My Experience And Blackmailed The Boys

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My Experience And Blackmailed The BoysdeletedI am 21 years now and about me fair in skin and 30 size of my breast that’s it. LolStepping back to three years before when I was in school. We had a class strength of sixty students. I used to prefer to sit on the back benches to have fun with my friends.One day I was totally irritated by the lectures so I decided to observe what all students do. I observed some where drawing on the text book. Some where playing games and some were listing to teacher then I observed the row beside me there were two boys sitting on the back benches named Yash and Mangesh. They were behaving weird so i decided to observe them.They didn’t noticed me that I was keeping an eye on them later what I found was Yash,s bag was on Mangesh,s lap and Mangesh hands were under the bag and Yash was holding the bag. Then Mangesh was holding the bag tightly rounding his arms and hand on them and Yash hand was under the school bag and the bag was shaking slowly and Mangesh was not comfortably sitting.Days went in same way I daily observed them doing this few days later Mangesh also placed his bag on Yash lap and Mangesh hands used to be under the bag. I didn’t know what they used to do.Once during lecture Mangesh and Yash went to washroom with teachers permission and after a while I too went to washroom as I left the classroom both the boys were returning from washroom and I was shocked to see what they were doing their. Mangesh’s hands were on Yash’s penis and visa versa. They both saw me and got shocked I said them have some shame they both got scared and went away.The next day on recess I went to Mangesh and I asked him what you both were doing? He said me that by mistake his hand touched Yash’s penis and visa versa. I was not satisfied by his answer so I thought to observe them more. I kept my eye on them for a week and after watching them that they touches each other penis I made a guess that during lectures too they do touch each others penis.One day during break I noticed his pants zip were open and and I guessed Yash might put his hand inside the zip and play with Mangesh penis.Then in recess I went to Mangesh and said him when you entered in class in morning Your zip was closed and you have not went to washroom also so why your zip is opened ?? He blushed and zipped and was moving to go I stopped him and said did Yash opened your zip then he got angry and said me it’s non of my business even I got angry hearing this and I planned him to catch him red hand.One day during P. T period we all were called on the ground and I forgot my I card so I went to my class and saw Yash and Mangesh dick out and erected from zip and they were holding each others dick and rubbing their Palm. I was shocked to see them I went inside and saw them and they quickly zipped and ran away.During same day in free lecture they both were doing the same thing and I slowly went next to Mangesh and took the bag aside Yash got scared and removed his hand and I saw Mangesh’s penis out of his pant from zip. It was whitish on colour and fully erected and it was thick too. Mangesh was having no words in mouth then I placed the bag again on his lap as no one could see his dick.Then I said both of them to meet me tomorrow at recess and said if they don’t come to meet me then I will tell my friends what you both do in class. The next day Mangesh and Yash came to me during recess and requested me not to tell anybody and they were so scared and said me whatever I say they both would do it.Then I thought for a while and said them it’s yoga period continuously for two lectures and said them to bunk yoga lectures and said them to meet me on the fifth floor as it was not occupied they came near girls washroom and were so worried and then I said Yash and Mangesh to get in side girls washroom they both were hesitating to enter so I hold them and took them inside washroom and locked the door.Then I said Mangesh and Yash to remove there penis and do what they used to do in class. Both of them removed each other’s penis and were stroking. Then I said both of them to remove their pants and they did as i said both penis were erected in front of me I saw this for first time.Then I hold Mangesh’s Penis in hand and moved the upper skin up and down his penis was strongly erected then I said Yash to take Mangesh’s whole penis in mouth , both of them was shocked and Yash had tears and fear in his eyes and said we never did this things , we only rub and erect each other penis. I said Mangesh to stand on the toilet seat with his erect penis he stood as I said and Yash with tears in his eyes bought his mouth near his penis and opened his mouth