My date with Walt

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My date with WaltThere was going to be a charity dance that I desperately wanted to attend, but found out that Joe wouldn’t be home that weekend so I stopped by Walt’s and Ruth’s place and sat down to express my disappointment. After a couple of minutes Walt patted his leg and told me to come and sit on his lap. I moved over and sat down and as he put his arm around me I felt a slight tingle. We talked a bit more and he looked at me,”How can I make you feel better?” he asked. I looked at him,”A kiss would help” I replied and we kissed briefly. I continued to stare at him and then leaned back in and kissed him more passionately. I knew Ruth was watching, but I didn’t care. His kiss was turning me on. I softly caressed his chest as we parted and then took his hand and placed it on my tit. As he caressed me I leaned back in and we kissed again. When we stopped I rose up and straddled his legs and sat back down on them, fully facing him. He reached up and began to caress my tits through my blouse again and once more we kissed. It was then I had a thought. Breaking off,”How about you taking me to the dance?” I asked him. He looked at me, looked at Ruth and down towards my tits “Sure” he replied”Why not” he added and I was all set for what I had hoped would be a great evening.The night came and he gave me a corsage to wear on my short black dress. I had worn that plus black hose and black stiletto’s to get as sexy as I could. After he pinned the corsage on me I raised up a bit and kissed him long and passionately. I knew Ruth was standing off to one side so I made a point of reaching down and kadıköy escort caressing his crotch as we kissed. The dance went well and we returned home to have Ruth greet us at the door.”The dates over” she calmly said as we stood there, expecting me to head home myself. I looked at Walt then moved up to him, whispered in his ear,”I want your cock” I said”I want to suck your fuckin’ cock and have you fuck my fuckin’ cunt” I added as I reached up, grasped his head and pulled him to me. I kissed him hard and long as he wrapped his arms around me. We stood there kissing like lovers do as Ruth stood aside watching us. After a few minutes we stopped and headed into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Walt had Ruth go into the kitchen and bring back some drinks while we sat next to one another. After a couple of drinks I suggested we dance for Ruth to watch and we got up and started to slow dance. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he embraced me and before long we stopped and kissed again. Walt let me go and sat down on the sofa and I climbed back onto his legs and immediately moved in to really start kissing him more passionately. Ruth started to get up to leave,”Sit back down” Walt told her sternly when he noticed her moving.”Drink your fuckin’ drink” he demanded of her and she went back to drinking as I went back to kissing him. By now I was totally turned on and in a quick move, slid off Walt’s legs, got down on my knees in front of him, spread apart his legs “I want your fuckin’ cock” üsküdar escort I said aloud”I wanna feel your fuckin’ cock in my fuckin’ mouth” I added as I reached in and began to undo his belt and then unzip his zipper. I took hold of his pants and shorts and pulled them down as his stiff cock came out. I managed to get his pants and shorts off all the while staring at that lovely hard cock. When I was ready, I moved in, took hold of his cock,”That’s it baby” he said to me”Suck that fuckin’ cock” and into my mouth it went. I didn’t care if Ruth objected or not, all I wanted was that hard cock deep within my mouth. I knew she wouldn’t say anything because Walt and I had previously had sex with and with her, so I knew I could do whatever I wanted with Walt. For a good period of time I sucked on his cock, savoring the taste and hardness in my mouth, squeezing his balls as I got him hotter and hotter. I finally broke off and rising up off the floor, I moved in and straddling his legs again, I positioned myself over his cock, took hold of it”Fuck me” I said to him as I lowered myself down onto his cock. I moaned out in pleasure as his cock slid into my already wet cunt and I was soon riding his cock hard and fast. After a bit I undid my blouse and took it and my bra off and Walt immediately went to caress them, pull on my nipples and slap them as I continued to ride his cock. Soon I leaned down and started to kiss him as I kept up riding his cock. I was in heaven, getting my cunt fucked and kissing another man while his wife watched. I glanced tuzla escort over and saw Ruth was still watching me fuck Walt. “Get over here bitch and suck my fuckin’ tits” I demanded of her and watched as she rose up and slid over next to me. She reached over and cupped one tit and leaned in and began to suck on it hard. Her other hand went over and squeezed my other tit. This lasted only a few minutes when Walt decided we needed more room.”Let’s go into the bedroom” he said and we stopped and he led me into the bedroom while making Ruth follow us. I climbed onto the bed and laid down while Walt climbed in and spreading my legs, moved back in and stuck his cock back into my cunt and started fucking me even harder. Ruth laid off to the one side of the bed and after a few more minutes, I looked over at her,”Get back over here you fuckin’ bitch and suck my tits” I demanded and she moved over and while Walt fucked me, she sucked my tits hard. Whenever she backed off Walt would lean down and we’d kiss. This went on for who knows how long before Walt finally announced he was going to come. Looking at Ruth,”Get your fuckin’ face down there you fuckin’ whore” I ordered as I pointed to my cunt, wanting her head to be over my cunt when Walt let loose his cum. She moved down and rested her head on my pubic area just as Walt exploded and sent his cum over her face and my cunt. When he finished she licked and sucked his cock clean and then moved back up to me and I licked Walt’s cum off her face.”Clean my fuckin’ cunt whore” I demanded as I looked at her. Ruth obeyed and moved back down to my cunt and began to lick and suck on it while Walt moved up to me and we kissed some more. When we stopped,”That was so fuckin’ great” I said to Walt”You were a fuckin’ hot date and I loved every minute of it” I added and then kissed him more.We settled down to relax for a bit before deciding to call it an evening. I kissed Walt goodnight and headed home, my dream date over.