My Cherry (virginity at 22 story)

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My Cherry (virginity at 22 story)There was a nice night. or at least I thought it might be, I was hell on wheels I suppose. Freshly released I left my door, out to get laid. And why not? I was after all, 22 years old. I had thought, I had loved but damn, it’s time to Fuck, I thought.So down on highway 51 I went that night for what seemed hours. Cars, people, no eye contact. Searching for a green eyed goddess he spotted me, and as a cheetah in dusk he pounced.”hey, do you have any matches” he grinnedI settled my head up and my eyes focused, um, yes I chattered, hold this.My cd player, my cigarettes, some loose papers in my pockets, I had him hold it alland he grinnedHis smile, still engrained upon tipobet365 yeni giriş my corneas as I am never to forget him, my first, my Ben Boy.quickly I decided as I had decided before “the next man that wants to fuck, I will”and that we did, but first we stopped at the park, and gazed upThe MOON! so full, so bright and him so dark, nothing but a smiling jackal he was that night…I led him to my doorand there upon the way tossed into the air, my water. Your water is in my err! he yelled, and I said “of course it is”…that was the end of my beginning, the end of wanting, right in front and on my left, my hung african fellow, my first lover.two more dates, and so it was, tipobet365 giriş and we came to our third date where our minds set upon this goal, this virginity. He was 24 or so he stated, but his age wasn’t what I wanted to know.I said “take me home, ben”led around my own neighborhood as If i wouldn’t know the way. Looking back upon my naïvety I smile still as my lips parted he said “hunmft” and click he opened his entry way door.The smell of that place lingers in the nostrils, single living they called it but I call it sex incarnate.quick as a whistle I followed him to his flat, such a hovel and so proud and neat he is. I said “take me” he said (with a furrowed brow) You sure? tipobet365 güvenilirmi Yes. I stated simply.And he did. Kisses, liccorrish taffy kisses with a firm jaw and sharp teeth but gentle and strong hands. mmm, I disassociate again and don’t remember, the passion, the prowess of that man, that Lover of Mine how he is and who he was…”now”I whisper”yesth” he said and yes again and his fingers exploring, pulling my red satin caciques out of the way he cannot bear to know, cannot push through the flower of life to see that Yes, ben, Yes, this is my first.With confident determination the two of us pressed on into the dayI saw him, for the first time wholly and in the flesh.So warm, So large, So dark he pulls his smile away from me and with a wink he says “yes, mmmm error on in”…he thinks I can not hear and that is the way so I say “fuck me”He does, strong once, twice and ready I wince Yes, You have it.7 8 12 strokes and I am complete, his sheets the evidence he cannot fathom.