and took half penis inside and removed it.Then I slapped Yash and made him took Mangesh whole penis in his mouth. On second try I pressed Yash face over mangesh penis for two minutes and chocked Yash throat with Mangesh’s penis and then released Yash. He has in tears then I made him suck Mangesh’s penis for 20 minutes and then balls. Yash was like he will fall sick. Then i made Mangesh to take Yash’s penis and made him do same things.Then I claimed up on the toilet seat and pulled my skirt up and removed my slacks and panty and said them to lick my pussy. I grabbed mangesh head and placed his mouth in front of pussy and rubbed on his mouth. It was awesome feeling then slowly I made him lick my pussy and organsm on his mouth and face. I loved it while doing it.Then I said Yash to eat my pussy he only licked it then I stopped him and stretched my pussy lips and said Yash to put his tongue inside he did it and it was amazing feeling having two boys to do what I want. I orgasm twice and came down from toilet seat and said Mangesh to suck Yash’s penis and balls he did it for 15 minutes then Yash said he wants to pee I said no and continously made mangesh to suck yash dick then after 5 mins I allowed Yash to pee then I said Yash and Mangesh bursa escort to dress up and said them tomorrow I will make you both lick my ass too. Then we returned carefully and jointed our classmates and dispersed to our class.Next day before recess I went near Mangesh desk as we had free period so I said Yash to go back and sit. We were allowed to sit with boys so I sat In place of Yash. Then I said Mangesh to keep his bag on his lap and remove his penis. I hold the bag when he remove it , then he said me that he removed his penis and I said him to grab the bag.Then I took his penis in my hand and it was not erected as I wrapped my fingers tightly his penis erected in a moment. I was holding his penis and moving his skin up and down then I said him to come near me and keep his bag on his right so no one could see us. I was able to get whole view of his penis I loved his whitish yellow penis when erected. It was approx 12 cms.Then I tried to move his penis skin down it was tight and Mangesh was in pain but I enjoyed it. I was feeling to take his long penis on my mouth then I bend and took the top of his penis and I removed it then I said him to meet me on 5th floor again during recess and said bring Yash too. And I went to my desk.In recess they both reached the girls washroom and I took them inside and locked the door and removed my skirt and slacks and panty and climbed on toilet seat and turned back and said Yash to kiss may ass he did as I said him then I made him to lick my ass hole he said no to do so I slapped him and made him lick my pussy and insert his touch inside then my pussy and pushed his head in my pussy tightly and I pee on his mouth and made him drink as a punishment then I said him to go.Then I said Mangesh to kiss my ass he did as I said him and made him to eat my pussy and organsmed in while. Then I came down and opened Mangesh’s pants and removed his penis and said him to climb on the seat he did as I said I touched his penis and rubbed it and it erected. Then I bought my mouth to his penis and opened my mouth and took his half penis and was moving my head and sucking it.Then I removed from my mouth and tried again to take it. I wanted to take his whole penis in my mouth I tried it for 3 times and at last I was easy to take his whole penis. Then I licked his penis and took it and sucked and was moving my head in and out and Mangesh was not able to stand properly. I wanted to take whole penisIn my mouth and suck it. It was long but I tried many times and finally I took a long breath and hold Mangesh from back and force my mouth to take his penis fully and It went and I sucked it for while and I loved that then I kept sucking his penis for 15 mins then I took his balls in my mouth and sucked. I kept sucking his penis till my desire then I thought he would organsm but he didn’t. I asked him don’t you masturbate ? He replied no then I said him don’t masturbate I will make you organsm in a week. Then I opened my clothes and my bra too. I used to wear 26 sizes bra that time. He said he never saw such a beautiful thing and said me my breast are big and nipples are erected.He asked me can I touch them ? I said yes and said him to be gentle. He grabbed my both breast in his hand and started pressing it. I loved it a lot when he pressed then I said him to stop and bend on the toilet seat and said him to come back and grab my breast he did and said its so soft and asked me can I suck them I got up and grabbed his head and bought him near my nipples.He was pulling and pinching my nipple and sucking other