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Subject: My Brother Stevie Here’s the first part from me at ail MY BROTHER STEVIE Today, on the morning of my 13th birthday, my younger brother watched me peel off my pajamas and start to get dressed for school. He pointed at my penis and said, “You are starting to get hair there.” He was right. I had been waiting for puberty for a long time, but it finally hit me all at once over a long weekend. Overnight, my penis seemed a little bit fatter, and a few thin, soft strands of light brown pubic hair had sprouted around the root of my dick. I was happy. Stevie noticed the changes to my body and for the first time I was embarrassed and self-conscious being with him, and it felt strange sharing a room with him. I didn’t like that feeling because he’s my brother and I love him. We’ve always shared a room. He’s my best friend. Growing up, we did everything together. We’d take baths together. Play sports. Go swimming. We would be naked together all the time in our room after showering or getting dressed. It was natural and unimportant. But now all of the sudden I felt like covering up and hiding my nakedness in modesty. But it felt like the wrong thing to do and I somehow believed that suddenly covering up would cause a rift between us or make it seem that something was wrong with the human body. Covering up my nakedness would be childish, right? Besides, I had been waiting for puberty for so long that I was kinda proud of my new hair. So I didn’t cover up. I acted nonchalant and acted like it was no big deal and the most natural thing In the world. So when Stevie pointed at my dick and called attention to my new pubic hair, I simply said, “Yeah, kinda cool, right?” To prove I was mature and not embarrassed (which of course I was) I spread my legs wider and touched my brand new pubic hair. “I hope I get a lot more soon,” I said and just continued getting dressed. I didn’t mention it again or make a big deal about it. I knew it was best to acknowledge his observation, be cool about it, and then ignore it as I went on with the morning. My attitude worked great. Stevie said, “Yeah that’s great” and didn’t mention it again. That’s how you deal with things like that. If you protest or argue or make a big deal about things then you only call attention to it and make things worse. Ignoring things is the way to go, and I was happy and proud of myself. I also felt I had taught Stevie an important lesson. It wouldn’t be long before he entered puberty, so my attitude would go a long way toward making him a comfortable and well-adjusted young man when he grew up. I was proud at how I handled it. I had pubic hair. So what! It’s not a big deal. Oh well. That’s how I handled it and Stevie didn’t mention it again as we headed downstairs for breakfast. In fact, Stevie had already clearly moved on from the topic because he said, “I smell pancakes.” Food was more important than my boring and ordinary kocaeli escort pubic hairs that everyone in the world gets. What I did NOT let on or say to Stevie is that I was so excited that I had finally entered puberty! I was so jazzed to see my pubic hairs, and each morning I would run to the bathroom to see how many had sprouted. My pubic hairs were lovely things and proof I was becoming a man. I counted each one. Stevie had not noticed that I had also grown a few tiny hairs in my armpits. If he had seen them I would have been similarly dismissive about them. But inside I was totally revved up because my new body hair meant that my dick would start to grow. What I also definitely did NOT share with my brother is that for the past six months I started to get a boner when I was in bed at night. They usually happened when I was on my stomach and my dick was rubbing against the sheets. I knew what a boner was because guys at school were talking about them. And I saw Jacob Maltin with one. He was a year older than everyone else because he had been held back a grade. He was already in the middle of puberty. I saw him in the locker room after PE class, which is when I caught a glimpse of his dick. He was very private about it and I could tell he was hiding it. He would get dressed very quickly and not let anyone see. But once when we were getting dressed I saw his dick for about two seconds when he dropped his underwear and bent down to pick it up. He had a lot of very dark pubic hair all around his dick and I could see that it was hard and straight. That’s what a boner looked like, and I wanted one. For the past few months I was getting boners almost every night and I liked it. When it got hard I would hold on to it and feel it’s warmth. This was private in my bed while Stevie was asleep in his bed on the other side of the room. Between my pubic hair, armpit hair and boners, I knew I was growing up and I wasn’t a boy anymore. Soon I hope to be shaving and dating and maybe having sex in a few years. But more than anything I hope that puberty will give me a very big dick. My dad has an enormously impressive dick. I’ve seen it now and then over the years. I think there is a good chance mine will be as big as his. I want that! I don’t really know why I want a big dick but I think bigger is better. When I get to high school, I want to be one of the cool athletic guys in the locker room who swing their big dicks around and kinda show off in front of the weaklings. The rest of my birthday went great. Each class sung me happy birthday and they read my name over the morning announcements along with the five other kids at school who shared the same birthday. After school I hopped on the bus and my friends made fun of how old I was. Birthdays are fun. Thirteen today! I’m officially a teenager. Stevie and did our homework, there was a birthday cake at dinner, and I got the video game I wanted. darıca escort We watch some TV then were