Morning wood submission

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Morning wood submissionA sequel to Crossing Paths, a work of fiction.Jill’s full bladder awoke her in Brent’s arms, a calloused hand cupping one of her leaking breasts. She gently slipped out of the snoring man’s grasp and headed for the bathroom to answer nature’s call as quietly as she could.Her newly-popped boi cherry was stretched and a bit sore she she applied a liberal dose of lubricant to the hole, which was still leaking a bit of Brent’s seed into the porcelain bowl as she peed. Jill gave her hair a quick brush, tidied up her make-up a bit and then gently slide back under the covers and spooned against Brent, pressing her swollen and aching tits against his back. The move had the desired effect, and the man rolled over, grabbed her by a boob and both rolled and pulled her into a spooning position. Sighing contentedly, Brent drifted back into slumber and Jill snuggled into his arms and dozed off.Jill was awakened by the hard knob of Brent’s cock rubbing yalova escort up and down between her ass cheeks, with the tip trying, but failing to enter her hole. She raised a leg as Brent grasped a boob and pulled. The angry helmet pushed it’s way past the string of her thong and into her sore pussy in one hard thrust.She gasped and moaned as the cock filled her sore pussy but last night’s baby batter and the lube helped ease the pain. Trent held his dick deep into her and grasped her hips, pulling himself even deeper into the gurl. Not breaking the union, he rolled to his knees and then grabbed a couple of pillows and placed them beneath Jill’s loins. Brent then pressed all his weight into the next thrust, pinning Jill’s upraised boi-cunt up in air while supported by the pillows.Jill’s clitty, trained by years of wearing tight thongs, was of course in it’s tucked position into her body cavity as Brent rolled her mons onto the pillow yozgat escort and Trent’s deep hard pounding slid the glans against her panties as she was being fucked. It felt so good and she felt her body spread her legs even wider allowing Brent to impale her deeper. Her toes began to curl and her hips bucked in rhythm with Brent’s. He grabbed a fistful of her long hair and pulled. Not a tug or a quick jerk, but a sustained pull resulting in Jill’s arched back further accommodating Brent’s thick swollen cock that pounded her ass unmercifully.Jill writhed and moaned while the man-piston pummeled her. The morning fuck was brutal, unlike the previous night’s joinings. Last night, Jill had taken the lead, giving head and rolling into positions for Brent to fuck her.Brent was in charge this morning and during the hard pounding, Jill realized what it was to submit to a man’s whim and his hardened cock. She felt her toes begin that delicious escort bayan curl right before the lights flashed behind her eyes as her little clitlet, still forced up into her body cavity by the combined weight of the couple, began to ooze cum onto the pillow.The orgasim seemed to last forever and Trent pounded on, the sounds of her cumming moans and gasps driving him to thrust faster and harder. He soon thrust as deep as he could, and groaned huskily as he filled her cunt with his seed, the impaling rod holding her in position to accept it. He filled her pussy with cum and then moved the shaft around within her, thrusting at random intervals to prove his domination.It felt wonderful.Exhausted, Brent fell on top of her, his cock still within her ass, but becoming smaller. It made a pleasing popping sound as it slid out. Jill wiggled her butt in protest. She managed to roll them over and she began kissing Brent’s neck and ears as he lay panting. She crawled further up and dropped one of her leaking tits into Brent’s open mouth.Jill became enthralled as the thirsty man suckled eagerly. She ground her mons on Brent’s spent dick as he drank. Emotion overcame her and she began to cry softly.She was glad that she was a gurl.