breast i loved that then I said Mangesh to remove his clothes he and me were totally naked then I hugged him tightly to feel to feel my breast touching his chest then I pushed my breast on his chest and he was also doing the same thing. Then I bend on the seat and said him to lick my ass and pussy again. Then we dressed up and leaved the washroom.After Mangesh and I dressed up we went to our class. I said both of them that now you both will not only touch each other’s penis but also will take it in mouth. Days passed I made them do the same thing. Mangesh was used to handjob, when I moved his penis skin up and down he was not having any pain. And daily sucking his penis made him orgasm. I used to suck his penis and he said me something is coming from my penis. Then I said Yash to stroke mangesh penis up and down in class they used to do it.Then I said Mangesh to masturbate daily at night. Days passed he was able to ejaculate from his penis. So in washroom Yash sucked my pussy and I used to suck Mangesh’s penis and balls.During our sports day we were having no lectures and we were allowed to go in library and read books. So I said Yash to stay in library and I and Mangesh went to girls washroom and locked the door. I undress him and he remove my clothes. I said him to stand on toilet seat and take his penis and suck them and even I was able to take whole penis in my mouth and he ejaculated in my mouth.During sports day whole week we had no lectures after recess. So in lecture I sat with Mangesh and teacher was teaching some thing and I said Mangesh to remove his penis he kept his bag on side and removed it. I wrapped my hands on his penis and it erected fully and I stroked up and down, within 10mins he ejaculated and his penis was covered by his semen and even some came on my hand to.He was worried so much that He was putting his penis inside pant , I stopped him from doing this and drop my pen on floor and acted to pick the pen and took his whole penis in my mouth and cleaned his penis and got up, he thanked me else his semen would get on his pants. Then I said him Not to thank and said to return the favour in washroom after recess as we had lots of time.After recess all the students went to ground to play and Some to library I said Mangesh to meet me up In washroom and said him to come alone and not to bring bursa escort bayan Yash as he can give information about what is happening in ground. We both entered the washroom and locked the door. Then Mangesh said me I want to return the favour, I said him go ahead. He then removed his pant and my skirt and made me bend on the toilet seat from front , then Mangesh went down and stretched my ass and licked my pussy and my ass hole for 15 minutes. I orgasmed and he licked every drop of it.Then I got up and took his penis In my mouth and sucked for another 10 minutes. Then I sat on the seat and spread my legs and bend backward and said Mangesh to rub his penis on my pussy and clits. He did as said and I enjoying it a lot it was full of pleasure. Then I orgasmed in same time and Mangesh too ejaculated on my pussy entrance it was so warm.Then Mangesh cleaned my pussy and Mangesh was going to wear his pants. I stopped him and said favour is not yet completed and bend on the toilet seat from front and said Mangesh to rub and insert his penis on my ass hole , he rubbed his penis head on my ass hole for 10 minute and he said he will ejaculate. I said him to release on my ass hole. And then said him to insert his penis on my ass. He stretched my butt and kept his penis on the ass hole and said him to push his dick harder.After trying 20 times his tip went inside my ass it was paining heavily. By then he got erection and I said mangesh to get inside more he replied that it would pain a lot so I took my handkerchief and put inside my mouth as noise would not come.Then Mangesh gave a push and his half penis was in my ass. I said him not to insert more just move it in and out he was doing it slowly and in some time pain reduced . Mangesh said he is going to ejaculate, I said him to ejaculate inside my ass. It was so warm and it felt so good. But my ass started paining.Then I said him that I want his whole dick in my ass and said him to insert his dick again and again. His half penis went inside easily. He forced his penis to get in more and it was paining me like hell. I could feel the warmness of his penis and the pain. I was screaming and even tears rolled from my eyes. Then I said him to stop. He removed his penis out and I sat on the toilet seat. His penis was covered with blood. He saw blood strain on his penis and was worried and afraid I said him not to worry and we dressed up and went.In home my ass was paining a lot. I called my friend and gave her