Motel receptionist and security guard – shhh don&#

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Motel receptionist and security guard – shhh don&#Ok I love this motel.Like I said in my last story, my company has me in New York and they put me up in the cheapest motel they could find, but I’m getting some of the best “personal” service so I’m not too bothered.About 12ish tonight I came back from having a few drinks with our potential new clients. There reps are a couple of 20 something girls, one was supper slim, blond with pert breasts. The other was thick, with a ass that just bounced as they danced. Shall we just say that the more they drank the hotter the dancing and conversation became. It was just getting interesting when they got an email through there phones and had to pack up as they had a meeting very early the next day.So about 12 ish and a little drunk I got back to my motel to find that my card key had scrubbed again and I couldn’t get into my room.I went to the front desk.There was no one around so I waited around, half watching the TV and half looking around for whoever was supposed to be on the reception desk. After a few minutes of no one being around I walked around the desk and went to knock on the office door. As I put my hand up to bang on the door I began to hear soft little moans coming from within. I slowly nudged the door a little and peaked through the gap. Inside was this incredible slim Hispanic girl, she looked to be in her mid 20s. Her long dirty blond hair was falling over her shoulders down to her tanned breasts. Her red shirt completely unbuttoned her dark nipples standing erect as her breasts we’re pushed upwards over the top of her bra. Her skirt was pulled up over her stomach her legs spread wide and between them the blond hair of the motels night security guard.I stood peaking through the gap for a moment, watching his head move between he legs and listening to her soft little moans. After a few minutes he stopped and pulled back and slowly began to push a single finger into swollen pink lips. Her head tipped back and she moaned in pure ecstasy.It was such an arousing sight that I lost myself for a moment and the door swung open a little more. They both froze for a second, then rapidly tried to straighten themselves as though nothing we’re happening.“What a show” I applauded a little They both looked at me, silently.“Well it was good!” I said looking down at the tent in my trousers. I looked back to them. “cant wait to tell the guys this tomorrow at work.”She jumped up literally in a second and was over in front of me…. “Please sir, don’t tell no one, we need these jobs and they will fire us for sure If they find out!” “Please sir they don’t let couple’s work the same shift and we need this.” He added still kneeling on the floor. I laughed a little at him and looking straight at her stood in front of me, her shirt still open and breast still pressed up by her black bra. She just stared at me.“honestly is he like your boy friend, shit he’s kneeling in front of me begging me not to tell that he was going down on you.” She nodded. He was still kneeling on the floor. “yes I’m begging you not to say anything sir.”I took a tipsy Gamble and moved in closer pulling her hair back with one hand I leaned in close to her. My other hand grasped at her breast a lightly pulled her small 5’0” figure towards me. She gasped in shock but did not protest, instead she tipped her head back into my shoulder. He sat motionless on his knees.She moaned as I massaged her nipple between my fingers. I slipped my hand down the front of her already loose waist band and began to slowly part her already swollen and wet lips.She moaned loudly as I slipped my index finger into her. She was dripping with juices, but even my finger had difficulty sliding into her. She tensed almost immediately and her legs began to tremble.“You don’t need to do this! Just don’t tell anyone what you saw is all!” came the breaking voice from the floor.I pushed my finger deep into her and pressed up and forward, rubbing her sensitive insides. Her legs collapsed from under her and I had to guide her to knees on the floor. She sat legs parted wide leaning backwards into me. “oh god don’t stop!” “Do you like this then?” I whispered into her ear loud enough for the kneeling weeping guard to hear. “ oh god yes I’m cumming” she almost screamed.The guard was weeping on the floor as he watched me slipping my fingers into her, her juices flowing over my hand and dripping onto the tiled floor. canlı bahis “is he always so… pathetic?” I whispered into her ear pushing my cock into her naked ass cheek through my trousers. One of her hands was placed firmly on her free breast now and she was running her own nipple between her fingers making it just out from her dark skin. The other now fell straight to my erection which she began to pull at through the fabric.“I think your girl wants to feel my cock!”“no please don’t!” He went from his knees.I pulled my finger from her and stood leaving her breathless on the floor, leaning against her desk.Then I walked over to him. He still did not move!“ill make a bet with you then. Are you a gambling man?” “Yes he is” she gasped for him“O.K. stand up.”He followed my command not taking his eyes off of me. He was about 6’3” compared to my 6’, but the same average body type. You know, not athletic but not overly fatty either.“O.k so the bet?”He nodded“If your bigger than me I’ll leave right now and not say a word to anyone about what I saw?”He nodded “but…”“But if I’m bigger than you then I’m going to show this fantastic woman what a nice big cock feels like and then I won’t say anything to anyone.”He looked to her, she was lent against the desk barely recovered. “Would you like to come like that again?” I said to her, she just nodded.