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Subject: My cousin fucks me in my sleep (9) Hi, everyone! I humbly apologize for not being able to respond to any of your emails this past few weeks. I stayed over at my grandparents’ place where cell signal was basically nonexistent. My heart swells for the lot of you who were patiently waiting for the update, and I feel really terrible for having you wait for such a long time. Anyway, I’m planning to wrap this story up in a few more chapters, so please stay tuned! —– I sat on the kitchen table alone, early in the morning, with a hot cup of coffee in my hand. Everybody was still asleep, and I was accompanied by no one but the eerie yet soothing New York silence. I thought of my family. I wondered how things were at home now that I no longer lived with them. Celine probably misses her photographer considering how bad my mom and dad took photos. I thought of school; the new friends I’d meet, the new things I’d learn, and the heartbreaks I’ll have to face. I thought of Mason. I thought of how his meaningless kisses from last night sparked another ember of hope in my heart, no matter how hard I tried to contain it. Before I could spiral into another fit of depression, I quickly downed my coffee and grabbed a towel from the closet. The backyard pool seemed so inviting at the moment, so I headed outside and placed the towel on the deck chair. The cold morning breeze invaded my skin, but I still took off my shirt in hopes that the extreme temperature would clear my head of any unsolicited thoughts. I dove into the pool, the cold water waking the rest of my sleeping nerves. My body eventually adjusted to the temperature and I allowed myself to just freely float and relax, looking up into the sky and thinking of nothing in particular. I could feel myself dozing off when I heard the gentle sliding of the kitchen glass door. Suddenly, I heard a loud splash of water followed by violent droplets raining down on my face. I waited for whoever it was to resurface when I felt muscular arms entangling me from behind. My heart suddenly raged against my ribcage, beating a thousand times a minute. My back was pressed against a smooth full hard chest as I tried to unshackle myself from the embrace. “Why are you up so early?” I turned my head to see a slyly smiling Andrew. I unconsciously sighed in relief, and slapped his arm playfully. “You scared the shit out of me, you prick!” “Were you expecting someone else?” I felt a surge of heat rushing to my cheeks. “What? No! I was just surprised, that’s all.” “Anyway, we’re going out for lunch today. You’ve been doing nothing but study all day, and school doesn’t even start until a month from now.” “Fine, but we’ll go to a steakhouse!” We chilled and just hung out by the pool stairs until we got too cold and got off the pool. I wrapped my towel around my back and scampered off to the kitchen when I saw Mason on the stool, pouring himself a glass of water. I wasn’t expecting him to be awake this early so I was really caught off guard. Our eyes met for a second then his shifted to my torso, making me instinctively cover it up more with the towel. I quickly headed off to the hallway when he called my attention. “Kyle.” Shivers. Just from hearing him say my name, I get shivers. Fuck. I twisted ungraciously. “Yes?” “Were you in the kitchen last night?” “Uhh.. yeah.” He creased his eyebrows. I reckoned he didn’t remember anything from last night by the way he seemed so deep in thought. “Andrew walked you into your room, if that’s what you’re asking.” “I see.” His face was stoic. He was wearing a tight sando and a patterned undershorts that outlined his meaty flaccid dick which threw me off focus. “Anyway, Ash wants to go out with you guys later, if it’s okay with you.” I looked over at Andrew, who just got in from the backyard. “Sorry Mase, I already have plans today. Maybe next–” “It’s alright, Ky. We can tag along. It’ll be a fun double date!” Andrew jokingly said. Mason’s shoulders visibly tensed. He stared at me lazily for a while, which made me instinctively stare at the hard ground in response. “Ok.” Mason walked past me into the living room, his fleeting mellow scent corrupting my mind. Isn’t it funny how memories are suddenly brought back just by smelling a familiar fragrance? ‘Cause that’s what happened just gölcük escort bayan now. My mind flew to the times when his sweet and mild scent permanently lodged in my nose whenever he would fall asleep with his face buried in the crook of my neck. I snapped back to reality as Andrew approached me. “Double date? What was that about?” I whisper yelled at him. “It’s a joke, obviously. Lighten up, Mr. grumpy! Put on some clothes if you don’t wanna catch a cold.” He said as he trudged upstairs. ———– I could see Mason waiting in the driver seat, staring at the empty road in front of him as we walked towards him from the porch. Andrew opened the back car door for me. I nudged him. I knew what he was doing. He was trying to earn a reaction from his brother, but I’m sure Mason wouldn’t give two fucks about it anyway. He was just wasting his energy. He went to sit beside me. Mason glanced at us from the front mirror. As Andrew seemed to notice this, he snaked his arms at the back of my neck and guided my head on his hard chest. “Andrew, can you get in here. I’m not your Uber.” “But it’s cold, Mase… and Kyle just feels so warm…” He playfully rubbed his cheeks against my head and squeezed me harder into his embrace. “I’m not driving until you get the fuck in here.” He turned his head at us, his breathing becoming a tad heavier. Andrew looked at me and snickered. Eventually, he went to the passenger seat and we went on ahead. The drive on the way to the mall was completely silent all throughout. It wasn’t until we saw Ashley at the underground parking when someone finally broke the silence. Mason immediately got out of the car as soon as he killed the engine and rushed to his girlfriend. