care of you.”Anyway, Lucy’s got this thing where she doesn’t show her nipples or any beaver. It’s weird because she shows the entire rest of her boobs, just not the nipples. She also does some lesbian type photos with this other chick Michelle Marsh, who shows everything, but not Lucy. But I think that makes her hotter.Anyway, I showed the pictures to Shawn and he wasn’t impressed because she didn’t show anything. Whatever. Then he says to me “you know who that girl looks exactly like?” and I’m like “no” and he says “Your mom.” Which is really fucked up. I mean, I guess he’s right — mom’s boobs are really big like that but she is obviously older so she’s not as toned and her face is a little different – but you just don’t say that to someone about their mom. Then he tells me to relax, that a lot of guys have a “type” and that it’s usually a lot like their mom. Then he goes on talking about how great my mom’s breasts are, only he keeps calling them tits and I can’t stand it. I tell him to just shut up and he’s like, “you have to admit they’re fucking awesome” and I’m like “no I don’t.” Anyway, that was the end of that conversation. We turned off the computer and went to bed. I’m guessing around 2 hours later, my uncle John starts banging on my door saying they need Shawn and me downstairs. Something about “setting the record.” I was half asleep when I got downstairs so I was in no way prepared for what I was about to see. It was the worst fucking thing ever. I mean, it was horrible. The image is burned into my fucking head, and I see it all the time and it won’t go away.All of the guests were standing in a big horseshoe around my mom. She was kneeling on this blue plastic tarp that my dad uses for yard work, and she was almost totally naked. The only thing she had on were these black high heels and her underwear, which was a thong and I definitely didn’t need to know that.But it gets worse. One of the guys at the party was this guy Scott who’s married to my dad’s friend Beth. I’d met him earlier – Scott works for Fox Sports Net and we talked a lot about what it was like because I want to be a sports anchor like the guys on ESPN. Now Scott was standing in front of my mom with his dick out, and my mom was jerking him off and all these people (including Scott’s wife, Beth) were laughing and cheering him on. He grabbed the back of my mom’s head and shot a small amount of cum on her face. A whole bunch of people yelled “Sixty three!” Somebody said “how many was that for you?” and Scott said “three, and I am so done.” Then my uncle John (my mom’s brother, for Christ’s sake) is like “let the new guys go!” and pushes us right up to her. That’s when I noticed that she was covered, I mean absolutely bathed, in jism. It was all in her hair, in her ears, on her face, in the corner of her mouth, down her neck, and all over her tits. I mean boobs. And it was dripping onto the tarp. She looked at me and was like “oh, hi baby” like it was just totally normal for me to see her like this. “Go ahead Shawn, we need ten more for the record!” said my uncle John. Shawn sahabet güvenilirmi was like “oh, fuck yeah!” and took out his dick and started beating it at my mom. He stroked it for like 20 seconds before he came on my mom. And so much came out it was obscene – it was like he was peeing cum. There were waves splashing all over her face and mouth and then he lowered it and more came out on her boobs. Everybody was dying laughing including my mom who was like “oh my god!” Somebody yelled “sixty four!” and another voice said “come on, Chris!” My uncle John was like “you can do it!” My mom looked at me and smiled. She said “go ahead, baby, it’s just for fun.” I was like, outside of my body. I didn’t have any feeling in my hands when I took my dick out. I wasn’t even hard. “Somebody get him ready!” I heard. Mrs. McFarland, my old babysitter’s mom, put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me back a little. She said “here, let me help you out,” and started giving me a hand-job, right in front of everybody. I started noticing more things – every guy there had their dick out. Some women were, I guess you would call it “fluffing” – trying to get the guys ready again. I saw Whitney, my old babysitter (and Mrs. McFarland’s daughter) fluffing her husband. She smiled at me. Then I saw my dad – my own dad – getting fluffed by his friend Beth, with her husband Scott standing right next to them, bent over and out of breath. Then I saw my uncle John go over and cum on my mom. On his own sister! He must have done it a few times already, too, because barely any came out. A guy from my dad’s work who’s name I can’t remember went up to my mom next and started beating off so hard it looked painful. I never would have guessed that my first hand-job would be from