“Well the lady agrees” and before either could protest I had my belt undone and my trousers and boxers around my ankles. She gasped and her eyes visibly widened as my erection sprang upwards and out. She literally leapt forward and cupped my balls with both of her tiny hands. She looked up at me nothing but lust in her eyes.“You win!” and my head got pulled into her mouth. I’m not that big for sure, I’m only about 7” and about 3” around, but this tiny receptionist was having problems getting my head fully into her mouth. I look massive as she wrapped he slender fingers around my shaft and began to slowly jerked me into her lips.It felt Devine though as she tried to lick and suck on my head, pulling back my uncut skin and running her tongue along the underside of my tip. He stood there frozen looking, His eyes fixed on my member as his girlfriend hungrily tried to put it into her mouth. “well let’s see second place then!” he looked up at me then to her, then to my face again in a daze.I moved my hands from the back of her bobbing head and undid his belt for him and pulled his pants down. An erect 4ish “ cock bounced out. It was skinny too and looked like it could not have been more than an inch around. Pre-cum was already leaking from the tip as he stood watch.I bent down and took her chin in my free hand turning her head to see his erect little cock next to her. “See he said no, but look how he really feels about you taking my cock!” We both looked at him and his face reddened, but he remained hard and a drip of thin fluid dripped onto the legs of his trousers between his ankles.She looked up at him and smiled, “ I think you might want to go-to work now baby!” He looked confused.Clamping a hand on my shaft she began to slowly run up and down as she stood and tiptoed up to him he bent down and she kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Then she stood and looked him in the eye. “baby I’m about to get fucked by this huge cock and I’m not sure you want to see that…. You should go do some work”He stared at her for a moment.I pulled her away and lifted her up, putting my hands on her ass cheeks pulling them apart slightly I placed her on the edge of her desk.“he wants to watch” I said to her as I began to rub my cock into her lips. “He wants to see his beautiful girlfriend cum on another man… look at his little cock it’s already leaking in anticipation”He was red again.“Are you going to let him stay?” I asked her, “he wants to ask, but is scared of what you will think of him later”She looked at him then to his leaking erecting.“just sit down and shut up, and stay out of the way!” He sat in the chair immediately.I placed my erection on to her with my balls pressed into her wetness so my tip pressed against her stomach an inch or so above her belly button.“do you think you can take that?”Without waiting for a reply I moved again. And continued to rub myself against her.I pulled her hips apart even further so he could see better, and slowly eased myself into her incredibly tight dripping pink hole. She moaned loudly and grasped the bahis siteleri edge of the table with one hand, her other pressed against the back of my hip. Her legs began to tremble again. I had not even gotten my head into her yet and another orgasm began to take her.I continued to feed myself into her, her moaning became loud again and he moved in and reminded her to be quiet. She spat back “oh god this dick is amazing it’s so much bigger than yours. I should make you ride it and see if you can keep quiet.”He fell silent and went back to his chair where began to slowly tug his erection in time with my thrusts into her.I managed to kick my shoes and trousers off from my ankles and pulled her up taking her weight in my hands I parted her butt checks and turned us so that I was leaning on the desk and only her knees were held there. She rocked down onto me. Her man getting a full view now as her pussy dripped it’s juices down my shaft and onto the floor. It took about 20 minutes but she managed to take me down to almost the last two inches. There she began to bounce up and down on me, her tightness relaxing as she became used to me stretching her open. I could feel her building to another orgasm inside so I lifted her again and standing inches from his face is thrust upwards into her holding her weight in my arms. She came again and juices squirted from the tight seal we had made spraying down all over his face and shirt. It was too much for him and he came himself spitting a long stream of cum up and catching himself in the face.He looked shocked.I lay her back down on the desk and began to finish off myself now I had made her boyfriend humiliate himself. I slowly purposefully made long hard thrusts into her, feeling the tension inside her, I pushed into her womb, she came again instantly, digging her nails into my shoulders and ass. A tear came out of her eye.“are you ok?” I stopped thrusting for a secondShe lay under me trembling and only nodded and made an “uhum” sound.I continued and fed the last inch of me into her, she was trembling non stop as I thrust over and over again penetrating her womb with each nudge.Her eyes locked on to the security guard as he sat there, his own cum dripping down his chin“Im cumming again baby. Oh god you never made me cum like this…..” her eyes rolled into her head and she was lost again. Her vagina pulled and tightened around me, her cervix became a tight little hole trapping me inside her as she pulsated along the length of my shaft. I began to pound into her like a jack hammer, hard and fast. She began to mutter Spanish obscenities under her breath as her head lashed from side to side.My balls were no longer swinging into her bum, they had suddenly tightened into me. “voy a correr (I’m going to cum)” I grunted out in Spanish.“Si papi… llena me con tu leche…(yes daddy, fill me with your cum)” She gasped out between her moans.I thrust again deeper and harder.“quieres mi semen en tu chocha (you want my cum in your pussy).”“oh dios… si…(oh god… yes)”“quieres que te haga embarazada? (you want me to make you pregnant?)