Mother and Daughter sequel

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Mother and Daughter sequelNote to readers…Best to read “Mother and Daughter Experience ” first…Mike and Lyn sat on the sofa at her house, the day after the session which involved Lyn’s daughter Jo, a wooden paddle and a first spanking for Jo. Jilly was meant to be there but Jo took over! Lyn had been up all night looking after another girl,s problems in a nearby town, and was tired out. ” Look Darling, I am too tired, Jilly wanted us to go across the road to her place this afternoon for her first session, it will be too much for me!” Lyn lifted the phone, called Jilly..”High Jilly, look I’m worn out we can’t come over today, What? Oh no Mike is OK, hang on..Mike do you want to go over on your own it’s OK with me?” Mike nodded ” OK” said Lyn, ” I’ll send him over, make sure you look sexy Jilly you’ll get the best out of him!”Mike crossed the sunlit road to Jilly’s house, she opened the door, she looked absolutely lovely! Jilly is 35, tall at 5’9″ shoulder length brown hair, wearing a light tan tight mini-skirt to half way down her thighs, showing off her toned athletic legs, light green high-heeled shoes and a silk green buttoned blouse. ” Hi Mike I didn’t want to miss out again, what happened yesterday? Lyn and i istanbul escort were going to cane you to give my first go at Corporal Punishment, as a giver rather than receiver, I’m pleased you are here, come in!” Mike followed her, held her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes..” Jilly, BDSM often involves a bit of exhibitionism, are you OK with that? That’s why there are often spanking parties and things” Jilly said ” OOOHH that’s OK with me , will some-one be watching?” ” Not quite” said Mike, ” now move that stool to the centre of this room, quick now!” jilly moved the stool, turned round to face Mike, using his left hand he held her left arm, sat down and pulled jilly across his knees all in one swift movement! ” OH !” went Jilly, ” I think I’m getting a spanking!” Mike reached down with his left hand undid her upper buttons on her blouse, he folded her over his left leg then pinned her thighs down by putting his right leg across them, Jilly was firmly held! Mike slid his hand inside her blouse, held one breast then gave jilly a really hard smack across her bottom!! “OH MIKE!” said Jilly, ” That’s the first time anyone’s done that to me!” Mike said” avcılar escort You’re getting a lot more than that Girl and not just a spanking!” Mike squeezed her left breast the spanked Jill’s bottom 30 times, he saw her skirt although tight had ridden up so he spanked the bit at the top of the thighs and watched his finger marks appear in red! ” OOOOOH! OOOOOH! OOOOOH! ” wailed Jilly ” Want me to stop?” Mike asked ” OH NO !” said Jilly, Mike took his left hand off her titty, which was now fully erect, reached down and brought Jilly’s left hand up and put it on his trousers, she gripped his cock through the material, then Mike started to spank again, he was careful not to make her cry. ” OOOWW ! OOOOW! ” went Jilly then Mike released her, moved to the sofa sat her on his lap poured a drink for them to share and put his left arm round her waist and his right hand inside her blouse “How was your introduction then?” he asked, and gave her a good snogging kiss! ” Oh it feels all warm down below!” said Jilly, took a drink then kissed Mike again. ” Good!” said Mike,” finish that drink then go and fetch the cane please!” Jilly said ” But I have no cane!” Mike replied, “No, you go across the road to şirinevler escort Lyn’s house and bring it over, make sure the neighbours see you!! Off you go then!” Lyn stood up, kissed Mike again, rubbed her bottom and left to cross the road, she got the cane from Lyn, curtains were twitching! Came ia and gave Mike the cane! ” Good Girl,”He said, ” Lie across the arm of that sofa after removing your pants!” Jilly bent over Mike udid his fly pulled his cock out and said, ” reach back and hold this Jilly!” then SWISH, WHACK! SWISH WHACK! Mike caned her 6 times on her skirt! After the spanking this made Jilly cry, ” Shall I make it feel better for you Girl, it is only what you two had planned for me yesterday afternoon!” ” OH MIKE, GIVE ME A BIT MORE BUT NOT TOO MUCH ITS MY FIRST TIME!” Mike pulled her skirt up, red handprints and 6 lines on her bottom, he gave her 12 hard strokes across the lower part of her botto, very carefully, jilly was gasping as though in orgasm! ” OOOHH FUCKING HELL!!” she screamed, Mike dropped his trousers and shorts, picked up the remote phone dialled Lyn’s number then passed the set to Jilly, who said ” Oh yes he has spanked and caned me thank you is it OK for me to fuck him? Yes I did enjoy it ! You can watch next time OOOOOH Mike! Have to go Lyn!!” Mike reached round took a tit in each hand and moved in and out of Jilly as hard as he could ” OH DARLING I’M COMING!!” yelled Jilly, Mike picked her up, kissed her then sat her on his lap again, ” Well Girl, enjoy all that?” ” Oh YES sweetie! ” Jilly said.