money and said her to buy a bottle of lubricant. Next day in school Mangesh came and asked me whether I am fine or not I said i am fine and said him to meet me on the washroom. After recess we were said to go in library. Mangesh and I left the class late and we went to washroom and got in and locked the door. I gave him the bottle of lubricant to apply on penis and on my ass. He removed his pants and my skirt too and I bend from front on toilet seat and took support . He licked my pussy lips from behind and pour the lubricant on my ass hole and applied on his penis too.Then he stretched my ass and started fucking me. I was not having pain so I said Mangesh to enter his penis completely so he slowly pushed his penis in my ass hole and his half penis was going in easily. We did same thing daily for 6 days. My ass hold was stretched by having his penis inside and I enjoyed when he ejaculate inside my ass and it was full of pleasure.Next day I went with my friend Neha to buy a packet of condom. My friend asked me why did I purchased condom ? I said it’s a secret. Next day In class I went to Mangesh and took his bag and kept the packet of condoms. Then I said him to check his bag and said him there’s a surprise and said him to carry during recess.In recess we both went to washroom and removed our clothes and got naked. I tore a packet of condom and place the tip of the condom in my mouth and rolled the condom on Mangesh penis by taking his penis in my mouth. Then I lied from front on toilet seat and said him to fuck my ass. He then inserted his penis on my ass. I loved when his whole penis was inside me. I was rubbing my pussy and he was fucking my ass, then he said me he is going to organsm, I said him to remove the condom and ejaculate inside my ass.We enjoyed a lot then he sucked by pussy and played with my clits and even sucked my nipples and pressed them. We disposed the condom and Mangesh sat on the toilet seat and then I sat on his lap facing him and placed my ass hold on his penis and he fucked me in sitting position it pained for a while as his whole penis was getting inside my ass then he ejaculated in my ass and we cleaned ourself and dressed then leaved.At night I thought to loose my virginity also and had an desire to get fucked by both the boys. The next day in class Yash and mangesh were sitting together and talking and there were playing with Mangesh dick and he ejaculate, Yash was surprised. Mangesh cleaned his penis by his handkerchief and put his penis inside I was watching this from behind. Then I said Yash to see my hard work on Mangesh that he ejaculated so much and I said Yash to get his dick out and said Mangesh to stoke his penis.In recess I said Mangesh to come up with condoms , he came and entered inside washroom and locked the door then I removed my clothes and sat on the toilet seat and bend backward and spread my legs. Then I said him to remove his pants and lick my pussy he did it perfectly and even sucked my clits and put his tongue inside pussy. It was pleasurable and pushed his head more and more on my pussy but I wanted more.Then I said him to rub his penis on my pussy entrance. He brought his penis near my pussy I jerked his penis and guided him in my pussy entrance and said him to insert it. He got shocked And took out a condom and I took it and said him to enter without condom for first time. He was scared, later I said him to be gentle and he escort bursa licked my pussy and placed his penis on the entrance and inserted his tip and it went inside. It was paining as his penis was little big then pussy my pussy. Then I said him to remove and reinsert it. He did for 15times then he gave a little force that half of penis was inside me I was in pain and moving.He took my handkerchief and put in my mouth. Then he applied lubricant on his penis and some on my pussy and reinserted, half of his penis went inside and then he applied more force that my hymen tored and his penis was fully inside my pussy. I was shouting due to pain and tears drops were on my eyes. Then he was removing his penis. I said him to keep his penis inside for some time later he remove his penis half and reinserted I screamed again due to pain. He kept his penis for 2 minute and removed it. It was covered with blood and blood was comming from my pussy and it was paining like hell and I was unable to walk due to pain.Then Mangesh cleaned the blood from my pussy and fingered and rubbed it to get rid of pain and cleaned his penis. Then he licked my pussy again and again till I orgasmed. It felt good and he pressed my boobs to divert my attention. And pressed my nipples and sucked them. Then pain was reduced he helped me to stand and then I bend backward on the seat so that he can fuck my ass. He