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and kissed her with so much passion that I started feeling a sharp pain in my chest. Ashley blushed and eventually kissed him back. After a while, they pulled away and smiled at each other. Andrew watched me silently as I pried my eyes away from the couple. “Let’s go?” I said, concealing the looming desolation I’m feeling. “Hi Kyle, Andrew! How are you guys!” Ashley beamed. Ashley was kind. I absolutely had a wrong impression of her because I thought she was a bitch with just the way she dressed. She was able to lighten up the mood, and she wasn’t awkward to be with. She’s also very pretty. I guess Mason wouldn’t be picking just any girl. I can see why he’s so in love with her. We just roamed around the mall, going to different stores. Ashley and I tried on different outfits while Mason and Andrew waited for us outside. We were walking albeit aimlessly, when I felt a cold breeze touch my skin. Ashley stopped by a booth which I just then realized was for an ice skating rink! I immediately lit up and felt excited. It’s been so long since I last skated! Back home, when I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I just skate my feelings away and I’d have forgotten about it after a short while. I just miss the feeling. “Tadaaaa! We’re going ice skating today!” Ashley beamed. “I hate this shit. I can’t even stand on a rollerblade, let alone skate.” Andrew bitterly commented. “Aw don’t be sucha pussy, Andrew. It’s my first time trying this out too. Besides, Kyle can teach you, can’t he? Isn’t he supposed to be a grandmaster or something?” Ashley said as she pressed herself against Mason. I was greeted with the familiar frosty atmosphere when we stepped foot on the hard ice. The feeling of the crusty ice grinding against the metal skates felt so soothing and natural to me. I skimmed through the perimeter of the rink, earning a few stares from other people. I spotted Ashley sitting on the cold ground, laughing as Mason was helping her up. Stuck to the wall near the entrance was a disgruntled looking Andrew. I approached him. “Andrew, come on. You won’t learn unless you try.” “Hmm.. Why don’t you teach me then.” “I’d love to. Come on, take my hand.” I said. He stood at an awkward position, desperately trying to find balance in his stance. I held his hip and his hand as I tugged him a bit farther away from the wall. “Well, the trick is to not be afraid of falling. You have to really experience it until you’re able to skid with balance.” I taught him all the basics. He fell a lot at first but he started getting the kocaeli otele gelen escort grasp of his balance. “Tch this is way too easy. I’m like a pro now.” He proudly said as he patrolled from one point of the wall to another. “Ky, can you show me some tricks? Like the ones you did on your performance back in Italy?” “Umm.. I’m a little rusty now… but alright.” I glissaded to one end of the rink. I skidded against the ice, approaching Andrew as I picked up speed. I spun and twisted, earning a few yelps from the people around me. I slowly bent down as I was continuously spinning, hoisting my leg up gradually until my body formed a sideways T. After reverting to a standing position, I jumped and twisted in the air, landing with a pose. The sound of applause reverberated across the rink. I scoured my surroundings to see that a crowd had gathered around me, applauding me from my mini performance. People from the above floors were also clapping, and I was immediately flushed pink. I spotted Mason standing a few feet away from me. He was staring at me, unblinking, his mouth slightly agape. I was suddenly reminded of his same reaction back when he first saw me skate in the district competition. His stare was too intense; just like the way he used to stare at me before he would kiss me. I was scorched by his gaze so I skidded away from him and towards Andrew. —– We ate at a Steakhouse after all the fun when I received an email from CU’s advisories. I had to drop by to fill out some documents so I decided to go on ahead. “No, I’ll come with you. You’re still not familiar with the streets around this area.” Andrew chimed in. He stood up and grabbed me by the hand in an attempt to tug me out of the restaurant. Mason’s gaze dropped to our intertwined hands. “No. Dad wouldn’t let me off when he hears that I ditched you two with the car. Let’s all go together.” Mason stood up and stormed off towards the parking lot, not even giving Ashley so much as a glance back. —– I finished filling out the documents as fast as I could. I was about to head out of the building when I bumped into a guy, throwing me off balance. He was able to grab my back and help me up. I was able to take a brief look at his face. He was gorgeous. His thick brows slightly slanted upwards. His eyes had the color of veridian, and his lips were just the right amount of thick and redness. “Next time, watch where you’re going.” I couldn’t utter anything for some reason. I could see Mason approaching me from my peripheral vision. “Hey, is that guy bothering you?” “No, let’s go home. I’m done with everything.” I headed back to the car. Mason dropped Ashley off at her house, sharing a few intimate kisses before she left the car. Andrew got a text from a friend. He cursed loudly as he requested to be dropped off from his friend’s house, saying that he forgot that it was his birthday today. I reluctantly sat on the passenger seat and Mason started driving us home. We sat there in uncomfortable silence with only the weak sound of the radio trying to fill up the awkward air. “What’s on your mind?