sent upstairs to get cleaned up and go to bed. I showered, dried and put on my pajamas. At 9, mom and dad came in the room to tuck us in and ask if I had a good birthday. They kissed us both goodnight, turned off the light and left the room. I could hear them walking back downstairs. That was usually our green light to talk, which was one of my favorite things that Stevie and I shared. We would rest in our beds in the dark and talk about everything. We would talk and laugh for a long time until one of us fell asleep. I loved this time with Stevie. But I was very tired tonight and I didn’t initiate any conversation. Stevie was quiet too. I closed my eyes, curled up under my blanket, and allowed my body to sink into the bed and drift away. But just before I fell asleep I was startled by a bug crawling on my arm. Only it wasn’t a bug–it was Stevie. He was sitting on the side of my bed poking my arm with his finger. “Go to bed,” I said. He didn’t say anything and poked me again. “You’re too old to be scared by the dark. Go back to your bed and go to sleep.” But he didn’t leave. He poked me again and said, “I know you’re tired, bro, and I know it’s your birthday, but I was wondering if I can see your new pubic hairs again.” I thought about pretending to be asleep and force him to eventually head back to his bed. But Stevie is very persistent and I knew he would just keep poking me over and over. In the moment before I opened my eyes and turned to face him I had already decided that I would be cool and let him see my pubes. Just as I was thinking in the morning, I didn’t want to say no or that it was private and none of his business. Doing that would be communicating that there was something to be ashamed of. And there wasn’t. I didn’t want this to be a thing that suddenly came between us and caused a rift between us. I decided that I’d i just acted naturally and didn’t make a big deal of it, that he would do the same. He just had a little natural curiosity and that was fine. He’s my brother. We’re buds. I don’t want that to change. So, sure, why not? If he wanted one more last look at pubes then why should I protest? After all, we lived in the same bedroom. He was certainly going to see me naked a hundred more times. All this went through my mind in the split second as I turned to him. I said, “My pubes?” “Yeah,” said Stevie. “U was thinking about your cool new hairs today and I was talking about it with Kevin on the playground at recess. He said his brother started getting his hairs a year ago and now he says his his brother has a big bush of curly hairs. But I thought that was weird because when I saw yours this morning they didn’t look curly. I was pretty sure they looked straight. Keven said I should check cause we want to know what to expect when we start gölcük escort getting our dick hair. I told him I’d check. Cool, right?” Well, it wasn’t cool. I didn’t want my brother talking about my pubic hairs with his friend Kevin. Especially because I knew the kid and he was at our house a lot. But what could I do? I didn’t want to make Stevie think something was wrong or bad. We were just two brothers sharing a dumb thing and then it would be over. It was meaningless. So I tried my best to say something innocuous and like it didn’t mean anything which, really, was true. Just a simple brother-brother thing that would be totally forgotten tomorrow. So I said, “Yeah, sure, bro. No prob. Whatever you want.” I turned on my back, pushed the sheet and blanket aside, and slid my pajamas to my knees. Then Stevie suddenly turned on the lamp by my bed and pretty much blinded me. I said, “Fuck!” Cause it was so bright.” “Sorry,” Stevie said. “But it’s too dark in here.” Again, I tried to be cool. “Ok, sure, yeah.” Then, like a curious dog, Stevie moved right next to my hip and started inspecting me. He put his head just inches away from my dick. “Yeah you do have some hairs, bro. But like I said to Kevin, yours look really straight. Maybe that’s because they are so short. But you do kinda have a lot of them. Some are longer than the others. They make you look older. Can I touch them to see if the long ones feel curly? I know you don’t care.” I did care. I didn’t want him touching me there and it seemed wrong. But still, I didn’t want to make him think that a body’s natural state was wrong. He was just being curious. “Ok fine,” I said. “Whatever you want but hurry up cause I’m tired and I gotta sleep.” I watched as Stevie, his small hands just inches away from me, moved closer and started lightly touching and pulling gently on my hairs. “They are kinda soft, bro,” he said “Like Smarty’s fur.” (Smarty is our pet dog poodle.) Stevie kept exploring. “You have some on your balls. Did you know that? I bet Kevin’s brother doesn’t have ball hairs.” Stevie lightly stroked and tugged one of my ball pubes and suddenly, involuntary, my dick started to move on its own and it became a boner in like five seconds. I held my breath and tried hard not to do what I wanted, which was to push Stevie away and pull the covers over me. But I didn’t want to alarm him or make him think getting a boner was bad. Because it wasn’t bad. It was natural and it sort of felt good. I watched Stevie’s face and saw his eyes open wider but other than that he was very calm. “Oh that’s a boner,” he said. “Kevin told me his brother gets them a lot.” “Yeah, I guess,” I said. Without asking, Stevie out his hand on my boner. “It’s warm,” he said. “And it’s harder than I thought it would be. Kevin says dicks grow.” Still working hard to remain cool, I said, “I’m tired bro. Ready for bed?” “Yeah I’m tired, too. Night, bro.” Stevie turned off the light and went back to his bed. Within minutes I heard his gentle snoring. I turned over, put my hand on my hard boner,” and went to sleep. End of this part You can write to me here: ail —————— Thanks