Monday Blues

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Monday BluesAs dawn broke I got out of my car in the car park, thinking of nothing in particular. As I walked to the underground elevator, I quickly look back at my joy and lock the doors with the familiar beep and flash of lights. Pulled my over coat closed as a breeze of bisque morning coolness blew through the car park. Arriving at the elevator, the quiet air of silence that only early morning offers. Still waiting…finally the audible bell as the doors open, still moving in a robotic manner as every other day nothing new nothing special just Monday blues. Positioned towards the back of the elevator and turn and face the doors as usual, push the button to the forty second floor when I hear a faint voice calling “hold the lift”, instinctively I put my hand out, stopping the door from closing.The person behind the voice finally appears, she looked pleasing to the eye, I kept my cool and moved back to my spot on the back wall of the elevator, she stood in bursa escort front of me pressed the same button as mine through instinct, I suppose. As the elevator made it’s clunky way and stopped and filled to capacity, she was pushed closer to me, I could smell her scent, her perfume ever so inviting, intoxicatingly appealing, she takes a step back, she brushed me in search of space, she had brushed into me again, her sheer stocking clad legs ever so noticeable, her strawberry blonde hair making a bold statement against her well couture office ware. Mesmerized by her beauty, still in my own little world, till I feel her back up against my chest, am I dreaming, I think to myself, her beautifully round buttocks rub against my groin, I’m now awake. I look around and see we are tightly packed like sardines, again her buttocks rubs against me, it’s as she knows exactly where I am she is more deliberate, she grinds in a circular motion, I stand up straight and lean bursa escort bayan forward adding to the pressure only for it to be reciprocated, she’s playing with me, I think to my self. With my left hand I snake it around her waist and feel her stomach, soft and warm the warmth only a women can offer. She moves her hand to meet my hand and then guides it to her breasts, her head falls back and she let’s out a sigh. I put down the brief case in my right hand trying not to drop it, as not to draw attention to our rendezvous. Moving my right hand to the back of her calf and slowly deliberately, ever so slowly moving my hand up the back of her long leg, along her silky sheer black stockings feeling the patented stocking tops. Stopping for a moment feeling and exploring the softness of her panties. Grabbing a handful of her right but cheek tightly. My left hand moving upwards in a python like manner, my breath getting considerably heavier, pulling her ever escort bursa closer, she lets out a whimper and bites her lip. Time seems to stand still and is replaced by raw lustful emotions. She pushes her buttocks back grinding up and down. My right hand moving from the under side of her right but cheek moves slowly over her warm pantie clad region and momentarily lingers and moves back before making the ever deliberate sojourn to her most intimate place siding beneath the panties, fingers exploring, searching they stop, and find an inviting warmth and moistness that’s ever compelling and penetrate her to my knuckles she lets out a gasp and grinds back down on my hand. I want to turn her around and look into eyes and probe her, pleasure her, pull her chest tight to mine when all of a sudden I feel her move away stand straight, I see her straighten her skirt and walk away my hand is still outstretched I quickly recover it and slowly watched this goddess move away from me with beautiful bouncing red hair glistening in the morning sun through the up stairs office windows, she turns the corner with no inkling of her identity. My heart still thumping in my chest. I feel at a loss.