…” Mason asked, his focus still on the road. I debated answering because I wasn’t even sure if he was talking to me. “Thinking about Andrew?…” he turned to me for a brief while. “N-No. I’m just tired.” “You were great back there. It was nice watching you dance so close like that.” his voice was so gentle and sweet, evoking my hope and emotions again. “Thanks Mase…” The rest of the ride home was in silence. He pulled over in the garage and we headed into the living room. “Dad and Andrew won’t be here until much later tonight, so…” He took off his jacket, revealing the pathetic attempt of his tank top to hug his greek god body. I was flustered by his remark. I could feel my cheeks heating up, and my knees starting to give out so I sat myself on the single sofa. Mason creased his eyebrows upon my reaction and he started laughing heartily. “Wait, no, I mean we don’t have anyone to prepare dinner for us. Do you wanna get pizza instead?” I gulped the lump in my throat. My heart was still throbbing insanely fast and I didn’t trust myself enough to talk, so instead, I just nodded. He smirked. “What were you thinking about just now?…” He stared at me with kocaeli sınırsız escort a soft expression. “I… Nothing… S-Sure, pizza would be… nice.” I fiddled my thumbs together and focused my attention there. “Stop that… you’re making it hard for me to stop myself.” Our eyes meet, and I see the familiar lustful expression in his eyes. He bit his lip, heaved a sigh and picked up the phone to order pizza. The next few moments felt like the longest minutes of my life. Mason occasionally stared at me blatantly from the opposite side of the living room while I pretended to watch the TV. He made me feel so overly conscious. When I would look back at him, he wouldn’t even try to hide his stares, and he would bite his lip seductively every time. I wasn’t able to keep eye contact longer than 3 seconds without my heart bursting so I just tried to focus on watching. Finally, the pizza arrived. I wasn’t very hungry, seeing as I ate so much at the steakhouse earlier today, but Mason was a different story. He ate like a traveler who hadn’t eaten for days. I was about to put my plate away when he placed two more slices on it. “Mase, I’m already fu-” “You should eat more, you eat like a princess.” I returned one of the slices and forced myself to eat the other one. There he goes again. He’s doing the things he used to do to me all the time over again. Mason, please stop giving me hope… Stop making me feel like there’s still a chance for us to go back to how things were between us in the past. I’m well aware that I would only end up crying after all of this but I just wanted to enjoy this moment with Mason. I went upstairs to my room as soon as I finished washing the dishes. I washed up and got myself ready for bed as all the fatigue from the skating started to kick into my system. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I felt myself drifting off to sleep. I woke up to a stimulating feeling in my bottom area. After a few seconds, I was finally able to actually wake up and realize that two soft yet firm large hands were aggressively fondling my buns as I laid on my stomach. It was definitely Mason. I tried processing what was happening. I debated with myself whether this was just a dream but the feeling is just way too real. He lifted my hip off the bed slightly and hooked the flaps of my shorts down, exposing my buns to the chilly air of the room. He fondled my ass some more until he stepped into the bed on his knees. He parted my legs and positioned himself between them. Without a moment’s notice, he parted my buns and I felt his cold, wet, and slick tongue invade my entrance. I whimpered in shock and pleasure. Mason swirled his firm tongue around the rim of my asshole and stretched the walls inside of me with it. The pleasure was so intense that it took everything in me to stop myself from pressing my ass into his face. I could hear his low moans as he drilled my hole with his swirling tongue. His hands slowly crept up from my ass to my back, gliding against every area until both of his hands captured my chest. He fondled them as his fingers played with my sensitive nipples. He pulled away and I felt him gently turning me over so that I was laying on my back. I could feel his presence looming over my face. I felt pressure on my chest so I ever so slightly tried to open my eyes. I could see the figure of Mason’s massive dick pointing at my face as he sat on my chest with both his knees on the bed for support. My chest was intensely beating that I was sure Mason could feel it. I felt his soft and warm dickhead sliding across my lips. He slid his cock in my mouth until the whole head was in, whimpering and moaning in a low voice in the process. “Fuuuuuck.. K-Kyle…” he uttered. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I couldn’t control myself when I grabbed the base of his dick and started sucking it while I jerked him off in the same rhythm. I stared into his eyes as his shocked expression slowly turned into a lustful one. He never broke our eye contact. I remembered Mason telling me he loved it whenever I stared at him while sucking him off like my life depended on it. After a while, he pulled his dick out of my mouth as he positioned himself between my parted thighs. He hoisted my legs over his shoulder and bent down so that he could reach my face. His pulsing cock teased my entrance while he pressed his soft lips against mine. He was about to penetrate me when the image of Ashley laughing with me and Andrew came to my mind. I pushed him away. He didn’t even budge but he stopped all of his attempts of entrance. “This is wrong. This is wrong, Mason, this is so ail