My first experience.

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My first experience.”I thought you may come back” said the assistant in the ladies underwear shop, “I saw you looking yesterday, why don’t you come in and tell me what you would like to try on”. She was so calm and controlled that suddenly my nerves seemed to disappear. She looked me up and down, ” with your slim figure we can turn you into a beautiful gurl” . We get plenty of men coming in here looking for ladies underwear. I told her I liked the black panties and bra, ” go and get undressed in the changing room ” I did as she said. I was standing naked, looking for something to put round me when she opened the curtain, she smiled very kindly “now, try these on” I began to put the panties on but I could feel my cock beginning to stir, she didn’t move. She helped me with the bra even giving me some padding, by now my cock had a mind of it’s own. I looked at the assistant, she was only young, maybe twenty five, very petite, she said her name was Jo. “I will be back in a minute ” she said, when she returned she had a suspender belt and stockings anadolu yakası escort for me to try on. All the time her eyes were on my cock which by now was poking out of my panties. Eventually she leaned forward and got hold of my protrusion, she gently wanked me, but not enough to make me cum. “now” she said ” I have a lovely black dress for you to try on”. The dress fitted perfectly, the afternoon passed so quickly, she fitted me out with a small blonde wig and did my make up. A pair of flat shoes completed my outfit. I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how I had been transformed. “Now ” she said ” I have been invited to a party tonight and I want you to come with me, nobody will ever know and I think you are just my type”. A smile spread across her face, “come on, we’ll have fun and you never know, you just might enjoy yourself” . I stayed in the back of the shop until she had finished, when she had done she came and collected me. ” I need to go home and get a change of clothes”. When pendik escort she came out of her bedroom she looked stunning, a lovely loose fitting dress and summer shoes. She came over to me and gave me a big hug and warm kiss, for the first time I began to relax. The taxi picked us up on time and took us to our destination, which was just out of town in a somewhat isolated area. We were obviously about the last to arrive as the place was quite crowded, we were very quickly served drinks. Jo introduced me to the hosts who were two guys who had been an item for many years. We shook hands and they began to explain that they held these parties every year, everybody here has a secret they said, and here they don’t have to worry. Jo and I split up and she disappeared into another room, I walked out on to the terrace. After a while I felt an arm slip around me, I turned to see one of our hosts , he smiled. ” and what I wonder, is your secret” I tried to plead innocence but he would have none of it. ” I think Jo has fitted tuzla escort you out beautifully, you see she always brings her latest triumph here, and you are the very best”. “why don’t you and Jo stay over, it would be a pleasure to have you”After a while Jo returned and apologised for being so long, she said she had met an old friend. She thought it was a good idea to stay over and that she would like to go to bed quite soon as she was tired. She had obviously stayed there before as she knew which room to go to. She helped me get undressed but to leave the bra and panties on, ” I know they excite you” she said. She went to the bathroom, as she did so she turned out all the lights, when she returned a few minutes later she slid under the covers along side me. I had no control over my cock, Jo found this out straight away and she began to pleasure me, after a while she stopped, ” perhaps you would like pleasure me now ” and she lay back. I went to her groin and there was the most beautiful penis, it was erect but only small and “she” had been cut. Jo had kept on her French knickers so the feel of her cock and balls was mind blowing. We wanked each other to oblivion and it was the first time I had tasted cum.The next morning the taxi collected us and I dropped Jo off, the promise was, we will definitely meet again.