My Awakening

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My AwakeningI was not sure what my neighbor, Mike, was proposing. My mind was processing what he had just said, “I will give $500 to let me have sex with you.” was his exact words. That was enough money to buy my family groceries for two weeks. Seemed easy enough. You see my husband lost his job and at first we were not worried. But after we burned through our savings and the unemployment ran out my husband still did not have a job. And we were going to lose our house. I was worried about the k**s and what effect bankruptcy would have on them. Mike’s proposal seemed easy enough, just spread my legs and let him have his way and I get $500. no one has to know. My problem is that Mike is a good looking successful guy with a beautiful wife. I am sure he could land any woman he wanted. But I decided to take the money and got undressed and got on the bed. I worried a little about being at his house and his wife could walk in but I needed the money and thought this should not take long. Mike got naked, what a body, and he buried his face denizli escort in my pussy. I have only been with one man in my life, my husband, and he has never done this to me. Within seconds I had a screaming mind blowing orgasim, and Mike did not stop there. He mounted me and pushed his wonderful cock deep inside me. He pounded me like my husband had never ever done. We changed to many different positions and I came over and over. Then finally Mike pushed his tool deep inside me and flooded my womb with his warm cum. I quickly dressed and Mike handed me five one hundred dollar bills and I left. Over the next several days I thought what a great lover Mike was and how I wanted to have him again. I ran into Mike and he invited me over and said he would pay me again. My pussy watered at the thought and I accepted his invite. The next day I showed up and we went straight to sex. This man knew how to fuck and he knew how to bring me to orgasim. We finished and laid there, me snuggled up to him with his diyarbakır escort cum leaking from my cunt. Thats when Mike told his real reason for paying me for sex. He told me that his business was providing sex to men. He called it the Hospitality Committee and they provide “ladies” to men coming to the country club to play sports in these big tournaments or to any other high rollers that might be onsite. He told me I could make alot of easy money. I could not believe that men would pay me money for sex as I was not a model or young or even good in the bed. But Mike assured that they would pay me lots of money and he and his wife would teach me everything I need to know. I thought to myself about how I liked fucking Mike and wanted more. I also thought about how fucking other men might be good and fun. I told Mike I was in, then his wife, Rhonda, walked in the room. He told me not to worry as they work together. Rhonda got naked and got on the bed. She put her face between my legs and started escort bayan to lick my gooey pussy. As she licked Mike mounted me from behind and fucked me as she licked. I came so hard I thought I might pass out. Rhonda helped me learn what men might want from me. And she helped me trim my bush. As this was going on Mike showed up with with three other men. Two men went to Rhonda and Mike and the other guy went to me. Mike and this man took turns fucking me. I watched as Rhonda took on the other two guys. Within minutes Mike and his friend were filling my cunt full of their jizz and the other guys were doing the same with Rhonda. I totally loved this, having a stranger fuck me and blow his load inside me. I got so turned on that I buried my face in Rhonda’s snatch and started sucking the sperm from her hole. After a few minute we traded men and I took on the men that had fucked Rhonda. They quickly drained their balls into me and I loved every second of it. I became a total jizz hound after that. I fucked more men in the six months than most women fuck in their life time. And I made tons of money. Funny, my husband never figured it out. He thought I had a fancy PR job with Mike’s company and never thought twice about it. I now love cock and am a real cum slut. Too bad I had not learned this when I was younger.