Monday’s Child

17 Ocak 2023 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


I know you are there at your window, watching me as I pour myself a glass of very cold white wine. I slowly slip off all of my clothes except for my thigh high stockings and heels and walk… no, strut… out onto my deck. It’s Monday and almost midnight – time for me to perform and for you to observe and appreciate. I get comfortable in a soft patio chair. I enjoy the feeling of the nice breeze on my body, which is istanbul travesti also bathed in moonlight. .We are close to a full moon. I know I look very good and I know you can see me very well and that pleases me. I take a nice deep sip of wine, and lean back in the chair. I look directly at your window – are you touching yourself? – as I place the clamps on my nipples and tighten them just enough istanbul travestileri to give me that delightful “shiver.” I wonder for the 4000th time who invented these delightful instruments. I must have at least twenty sets, but you know that, don’t you. I tug the dainty chain connecting the two clamps and marvel at how my nipples swell and how I feel the ripples of excitement flowing throughout travesti istanbul my body. I love doing this.I get out of the chair and get down on my hands and knees and begin to kiss and lick the wooden deck very slowly so you can imagine yourself beneath me, lying on your stomach. You can feel me as I inch my tongue upward from your heels… up each calf… inch by inch… then stop at that soft, tender, sensitive spot behind your knee and lick, kiss and suck hungrily at the soft, sweet flesh there. Do you like that? Of course you do… you love it!! You moan softly as I continue higher… up the back of your thigh to the delightful fold where your thigh joins your buttock.