My brother (Part 9)

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My brother (Part 9)And so I did…My hands were now touching his chest, and lowering down to his stomach. But suddenly he moved my hands away…and my heart almost stopped beating.I should have known, I made my move to soon. And now I was wishing I could disappear from the face of this Earth, or at least hide in my bedroom. I mumbled:-Sorry.- and quickly tiptoed to my bedroom, hoping he would think me touching him was an accident, after all, it didn’t last that long.When I got to my room. I quickly got under the covers, and maybe from the stress or the rejection, felt tears drop down. This wasn’t pendik escort how it was supposed to go. Weirdly enough, while my eyes were watering, so was my pussy. He was forbidden fruit, he was hard to get, I wanted him…I craved him. And through the hurt of rejection, my desire only grew for him. Suddenly I heard the door open. I quickly dried my eyes and popped my head from out of the covers. I could see his silhouette stand in the doorway. He walked in the room, and closed the door behind him. He carefully walked towards my bed, trying not to bump into anything, kartal escort and then sat on it’s edge. I dreaded this moment. And just like I predicted he whispered the question:-What happened just now?-Nothing, why?- I tried to sound as clueless as possible.-I think something just happened. -Oh yeah? Well then you tell me. – I was playing a dangerous game here, but I didn’t know what else to say.-I think you were going to the bathroom.-Well yeah, is that a crime?-Why did you run?- he said ignoring my question.Luckily he couldn’t see my face growing maltepe escort red. I really had no other answer but:-I changed my mind.-Oh that’s too bad. What a hell that’s too bad means? I was trying to make out his face expression, but that was almost impossible in such darkness. Suddenly he got up…-On the other hand…- he sat back down- lets make it fair at least.Now I really had no clue what he was talking about. But I chose to stay silent, hoping that he will reveal the meaning soon. But instead of saying anything else, he got closer to me, much closer. And the next thing I knew I had his hands on my breasts, cupping them, rubbing and squeezing. I was holding my breath, trying to prevent myself from moaning, yet out of nowhere I heard him moan. And the world started spinning. But just as I was about to reach for him, we heard our mom walk in the hallway and both froze.