my babysitter’s mom who is like in her fifties. Talk about nutso. But she was doing a pretty good job. I think Mr. McFarland thought so too because after watching us for only like a minute he made a quick trip over to my mom for number sixty six. His son-in-law was right behind. Then Shawn stepped up again, and the douche bag copped a feel off my mom’s right breast. My mom asked him if he liked that and told him to come on them and make them his. He spurted right on them in no time, obviously not as much as the last time, and rubbed his load into her boobs with his hand. “Shawn!” his mom (my aunt Lynn) said, pretending to scold him. But she was laughing too. Mrs. McFarland asked if I was ready and I said “I guess so.” She led me up to my mom and the crowd was like “whoa! Here we go!” Mrs. McFarland stroked me a couple times toward my mom’s face and then stepped back. I took over. It felt totally dazed. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but then my mom said “go ahead, sweetie, you can do it,” and I came. I came on my mom. It wasn’t as much as Shawn did, but it was a real flyer and would have gotten some good distance if it hadn’t hit her right in the nose. “Yeah, that’s it,” my mom encouraged as I finished shooting. Everybody yelled “Sixty nine!” Some guy I didn’t know gave me a high five and said “lucky sixty nine!” I walked back to the corner and stood next to my mom’s friend Deb. She’s a pretty woman who was in a car accident and now she’s in a wheelchair. She said hi to me but kept on fluffing my Uncle Rick, who was standing right next to her with his pants off. Now I’m not one to compare dicks or anything, but his was enormous. It looked like an alien or something because it had all these veins popping out all over the place. I was wondering if Uncle Rick’s wife (my dad’s sister Cates) approved of this – I looked around saw her sitting in a chair with a clipboard and a pencil. It looked like she was keeping score. Deb’s husband Tom was looking at the clipboard. His penis was out of his pants but it was obviously spent. It seemed like everyone was fine with what was going on. My uncle Rick stepped up to my mom next. He smacked my mom in the face with his gigantic dick and bounced it off her head. She grabbed it with two hands and stuffed as much as she could in her mouth. She tried to blow him as best she could but he was so big she was using a lot of hand, too. After about a minute he said, “ok, ok,” and my mom took him out of her mouth and jerked his cock as his semen covered her face. As he finished he whacked her face a couple times with his dick again and my mom smiled and pushed him away. People laughed and said “seventy!”My cousin Shawn went up to my mom again (the third time in like 20 minutes!) and did what uncle Rick did, smacking her face with his dick. This got a huge laugh from the crowd. That was all I could stand. I went back up to my room and crawled into bed. Shouts of “seventy-one!” came from downstairs, and I started to cry. Shawn came back to my room about 20 minutes later. He was all hyper and wanted to brag. “That was fucking awesome!” he kept saying. “You’re mom is the best! Don’t tell me you didn’t like that!” OK, dickweed, I won’t tell you, I thought. He went on to tell me that he was the only one who did it 4 times, and that the 4th was the record breaker, and that my mom had helped him with her mouth and hands. I fell asleep while he was still talking, thinking a million thoughts from “what the hell was going on” to “just what and who’s record was broken?”In the morning, sahabet yeni giriş everyone headed down to the dining room where there’s a big brunch for all the guests. I avoided it and everyone else by going up to the attic. There’s a cedar closet up there, and it’s closed off to retain the smell but it was built next to the where the roof slants so there’s this little triangular passageway. I used to hide in it when I was little – I called it my cubby – and since I felt like hiding today I crawled right in. About an hour later, who should come up to the attic but my mom. She was wearing a thin yellow dress and her long, brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail. The sunlight coming through the window fell delicately across her body and made her look like an angel. “I thought I might find you in here,” she said. “Do you want to come out and talk?”I didn’t answer her, but I did crawl out of the cubby and sit down.”I guess you’re pretty upset about last night,” she said. Again, I didn’t answer. “I’m really sorry,” she said. “I should have known it would be hard, er… difficult to see me like that when you weren’t expecting it.””Why were you doing it?” I asked. Mom sighed and sat down next to me. “Well, it’s fun. It’s something that we do every once in a while. Your father