Mother-in-Law’s Special Sex Lube

21 Temmuz 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Mother-in-Law’s Special Sex Lube-A true original story-It was the FIRST TIME meeting my then-girlfriend’s parents, and if it wasn’t already awkward, things got a bit interesting…After arriving at the in-laws’ house and some introductions, my wife and I got settled and unpacked. It had been a long day of travel, and I just wanted to sleep. However, we couldn’t simply turn in before spending a bit more time with her parents…A small gift exchange was in order. For her father I brought some top-shelf liquor. And for her mother I gifted a piece of jewelry, though she wasn’t impressed — impossible to win her over I’ve since discovered. Oh well…At this point I should note that my in-laws are Asian, and their English is not good. As I’ve learned this bahis şirketleri isn’t such a bad thing! I’m sure you readers wouldn’t mind not being able to fully communicate with your in-laws…But as they say, actions speak louder than words. And the gift I received from her mother left me quite speechless…My future mother-in-law took out a small glass bottle/vial and held it up to show my wife and I. She handed it to us for closer inspection. The little bottle had both Chinese characters and English text too. I started reading…Very quickly I realized this was a sexual oil/lubricant! What I was reading were instructions on how to use the oil to massage a man’s penis. The short text explained the main technique of how to lube and stroke the bahis firmaları man’s penis using this exceptional lubricant…Reading this I chuckled but I admit I was very aroused and intrigued. Mother-in-law motioned with her hands to use only a small amount. The point she wanted to explain was that “a little goes a long way.” I couldn’t wait to try this exotic aphrodisiac!My wife, being embarrassed, motioned her mother away along with the bottle. No, I want to keep it! I desperately wanted to feel the special oil on my hard penis shaft and sensitive glans, and the powerful orgasm (release of qi in Chinese) that was advertised…But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Although I asked my wife later about the penis oil, and its whereabouts, she dismissed kaçak bahis siteleri my inquiry. I was already sex-starved and had to be on my best behavior during our visit. It was quite the tease…I still think of my mother-in-law’s kinky little gift. And to this day I’m still disappointed to not have tried it…especially because I have a big fetish for handjobs (if you haven’t seen our videos). This wasn’t the only sex-related item I’ve received from my Asian mother-in-law. She’s given me bizarre “libido-boosting” and “virility-enhancing” foods (i.e. donkey skin) that are part of traditional Chinese medicine. Historically, Asian society has encouraged having lots of offspring, especially boys! My wife continues to refuse her mother’s gifts on my behalf…Cross-cultural learning! Would love to hear from others with similar experiences. Feel free to comment below.Hope you enjoyed reading. Feel free to visit our profile and friend us!