My First Time

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My First Timemany of you have asked me about my first time. I had posted a story about it but it is gone so here is a re-post. Let me know what you think. My 6th grade teacher was my first when i was 12. Being transgender and more girl then boy I would wear stockings, panties sometimes garter-betls under my boy things (UGH) when going to school. One day as I sat at my desk with my feet on he wrung of the chair my tight pants got even tighter. The clasp of my garter-belt I was wearing were clearly showing. I did not realize the were we were taking a test. The teacher walked down the isle and stopped looking down “very nice” he said and continued on.The lunch bell, as i walked passed his desk he called me over. After all the others had left he reached out and snapped my garter strap. “what color honey” he said. I looked down somewhat embarrassed “Black” i said. “panties” he said, Yes sir pink with black lace. He smiled and walked me to the lunch room without saying another word.After school as I walked home ardahan escort he pulled up along side of me. “want a ride honey” I got in. He said I was more of a girl then the real girls in his class. His hand rested on my leg feeling my garter straps.He pulled down a dirt road in the woods stopped the car and asked “show me honey” I pulled down my pants and he let out a sigh. my pink panties so tight my tiny clitlet not showing. he stoked my black stocking clad leg and snapped my garter straps. He leaned over and kissed me I was shocked not knowing what to do so I let him his hand slide over my panties feeling the soft satin.He got out and open my door reached in helping me out (I had taken off my pants so all I was wearing was stockings, garter-belt and panties)You are so cute he kissed me again then pushed me to my knees. He took out his rock hard cock and slide it across my lips. “If you want to be a girl you have to know how to please a man” he said. Without thinking artvin escort I parted my lips and took his cock in and suck it bobbing my head back and forth. I started to gag as I took it to deep “easy honey I will teach you”. I sucked it nice and slow a she moaned. I felt his cock tense up he held the back of my head and WOW he gushed a load of thick cum in my mouth “SWALLOW HONEY DON’T LET IT OUT” I swallowed over and over as he squirted his seed. I knew then that I should have been born a girl I loved the teats the texture how it felt in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could with some dripping out hanging from my chin. He pulled out whipping his cock on my face and i licked it till all the cum was off. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him “I liked that sir” I said “can I do it again”. He laughed “you will do it so many times I own you now” That was the beginning of a many year relationship. Him sharing me with his friends, pimping me off using and abusing me (more about escort bayan that in other post)Well after giving him a few blow jobs he finally took my cherry. I went to his house after school he had got me a cute outfit. short pleated skirt, black panties, pink satin garter-betl, white stockings, bra blouse and white heels. I changed and came out to show him spinning around. He took my hand and we went into the bedroom. He sat on the bed and I knelt sucking his cock. Finally he pulled me up laid me down on my back. raised my skirt. pulled off my panties. He looked into my eyes “it’s time Michelle” he raised my legs and held them open. OMG his fat hard cock head pressing to my virgin hole my eyes wide open as it entered. I screamed, started to cry, telling him to stop it hurt. try to get away but he held me and rammed it in. It felt like knifes ripping me apart. My cry’s turned to sighs as he fucked me. I started to enjoy it pushing up off the bed grinding to to it. I loved it even though i hurt. His cum felt so soothing as he seeded me. Thick cum running out of my broken hole. “I was a real girl”. I hurt for awhile but the next day was ready and wanted nothing more then to suck his cock and have him fuck me again and again. Anyway, after that I felt that I was a real girl