inserted his penis in my ass and fucked it for 15 mins and ejaculated inside my ass. Then we dressed up and went. It was paining me heavily while walking.By evening I was fine and pain was gone and I was happy. Then I thought to surprise yash as he was not with us for a month. Next day in class Mangesh asked whether I was fine or not I said him I am fine and pain have gone. He fuck my pussy and ass , we did this for 5 days. The next week I said mangesh to bring yash too in washroom as he was not with us for a month and bring the condoms too.Then in recess both of them came and we entered the washroom and locked the door. And said them to remove their clothes in no time I and Mangesh were naked and yash was watching me naked for first time and was enjoying. Then I said yash to remove his penis he removed it. Then I took Mangesh penis in mouth and stroked yash penis for first time. In some time Mangesh ejaculated in my mouth. Yash was surprised to see us. Then I said yash to stand on the toilet seat and I bought my mouth near his penis and took his dick completely. He pushed my head on his penis to go deep and I enjoyed taking his whole penis.Then yash got down and grabbed my boobs and pressed it and sucked my nipples. Then he hugged me tightly to feel by breast on his chest. I allowed him to do what ever he wanted then I laid on the seat and said Mangesh to insert his dick on my ass, his whole penis was inside my ass and he was fucking me. Yash never saw this he asked me whether it’s paining or not. I said him I am enjoying it. Then he started rubbing his penis and he said even I want to do it.Then I got up and sat on the seat and bend back ward and spread my legs and said yash to put his penis inside my pussy. He said me it would pain, I said him not to worry as he never ejaculated so I let him insert his penis. He bought his penis on my pussy entrance and put it in slowly his whole penis went inside and I said him to remove and push it in and out. He fucked me for 15 minutes and I orgasmed he said it’s warm. Then he got some feeling in his penis and he removed out it was wet due to orgasm.Then I bend down in seat from front and said yash to insert his penis on my ass. He tried 5 times to enter at last he was able to insert his penis in my ass and he started fucking my ass. He did this for 10 minutes then he asked me how did my penis went in your pussy and ass so easily. I replied it was Mangesh and mine hard work of one month. Then he said You lost your virginity with Mangesh and said Mangesh how lucky he was to have pussy and ass virginity.Then I took condom from Mangesh and took the condom tip on mouth and went to Mangesh penis and took his penis in mouth and rolled it. And pushed Mangesh in wall and guided his penis in my pussy and said him to fuck Me in standing position when his penis was inside me I said yash to insert his penis in my ass he did it and it was painful to have one penis in pussy and one on ass. I said both of them to fuck me. Mangesh wrapped me and was fucking my pussy and yash was fucking my ass.Then I said Mangesh to sit on the seat and I climbed on him and guided his penis in my pussy and I was moving myself up and down then I said yash to put his penis in my ass we did this for 10 mins and I organsmd and Mangesh ejaculated on the condom.Then I Rested for 10 mins and Yash came on his knees and and started licking and fingering my pussy and sucked my clits. Mangesh was pressing my boobs From behind both of them made me orgasm multiple times and yash licked every drop and I pushed his face on my pussy and was enjoying.After 10 mins I said yash to wear a condom and place him on the Wall and guided his penis on my pussy and said him to fuck me in some time Mangesh penis was erected looking me and yash.Then I stopped yash when his whole penis was inside my pussy and said Mangesh to insert his penis in my ass and when he inserted fully I stopped Mangesh too and waited for one minute and then said both of them to fucked me, on same time both were inserting there penis it was paining for a while but I enjoyed then yash said Mangesh to insert penis one by one when Mangesh inserted his penis yash removed it. I like the technique and said them to increase the speed and applied lubricants.They both fucked me on the same manner and Mangesh ejaculated inside my ass and even I organsm on same time. Yash felt the warmness when I orgasmed then he got on knees and started eating my pussy. Then I said Mangesh to eat my pussy and yash climed on the seat and grabbed my mouth and made me suck his dick. Then we cleaned our self and dressed and went. I was very exhausted that day. We did this so many times and even made yash to ejaculate by fucking my ass.Please leave your valuable comments