Mr T Blackmails after Volleyball Trip

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Mr T Blackmails after Volleyball TripMy dad’s friend Mr. T, also my team’s assistant coach was driving me home after the volleyball game out of town. At my house he said”your folks aren’t home I will walk ya in” I looked at him and asked “ok?” As soon as he closed the door behind him he said “Get naked Alice. Take your clothes off.” I was shocked and scared. I had had a crush on Mr. T but was confused. “Get naked or I will tell your dad I caught saw you getting double stuffed by Lorenzo and Mark in the locker-room last week you little slut. I know you also fucked that limo driver Rich during the spring formal in his car. Rich he said you have a nice round ass that takes big dick with ease. Rich also said you suck cock good and your pussy always seems to be soaked. So get on all fours and show me Alice just what I have heard about!”I took my clothes off and kneeled down. bahis şirketleri Mr. T pulled my top off and pinched my nipples and felt my pussy. He had me hot and wet in no time. He told me “Get my cock out Alice and lick it” I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I was surprised that he was hiding such a wonderful daddy dick. It was thick, hard and smooth and when I licked the tip he dripped cum on my tongue. I had been sucking cock since middle school, making sure my bf and most of his friends were always drained. I had recently began to love sucking balls and licking asses, forced upon me by the black football players. I hadn’t fucked a lot of guys but have had a lot of fingers and in my pussy and already knew that sometimes being slightly degraded made me feel good. Lastly, I realized that It is a good thing Mr. T didn’t know I like eating pussy …or he might bahis firmaları want to do it with my bff Laura in front of him soon.As I sucked Mr. T’s cock and rubbed his balls, he kept moaning and telling me “Good girl Alice! That feels so good. Yes, suck that cock deep.” He then began to rub my pussy and then shove a finger in my pussy as I sucked him harder. He then put two fingers in my very wet pussy and began finger fucking me hard making me cum again and again. I loved that he had nice big thick man size fingers. He really fingered my hole hard and was spanking my ass. There is not much room on the couch but he moved me onto my knees =and spread your legs wide and tongued my pussy and ass. “You are so sexy and such a good fuck toy.” He felt so good when he put his tongue deep in my hole and tongue fucked my holes. I came many times coating his tongue. Then as kaçak bahis siteleri he had his tongue in my pussy I felt one of his big thick fingers enter my ass and fuck it. I screamed to him “That feels so good. Finger my ass and tongue my pussy harder” He then added another big finger to my ass and now I was moaning and begging him to not stop.“From now on call me daddy Alice, cause I am gonna make you beg for this cock in your ass!”He pulled me to him and kissed me several times and I stroked his cock again for him. He then told me “You sure are a horny little thing with those nice tits and sexy pussy. I am want to fuck that warm pussy after I breed your ass.” I told him I was not on the pill. He laughed and said “shut up slut, didn’t stop you from letting the boys cum in yours holes the last year”He took me to a hotel the next day and we fucked for several hours. Then we began to meet once week at the hotel and go to a lot of tournaments and fuck on the way home. I can’t risk losing that big cock to fuck if Dad ever found out. I just love cock and love getting fucked in my ass by Mr. Ts fat cock.