My Fantasy

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My FantasyMy FantasyI’m an USAF pilot traveling in uniform on a commercial flight from the US to Germany. I have a two day layover in Germany waiting for a military flight to my destination in the Mid East. I always get up and walk around on long flights. I end up in the back of the airplane waiting to use the bathroom. I drum up a conversation with a great looking airline attendant. Her name tag says Angel. I tell her that I thought all the best looking attendants were assigned to first class. She looks at my name tag, smiles and says nice pickup line MacGyver. Then she asks me where I’m headed. I tell her I have a two day layover in Germany before a military flight to the Mid East. She asks me if I have ever been to Germany and I tell her no. Well MacGyver, how would you like a travel guide while you’re in town? She explains she has a 3 day layover before heading back to the states. She has been here many times and knows all the best places to visit. I tell her I would like that very much. She writes down an address and tells me that is where she’ll be staying. Stop by around eight ordu escort and we’ll go to dinner. She tells me she knows a great German restaurant where we can go. After landing and getting through immigration and customs I finally get to my hotel. I just have time to shower, shave and put on civvies before heading over to meet Angel. When I get to her room and knock she opens the door and lets me enter. She asks if I’d like a drink before we leave and I say “sure”. I have airline bottles of scotch and bourbon. I’ll have the bourbon, she pours our drinks and we talk while we sip our drinks. After finishing our drinks we and head out to the restaurant. The food is great and we drink lots of German beer. We get back to her hotel pretty well smashed. I sit down on the bed and she excuses herself and goes into the bathroom. After awhile I hear water running and then she comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile. She’s got the sexiest body I have ever seen. I just sit looking at her and attempt to talk but nothing coming out. She says, “Like what you see?” osmaniye escort I finally manage to say, ”I think she’s the sexiest girl I have ever seen.” With that she moves over to stand right in front of me. I look her up and down from her toes to her head. Her pussy is shaved and looks damp. Her tits are wonderful, not to big or to small. Her nipples are standing out straight and look delicious. I reach out and grab her ass with hands and pull her pussy right onto my lips. My tongue slides between the lips and I lick from bottom to the top. She moves her hands to my head and pushes it tighter against her pussy. I start flicking my tongue on her clit and she starts having a climax. Her legs start to buckle and I pull her on top of me onto the bed. After she calms down and her breathing becomes normal we kiss and she rolls off of me. She looks me in the eye and says, “Your turn and starts undoing my belt.” I tell her to wait a second while I stand up and undress. I stand there nude and say, “Like what you see.” She sits up and says, “Yes.” She takes hold escort bayan of my now stiff cock, strokes it a few times and then plunges it in her mouth. She greedily licks and sucks my cock until I shoot my load right down her throat. She looks up at me, licks her lips and smiles. I pull her up and we kiss. She says,” Let’s take a shower and then we can go to bed and continue our fun. Now how could I say no to that? After playing with each others bodies in the shower we headed back to the bed. We did some tongue dancing for a while and then I kissed my way down to her hot little pussy. Since my cock was now even with her head I rolled her on top of me in the 69 position. She immediately started sucking my cock while I lick up and down her hot wet slit. She would slide my cock all the way in and pull back to suck and lick circles around the head. Meanwhile I was sucking and licking her clit. We both climaxed at the same time and she rolled off me. I turned around, moved up even with her we kissed and said how great things turned out. We made love three or more times during the next two days. I had to catch my plane on the third day but we exchanged and phone numbers. I hope to see her again when I get back to the USA. I’m sure our sex escapades will keep getting better and better if not wilder and wilder each time we get together.One can only hope…..