My Call Center Manager

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My Call Center ManagerIt was about 10 years ago I worked for this telecommunication company. I was the lead service manager and had a call center under my supervision. 8 girls who worked the call center. They were located on the same floor as I was. Amy, what a babe she was. She was the manager for the call center and I had a crush on her. Always well dressed and sexy. Mini Skirt and heels most of the time. We were good friends but I never thought I would be fucking her in that office of hers. It was a calm day and after lunch she came by my office and said they had an issue with the software and wanted to me to take a look. I went by and she asked me to sit on one of the desks and she would show me what the problem was. I started checking out the system and I dropped a few pens that where on the desk. I bent down to pick them up and what I saw was just so amazing. Amy hd stockings on and a white lace thong. That thong was so small it was in her crack. Man I got horny and distracted. I couldn’t keep focus. I worked on the system but my mind was under that skirt. I do have a fetish for up-skirt, thongs, stockings etc. I was getting red I knew that my face as red because when I get hard thats what happens to me. I finished my work and said looks like you are good to go Amy. She thanked me and kind of game me hug type of a thing. She was so happy it was fixed. She did notice my hard on because when she hugged me she felt it and took a step back. She looked into my eyes and smiled. Then she gave me a wink. What the fuck was the wink for. I went to my offie with a hard on so big I was almost going to take it out and just jizz all over my desk. A few minutes later I got a text from Amy. She says to me what are you doing tonight. I was shocked and replied with I will be here at work have a-lot of aper work to catch up on. She replies back to me do you need help? I replied back and said what kind of help? She replies back and says any kind of help I can be. WOW I was like OMG she needs a bang. But where do I bang her. There is cameras every where. I replied back and told her sure if he wants to. She got back to m and said see ya after 6. I was so ready for her. At 6 he shows up in my office, everyone was gone. The cleaning crews rolled in and started cleaning. She sat down and asked me why I had a hard on today. I was not expecting that. I said to her, well when I dropped the pens and went down to pick them up. I saw everything I needed to get a hard on. So she spreads her legs al little bit to show me again. OMG I was dreaming or this can’t be real. kaçak iddaa I was like what are you doing? She says to me this is what you wanted didn’t you? I was like yes but there i cameras every where. She says no problem then we should go where cameras cant see. OMG I was so horny. I said to her why don’t we just go back to my place? She says no, that no fun. She says I know you want to fuck me right here in the office. Fantasy come true. Mini skirt office girl in stockings fucked in the office. She say that turns me on. She also says I know and see how you look at me.. I said to her yes I do look at you with a passion. I said to her that she turns me on and I ????? how she dresses. Her short skirts and heels are always appreciated by me. She asked me if I wanted to lick her heels and suck or toes. OMG I was cumming in my pants LOL. She was so horny and naughty. I knew there was a dark side to her. We went to one of the rooms upstairs. That floor was not used and cameras were not present. She got on her knees and unzipped me. Didn’t waste any time, her red lips covered my cock. She started swallowing me like a lolly pop. She edged me and grabbed my balls. Stroking me each time she sucked on it hard and deep. I can feel her mouth and lips inching me all the way down. Her tongue massaging my shaft as she pushes my cock down her throat. I noticed her finger between her thong fingering that throbbing pussy. 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