“oh Dame un niño (oh give me a c***d)”We exchanged in hot whispers her man looking at us in confusion. One last deep thrust and I exploded inside her. Her eyes rolled into her head and she screamed, I pulled back on her swollen clitoris and she began to spray me with her cum as she ejaculated.After a few minutes of us locked together she whispered“oh god that was so nice, no one has ever cum so deep in me”“he came in you..?”She just nodded. He got up and pulled his trousers up and left, still covered in his and her cum. I got up and pulled my own trousers back on, I waited for her to straighten herself. “anyway the reason I came out here was my room keys not working can you give me a new one please?”“Oh yes sir!” she said smiling and began to shakily make her way to the front reception desk. She reprogrammed a card for me and then half smiled.“Should I come and check it’s working” “Yes that would be a good idea.”She picked up a bag and came around the desk. Then came with me to my room and opened up the door, she walked in in front of me and I let the door swing shut behind us both. We stood against the door kissing for a long time. “give me a second” She took out her phone and rapidly typed a couple of messageThen began to kiss me again. “What was that?”“I’ve told him where I am if he wants to come and find me when bahis şirketleri he finishes, and I sent a message to the girl on the morning telling her to come in now cause I need to be in bed right now!”I pushed her against the wall and kissed her pulling her still buttoned shirt over her head I kissed into her bra covered breast and down to her stomach. I slid her skirt off leaving her standing against the wall in nothing but her black lacey bra and a skimpy g string panties. I ran my hands over her smooth skin, she stood leaning against the wall.I pulled off my own cloths and stood in front of her naked and hard again.I went back to kissing her cleavage leaving the bra in place. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her leg lifted and pulled me into her body close again. I placed my head against her pulling the string aside I entered her gapping hole. She was pinned against the wall her arms pulling me onto her. She moaned deeply into my ear…. “Ooh god not again”Then there was a knock at the door. She jumped and tried to scramble off me, but I held her in place. “calm down, it’s only your boyfriend, or is he a husband?”“We were due to be married”Before she could protest I pulled the door and let it swing wide open. At the same time I thrust up into her making her moan loudly. He stood there in the open door watching as I fucked his fiancee practically in the corridor. “either come in or fuck off” I turned and Stared at him. Without a word he came in and carefully shut the door behind him. He stood limp in the doorway watching me hard fuck her against the wall.My hand wrapped around the bum cheek of her raised leg. As I stroked into her I began to run my finger around her puckered anus. It twitched at touch, and she moaned long and soft as I began to work the tip o my finger into her. I pulled out of her and walked over to the bed, pushing past her man as though he was not there. I lay on the mattress holding my self towards the sky.She came straight over and looking straight into his eyes she dipped down and removed her panties, then removed her bra letting her breast fall free. She dropped them both on his head and in one motion she climbed onto me and impaled herself all the way to my balls.She rocked her hips in a deep long circle. Then lowered her head to mine and kissed me long and hard, pressing her tongue into mine. I could still taste my cock on her lips still. It tasted so nice and made me want more.“come here” I looked past her to him. He obeyed. “get undressed”He obeyed again, and in a minute he was stood naked his tiny erect penis standing proud from his hairless body. I smiled at him and went back to french kissing his young wife to be.Reaching down I pulled her ass checks apart and slowly began to circle her anus again with forefinger. I slowly pushed it into her. She moaned low and hard again…. He looked around and his cock jumped at the sight of my finger inside her.“do you like that?” she moaned, he nodded.“stand up” I whispered into her ear.“Why…? This is so good” she whispered back“I want to fuck your tight little ass!” I announced loudly. Pre cum began to bubble on his head instantly. She climbed off me and immediately positioned her self on the edge of the bed. I stood and walked around the bed, then pushed him down into the mattress.They both gasped!I pulled his ass apart roughly and positioning my head on his brown hole I spat on him and then thrust in.He took me straight away with no issues, this was obviously not the first time he had done this.Her ass was still hanging in the air, I grabbed at it and thrust two fingers into her still dripping vagina, my thumb pressed into her relaxed anus. As I thrust into him I thrust into her and before long the both of them were coming on me. He shot a thin line of seamen across the bed without touching himself. I pulled out of him and stepped to her and was inside her anus in a second, her hole already stretched by my thumb. She rolled back into meet my thrusts, her breath getting faster and harder. I spanked her firm tanned behind hard and she squealed.He was knelt furiously jerking himself back to an erection.“Stand on the bed over her” He did as he was told again. I held her hips and was thrusting hard into her tight anus and I took him into my mouth and began to suck his little shaft.He was soon hard and began to fuck into my lips the taste of his salty cum filled my mouth. As he came for a third time.I swallowed it down and pushed him away. He fell on the bed.I pulled out of her anus and pushed straight into her pussy and came ball deep in her again. We all collapsed and kissing her we fell asleep.