Mustang Sally, Chapter 1

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I lay down between her spread thighs and just looked at the banquet laid out before me for a few moments. Sally had the prettiest pussy I’d ever seen–the lips were tucked in nice and tight and there was no droop or hanging down in them.I’ve known some women whose pussy reminded me of a Basset hound, but such was not the case with Sally. Her small “man in the boat” was peeking out from under his hood wanting to know what was going on, and I could see the beginnings of wetness as I looked at the lovely vision in front of me.Subconsciously, I licked my lips and apparently, Sally saw it as a shudder went through her body just then and she moaned aloud again. I knew that she had waited long enough.I dove into her sweet honeypot like Pooh Bear and Sally gasped so hard that I thought for a moment she’d swallowed her tongue. That is until she followed up the gasp with an equally exuberant scream!”OHH FUCK, JOHN!! OH MY GOD!!”Her natural reaction to my attack was to pull away and try to back up but I knew what she would do and was already prepared. I followed her without breaking contact until she had backed herself up against the headboard and had no place left to go.She tried climbing up the headboard, but I wrapped my arms around her spread thighs to hold myself to her and continued feeding in her sweet juices. Sally writhed and twisted trying to escape my tormenting tongue, but there would be no escape for her. I was too strong and she was too small to put up much of a fight. She was overmatched, in an awkward position, and completely helpless to offer much resistance.So she did the only thing she could–she bucked and pitched as much as my weight on her thighs would allow her while clawing at the bedsheets and howling in wild abandon as I devoured her.”Oh my God, John! Ohh yes! Yes! Please eat my pussy! Oh, fuck that’s it! Right there! Right there! Oh, Fuck!” She cried out encouragement and direction showing me just how she liked it and I followed her guidance exactly. I licked and lapped up all the sweetness my tongue could find making sure I checked every crevice.Then I moved to the surrounding areas just in case something had slipped past me. My tongue moved around her inner lips and up to her clit.When I reached the sensitive button I sucked it into my mouth, trapping it by lightly biting it and my tongue began flicking over the tip, causing her mind to take a little vacation from reality.”Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! Ohmygod John, you’re gonna make me cum! You’re gonna make istanbul travesti me cum baby! Oh, Shit!”Since we both seemed to be headed for the same destination–giving her the biggest orgasm I could give her–I decided to speed things up a bit. I let go of her leg with one hand and used that hand to fingerfuck her while I gobbled her clit.I shoved my index and middle fingers deep into her slick hole, palm side up, and curled them up behind her pubic bone, accessing that mysterious and oft-fabled area known as the female g-spot. I began furiously fingerfucking her while rubbing the spongy mass and licking her clit. What was left of her world shattered like a brick thrown at a mirror. Shards of her reality exploded and the primeval scream that was torn from her lips told me that the train had pulled into Orgasm Station.”OHHHFFUUUCKKKJJJOHHHNNN!” She wailed long and loud, making me glad that I owned a house and not an apartment or condo. Even still, I half-expected there to be a knock on the door from either the neighbors or the police!Sally went into convulsions as her orgasm took control of her body and ravaged it, making her look like a snake on a hot griddle. She twisted and squirmed as the orgasm wrung her out like a wet dishrag until all that was left was a panting, gasping, sweat-soaked mess, lying exhausted on my bed.Sally lay on the bed moaning in her delirium with her juices still trickling out of her pussy, spreading the wet spot under her ass. I let her lay there for only about a minute or so–I didn’t want her to come completely back, I just wanted her to be able to fill her lungs a few times. I had more work for her still.When I thought she was just starting to come around I sat up on my heels and grabbed her legs, pushing them up so her head was between her knees. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up to look at me.”Now you fucking little cocktease, it’s my turn! You are so proud of that tight little whore body, let’s see what you can do with it!”Before she could formulate a response or protest, I shoved my hard cock deep into her still dripping pussy as far as I could push it.Sally’s eyes got wide and her mouth dropped open into a silent (at first) scream as I split her like cordwood. I buried all eight inches of my cock in her until my balls slapped her ass, then I immediately pulled all the way back out, only to shove back into her again a split second later.I always enjoy that first opening feeling and istanbul travesti several of my previous partners also expressed a similar pleasure of that first opening up. I figured I would see how Sally felt about it. Turns out she enjoyed it as much as me–another thing we had in common!”Ohh fuck John! Ohhh!”After four or five of these “entries” I began a steady hard and deep pounding of Sally’s pussy. I didn’t pause at either end, I just kept moving in and out like some out of control oil derrick. As I slammed into her, I began berating her.”How that feel slut? Do you like the way my cock feels in your dirty whore pussy?””Oh God, yes! Fuck me, baby, fuck me in my slut pussy!” I kept pounding away at her while I taunted her. “You like getting fucked like a cheap back alley whore, don’t you? Tell me. Tell me how much you like my big fat cock, whore!” “Oh God Yes! Fuck me, John! Please fuck me! Fuck my whore pussy! Ohh, Goddd…”She was writhing and squirming under me as my cock plunged in and out of her hot wet pussy. Her moans and whimpers reverberated against the bedroom walls letting me know what I was doing to her.And what I was doing was driving her to the very edge of her sanity as my hard cock pumped in and out of her slick hole.”Oh God! Oh my God! Yess… fuck me, John! Oh, please fuck me…” I slammed into her over and over again, not giving her rest or mercy. I fucked her like I was on a mission–a mission to bring her to a monumental orgasm… one she would remember for a long, long time! I could tell Sally was deep in her own lustful delirium. Clawing at her tits, she seemed bound and determined to tear them off as she slipped deeper into her pure animal lust.Her mind had but one thought and one focus–my hard cock plowing her pussy and pushing her to her peak. She needed to reach her crest… she needed the release on the other side.”Ohhh!  Oh, fuck!  Ohh!  Don’t stop! Please, John… please don’t stop!  Ohh…!””My cock feels good deep in that whore cunt, doesn’t it?””Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Ohhh! Ohhh! Fuck me, John! Fuck my dirty whore cunt! Harder! Please, baby, harder!”She was begging me to ram my cock into her harder. I was fucking her harder than I thought she could take as it was, but she wanted more. I knew she had to be on the verge of an orgasm, she was literally out of her mind as I was pounding into her.”Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck me… Fuck me, John! Ohhh…”I figured it was time to help her over the istanbul travesti edge. She’d told me she liked being made to admit she was a whore and a slut. Well, she would admit that she was a whore… MY whore!”You like this, don’t you? You like acting like a filthy street whore, don’t you?””Oh God, Yessss… “Yes, you like being a whore. But now whose whore are you?””Yours, I’m your whore…””Say it! Whose whore are you?””I’M YOUR WHORE, JOHN! I’M YOUR WHORE!””That’s right. You’re my whore now. You’re my cocksucking, filthy dirty whore. That’s the price for room and board at this hotel!” “Ohh, John! Oh, please! Fuck me! Fuck your dirty whore’s cunt! Pleease…”Making her admit that she enjoyed what I was doing to her and that she was mine now was all it took. Her body went into a tremendous orgasm as she twisted and convulsed under me.My cock kept slamming in and out of her pussy even as she was cumming. She cried out over and over in her pleasure. “Yes! Oh John, please! Please make me your slut, your whore! Please, I’ll do whatever you want, baby, anything you want! Please make me yours… please!””I’m gonna cum, slut. I’m gonna cum!”Having this hot sexy creature begging to be my slut and be mine to use however I wanted was more than I could take. I was already very aroused when we started and only got more so with her moaning and whimpering.So when she begged me promising to do whatever I want, my imagination pushed me over the edge! “Cum in my pussy, baby! Please… I want your cum inside me! Please! Please cum deep in my pussy!” Sally was completely mine now. Lust had consumed her as she clung to me pleading for me to cum inside her over and over. And I was about to do exactly that.”Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” I warned. She grabbed her ankles and prepared herself to receive my load, waiting eagerly for me to flood her cunt with my hot cum. I blasted several tremendous streams of thick cream into her.”Oh yes! That’s it, baby, give me all that hot sticky cum!” she cried out as the first jets splashed against the insides of her pussy walls.”More! Please give me more! I want all that delicious cum!”I emptied my balls into her until I was completely drained. When I finally finished, I pulled out and collapsed next to her. Then Sally, the kinky little slut, reached between her legs and scooped out some of my cum on her fingers and licked them clean! She was eating my cum from her own pussy!”Mmm… we taste delicious!” she purred happily.[img][/img]That was the start of our living together. And it only got better from that point. Sally took right to living with me and we made a great couple. She took care of the household things just like “the little missus”, while I went to work .