and I don’t mind and nobody gets hurt…””No,” I interrupted. “Why were YOU doing it?” “I’m sorry,” she said. “I guess it all started because of my breasts. They make it easier for guys to get turned on in front of a group. I… I guess there are no good answers here. It’s just something that I’ve done for a long time and I didn’t really question it.””How long have you been doing that?” “It started in high school. I was pretty adventurous and would make out with a couple guys at once… is this bothering you?””No,” I said. “Keep going.””Anyway, word got around and guys would just ask to do it, you know, ejaculate on me.””And you let them? It wasn’t humiliating?” I asked.”I mean, part of me thought it was. But another part of me felt good, you know, that I had this effect on guys, that I got to have their semen all over me.””But why was Uncle John doing it?” “I suppose it’s a turn-on for him too.””But isn’t that i****t?” I asked. “No,” she said. “It’s not like it’s sex or anything.””So you don’t care that your own brother gets turned on by that?” I asked. “Sweetie, it’s harmless.””Does he ever touch you when he’s doing it?” “Sometimes,” she said.”Gross!” I thought I was going to feel more disgusted by this than I actually was. “Do you ever touch him?” “Sometimes,” she said. “Have you ever masturbated him?” “Yes.””Seriously? Have you put it in your mouth?” “Honey, I…” She looked at me and knew she needed to tell the truth. “Sorry. Yes, I have. I want to be honest with you.””Jesus… does dad know?””Your father knows. Like I said, it’s not like my brother and I are having sex. It’s only when we have our little parties, which is pretty much just on New Year’s. It’s out in the open and everyone can see.””How long have the two of you… you know…””Back in high school he was at a party where guys were, you know, doing that to me. I paused for a minute to wipe some semen from my eye, and when I looked up there he was, smiling at me and ready to go. He was my brother, but I figured what the hell. It was actually really flattering how much he ejaculated on me. He admitted to me later that he’d always been turned on by my breasts. I realized that it didn’t bother me. After that I even let him occasionally do it on me in our house right before I’d get in the shower. There was always some incidental touching but we never had sex or anything.””So you’re the only one who everybody comes on?” I asked. “Actually, no,” my mom said. “Your aunt Cates got into the act a few years ago. Now we take turns and try to beat each other’s record.”Like I said before, Cates was my dad’s sister and my Uncle “Big Dick” Rick’s wife. She was really well endowed too, just a little shorter and rounder than my mom. I could see how they could give each other a run for their money. “So does dad ejaculate on Aunt Cates?” I asked.”Yes, he does.””God! This is so fucked up!” I said. “Do they, you know, do the same things you and uncle John do?” “I’m sure they do, but I really shouldn’t speak for him. But like I said, it’s out in the open.””Jesus…” I said. “Listen,” my mom said. “I love you more than anything in the world. I’m sorry if this hurt you, but I want you to know I’m trying to make up for it by being completely honest with you.””I know,” I said. “It was just really hard for me to see you like that and now hear all of this.””I hope you understand that this isn’t a bad thing. I’m just sorry that your first time had to be so shocking,” she said. “It would have been nicer in a more private setting.””I guess,” I said. “Should we make up for it now?” she asked.”What do you mean?” I said. My mom didn’t say another word. She just leaned forward and pulled her arms back through the shoulders of her dress. She looked me right in the eye and let the front of her dress fall down. I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts. Fuck it, I’m going to say it. Tits. I was staring at my mom’s tits. She took my hands in hers and placed them on those gloriously soft flesh pillows. I didn’t require any encouragement – I cupped sahabet giriş and squeezed and kneaded and rubbed. I played with and pinched her nipples – apparently a little too hard because she told me to be gentler with them. Mom just kind of sat back and smiled and watched as I fondled her. “So do you like my body, hon?” she asked. “Yeah, mom,” I said. “It’s amazing.” I couldn’t get enough of the way her skin felt as it flowed through my fingers. “Well thank you,” she said, rubbing my cheek with her palm and then the back of her hand. “It feels really good.” “But, should we, um… should we really be doing this?” I asked. “Honey, we need to get accustomed to seeing each other’s bodies. Listen, I know last night was strange but there will be many more times when men are going to ejaculate on me. I want you to be comfortable