My First Masturbation

20 Mayıs 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


My First MasturbationI was a bit of a latecomer to the world of sex. My family has traditions and I did not want to challenge them. By the time I was at the college I realised that my pussy was aroused.One day while I was making research on a subject, I saw advertising with sexual content. Of course, this happened before and I had always pushed it away. But the day I clicked it. A porn site was opened, in other words anonther world was introduced to me. I began to watch several videos and felt that my pussy was reacting to it. It wanted me to touch güvenilir bahis siteleri it. This tingling did not end and I could not close the porn site.Out of sudden, my hand went to my panties, and I started to rub myself slowly. I had not touched a penis before, just saw it in some biology lessons. So the penis I saw in the video excited me. I found porns which were not completely fitted to men’s desires.As I continued from one video to the next, I undressed my panties and slid my hand inside. I had never been wet before, so my wet canlı bahis siteleri and sticky pussy excited me even more. I had a good feeling and continued rubbing. Suddenly I felt the tingling getting sronger, because I had touched my clit, as I found out later.Pretty soon my right hand’s fingers were inside my pussy and I was rubbing my boops with my left one. I had taken off my shirt and my bra. I was totally naked and felt so good.The pleasure I was feeling was motivating me. I continued to explore myself with my hands and imagined that bahis firmaları the sexy porn guy was fucking me. Then he made the woman cum and started to lick her pussy, I licked my finger and tasted the sticky juice. It did not smell well and it did not taste special, but different.I continued rubbing and suddenly I felt strange. I began groaning and soon I was completely overcome by my orgasm. I realised what just happened and liked it a lot. I did not think of anything else that night and some minutes later I masturbated again.I masturbate at least twice a day ever since. To this day, I love the feeling of rubbing my pussy lips and like to watch porns when I masturbate. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t cum at least once a day.If you want to learn more about me and my experiences, you can pm me 😉