my aunt..part 3

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my aunt..part 3So I left her to her bath but I had to do something about the erection in my underpants. I heard the bathroom door close so I tip-toed back to her bedroom and saw her underwear still discarded on the floor and it was now, I learned of the scent of a woman. I picked up the white panties, and instinct took over, I put the gusset to my nose and the erotic aroma of her intimacy filled my nose. So I stood, there panties tightly pressed against my face with one hand, the other furiously pulling at my cock and it wasn’t long before the feelings overcame me and I orgasmed all over the floor. Oops, then “Oh shit” I thought. I hastily wiped my cum from the floor with her panties and left them back where I thought they had been.And so for the remainder of that holiday, and the subsequent ones, I spent every waking moment devising plans so I could see her naked again, or at worst in her underwear. I was also wearing adana escort her stuff regularly now and raking in her laundry basket whenever I could. To be honest there were fairly slim pickings as she didn’t expose herself to me again and I never quite managed the “accidental” entering her bedroom as I never had the guts. However, that all changed in the summer of 77, a year I remember, and will remember for the rest of my life.It started with my first proper wank whilst looking at her naked..she didn’t know as I was inside watching her sunbathing in the garden. It was a torturously hot summer, and I knew she liked to sunbathe but I never appreciated how goddamn sexy she looked in a bikini. I stood in my bedroom, which overlooked the garden, and I watched her. She lay in her white bikini, the top barely covered her breasts and the bottoms were very, very tight. I stood at the window, trousers adıyaman escort and pants at my ankles, stroking my developing cock. I was now quite hairy down there and almost overnight I had a thick and quite long cock, I was quite impressed by it. Anyway she was lying on the sunbed, her legs were slightly open and the shape of her pussy was obvious, the tightness of her bikini was sensational. I watched for several minutes stroking my hard cock then she sat up and looked up at the window. I jumped to the side to hide myself and was convinced she hadn’t seen me, so waitied a few minutes and returned to the window. She was back lying on the lounger but I was sure her legs were further apart and this aroused me even more, then…..her hand wandered over her stomach tot he waistband of her bottoms and before I knew what was going on, her hand slipped inside the bikini.It was too much for escort bayan me to take and I ejaculated there and then leaving a trail of hot cum on the window…but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her hand went further into her bottoms and I could see the outline of her fingers right down between her legs, hey were moving vigerously. What is she doing I thought, then the penny drooped…I almost instantly hardened again. I watched with excitement, expectation, hope and I wasn’t disappointed. She sat up a little, opened her legs, and I saw the material of her bikini being pulled to the side exposing her labia and I saw her fingers had spread her pink lips exposing her inner flesh and then the holy grail…her finger disappeared inside her glistening hole. Oh my god!!!!!! She was masturbating right in front of my eyes, I reached for my cock again, it was solid. I watched for what seemend like an eternity as her fingers worked arounded her pussy and as her fingers plunged inside her, then she clamped her legs shut, her hand still in there, she seemed to shake then it was all over. I am sure she looked up att he window again, she had a strange smile on her face. I found out later why….