My daughter becomes my pet

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The silver balls shined as I picked them up. For a few years now I’ve been lusting over my mother, and right now I have her silver balls that came straight from her pussy. I played with them in my hands, feeling her juices and smelling the toxic aroma of her pussy. “ Slut up to your room!” My mother and her mistress were home. Quickly tossing the balls back into there place, I then ran out of the room and hid. When I knew for she they were in the room, I peaked out and was lucky to see the door slightly ajar. I was in my third year of collage, twenty three and no love life. How I became attracted to my mother, well… That’s a surprise. It just happened one day. I noticed her breasts, and her butt. Oddly I was attracted to it. “ Okay cunt licker that show you put on tonight had my pussy throbbing, so come and lick me you bitch” My mother without any hesitation immediately started to lick her mistress’s pussy. She lapped at it like she hadn’t drank in days. I couldn’t take it anymore and stuck my hand in my pants to finger myself. The moans of her mistress only got me going more. “That”s it bitch don’t you dare stop!” The sight was so fucking hot I couldn’t help but moan a little as I was rubbing my pussy. My mother meanwhile was licking and sucking like no tomorrow, while her mistress held her head, pushing her in further to her cunt. “Such a good bitch aren’t you? Yes baby girl suck mommy’s cunt.” I finger fucked my pussy watching this sight. I knew my mother escort was a slut, just didn’t know she was into incest playing… That gives me a wicked idea. “ OH FUCKKKKK I’M CUMMINGGG FUCK!!!!” My mother didn’t stop licking, she licked it for all it was worth. She wasn’t satisfied until her Mistress pulled her head up from her pussy. “ Shit cunt licker that was fucking amazing” “ I am too please mistress” my mother answered, her voice dripping with lust. “ Good puppy, does puppy deserve a reward?” My mother literally barked, meaning yes. “ down” the mistress ordered, and mom quickly dropped to her knees in front of the older woman’s knees. She scratched my mother behind her ears as she cooed over her. “ Now bitch go fetch me your daughter who’s listening and watching us.” I was to lost in my cloud of arousal to care that at that moment my mother, on her knees crawling towards me was about to fetch me for her mistress. “ Monica what are you doing?” She whispered. “ Bitch did I say speak? I said fetch her” “ yes mistress, sorry mistress.” Mom gestured with her head to follow, and not one to disobey I followed. Mom returned to the foot of my mistress. Kelly looked at me as she petted my mothers head. “ Monica you dirty girl, watching your mommy and I fuck. Naughty girl. I think someone needs to be taught a lesson.” Her voice made my skin crawl. I was moaning as I stood. “ Slut teach your daughter a lesson” the mistress ordered, and my mother nodded. bayan escort “ Yes mistress.” My mother stood and sat on the bed. Knowing what was about to happen I bent over her knee for my spanking. Smack!! I moaned from the heat my mother’s hand was producing. “ Oh slut I think your daughter has natural submission in her. Like mother like daughter.” The spanking continued until my juices were actually dripping all over my mother’s legs. “ I think I’ve had enough for one day slut. You and your daughter have a nice night.” My mother’s mistress scratched mom behind her ears, and petted her head. “ You were a good girl today. I think I shall give you a reward,” “ woof!” my mother answered back with a bark. With one last ruffle of my mothers hair, she left the room. I took a look at my mom, then realized what I was doing! Here I am in my mothers room, naked and horny! I hurried to my room and masturbated alone, having the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a while. The next day I found it really hard to look my mother in the eye, but she didn’t seem fazed at all. She talked normally to me, as if nothing happened. “ You know honey you’re a very pretty woman, you outta” my mother said casually as she put down the plate of pancakes on the floor. I looked at the floor, bewildered at why she just placed my breakfast on the floor. “ Thanks mom..” I couldn’t take my eyes off the floor, and my food. Without realizing it I had gotten on my hands and escort bayan knees. I scooped up my plate in my hands and returned to the table with it. I ate in silence beside my mother, still not being able to look at her. “ I have to go to the store honey.” My mom pecked my cheek, grabbing her purse as she did so and then she was out the door. T.V that’s what I need. I grabbed the remote off the coffee table and flicked on the T.V, to some talk show. I was maybe only watching for a few minutes when I heard the front door opened. I looked over, it was my mother’s mistress. “ Hi Monica. So your mother is out is she?” I nodded, feeling my face blush from embarrassment of what happened last night. I focused my attention back to the T.V. I heard her walking throughout the house for some time, until she blocked the T.V from my view. “ You seemed to enjoy last night,” “ I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I answered. She just slowly reached her hand to my head and petted it. I instantly felt the front of my panties get wet. My breathing was accelerating the more she was petting me. “ I think you enjoy this,” “ n-no,” I whimpered weakly. She wagged her finger like she would to a naughty pet. “ I think so. I bet that juicy cunt is leaking.” I held my breath as her fingers lightly traced over my pyjama bottoms. “ Soaked right through.” I let her continue to rub me there, soon moaning from how good it felt. “ I think puppy needs some release. On your knees.” I obeyed, and looked up at my.. Well I guess my mistress now to. She rubbed behind my ear. “ Good puppy.” I felt a strong sense of pride at pleasing this woman, and I would obey anything. “ Woof!!” I barked much like my mom did to her last night.