with that, so much so that if you want to you can ejaculate on me as well. I would love nothing more than if there were a room full of men and out of all of them you ejaculated on me the most.”I could no longer deny that I was being outrageously turned on by my mom. She was so calm and beautiful and sweet as she let me caress her boobs. When she told me she hoped I’d want to come on her, I began to shift around uncomfortably due to my suddenly flaring boner. Mom noticed. “Here, I can help with that,” she said. My mom crawled over me unbuckled my belt. I tried to act like I should resist, but we both knew better. Mom just put a finger over my lips and said, “shh… ” She kissed me full on the lips as she laid me on my back. As she slid down, she looked me deeply in the eyes and purposefully dragged her breasts across my body. “Relax,” she said. “I’m going to take good care of you.”I propped myself up on my elbows to watch. My mom was amazing. She took my whole cock in her mouth and slowly and lovingly deep-throated me. I watched as her lips made a beautiful “O” as she easily slid them up and down my shaft. She never broke eye-contact. She never gagged. She just bobbed her head up and down, warmly massaging my penis with her throat, mouth and tongue. I momentarily glanced past her head at her tits as they hung down. They were so fucking enormous. She’d been watching me carefully, and paid heed to my shift in attention. She slid my cock out of her mouth slowly. It was like watching a sword-swallower – even though I was intimately familiar with the length of my own Johnson (I knew it like the front of my hand, you could say) I couldn’t believe how much was coming out of her mouth as she withdrew. She had that shit all the way in there. Mom opened her mouth to let drool run all over my engorged cock. She washed it in by running her tongue up and down the entire length, pausing only to lick the super-sensitive skin just below the head. When I was finally good and wet, she brought my cock in between her heavenly tits and squeezed them together, lifting her body up and down in what would no doubt be the best titty-fuck I’d ever get in my life. She gradually built up speed, but not too fast – she slowed down occasionally to let me enjoy the feel of her nipple running up the underside of my shaft or on my scrotum, or to wet me again, either with her drool or few deep-throating head-bobs. “So,” I said as my mom smothered my cock in her bosom, “do I get to cum, er, I mean, ejaculate on Aunt Cates next year?””Absolutely,” she said. “I’ll tell her you’ve been asking. She’ll be thrilled.” Mom kept looking me deeply in the eye. Her bodily thrusts surged to a crescendo. This was getting to be too much. My balls felt like a shaken up soda-can. “And then,” I asked, “in two years to I get to ejaculate on you?” “I think you get to do it a little sooner than that,” she said. And she was right. My first blast blew right up into her chin, immediately spilling down onto her magnificent breasts. “Oh, yeah,” she cooed, taking my erupting cock in her hand and jerking it into her face. I drilled cumshot after cumshot into her face and hair. She even directed a couple bursts right into her mouth. When I finished, she rubbed the underside of my cock all over her face, licking and kissing with pure motherly love. She used it to push a little of the cum on her face into her mouth. She swallowed slowly and sexily, rubbing her tongue over her lips and teeth and saying “Mmm…” I could see strands of jism sticking to her tongue and teeth. “Do you want me to get some tissues or something?” I asked. “No,” she said. “I want everyone to see just how much you mean to me.” And with that, my mom pulled up the top to her dress. The breast area immediately soaked through, completely revealing her nipples and the shape of her tits (as if all the guests at our house didn’t get a good enough look last night). Gobs of cum dripped off her face and onto the dress, while other streaks dried on her cheeks and chin and in her hair. “I love you, baby,” she said. “I love you too, mom,” I said. My mom went over to the stairs to return to the brunch. “Mom… wait,” I said. “Do you think we could, maybe, take the CyberSitter off the computer now?””Why not, I think you’ve earned it,” she said with a wink. And with that, my cum-soaked mother returned to our guests. So as I said, even though I hate my asshole cousin Shawn, if it weren’t for him, this story never would have happened. Had he not been at the party, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been included in my parents’ little game, and then I wouldn’t have had this story, and then my dad wouldn’t have showed me the erotic stories he’d written, or let me use his email address to post this one. Man I hope this is a quick year. Or two.