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MY FIRST TIMEMY FIRST TIMEMy first real thoughts of sex happened on the last day of school when I was barely a teenager. Danny said that he saw his sister Heather putting on her clothes after her shower this morning, seems she left her door slightly open and Danny could see her in the full length mirror in her room. As Heather who is a year younger than me removed the towel from her body turned to admire her growing tits and shapely ass wondering when she would get the big tits like her mother. Danny’s mom is the talk of all the men in the neighborhood , blonde hair big boobs tight ass and friendly to everyone . The old women hated her because everybody thought Danny’s mom was a slut judging her by all the attention she got . Heather is a tomboy she is not afraid to rough house with the boys , she is pretty good at playing any of the outdoor sports that the boys in the neighborhood play and she is often chosen first she was that good. I had her on my team as often as possible besides she is also very cute. I considered her my unofficial girl friend but she thought of me as her boyfriend . The guys would often tease me about it but I didn’t care . We played some sort of game everyday so it like I was part of her family too . They also had a pool in a fenced in backyard and the neighbors had shrub hedges which grew ever taller than their fence, so it was totally private . So the first Saturday after school got out it was a nice hot day and Danny asked me if I wanted to come over and swim I said that I’d like that he said to come around noon. I arrived on time with my swim suit and towel Danny and I went to the pool and jumped in making a big splash getting Heather wet which made us laugh. She was a little miffed at first but soon started laughing with us saying she would get even . We swam for a little while Heather continued to sunbath turning over exposing her backside as her swim suit to ride up her butt crack , it got my attention real fast. Danny looked at me and said are you looking at Heathers ass? There was something different about Heather today she looked sexier than I remembered. Danny’s mom called us in for a snack about then so we gathered up our stuff and headed to the picnic table. I sat down then Heather sat next to me , I couldn’t help myself . I looked at her and noticed that her top puckered a little bit and I got a peek of her little tits . My 6 in cock started to rise which made me uncomfortable so I adjusted my rising boner and Heather noticed and giggled immediately.Danny asked what is so funny Heather said nothing you would be interested in. Danny got up to get us some drinks when Heather reached over and stroked my hard on she smiled and said told you I’d get even. From that day I saw her in a totally different light . Next time I went over there I paid more attention to Heather than Danny hoping no one would notice but Heather did. She asked me as I was leaving to meet her at city park tomorrow so I said sure what time. Well mom has to take Danny to the Dentist at 1pm so I can meet you there at 1:15. OK by the swing set.So next day I meet Heather by the swing set at 1:15 she had a puzzled look on her face , so I said what’s wrong? Nothing really just a question was that boner for me yesterday? I must have turned 20 shades of red when she said that’s OK I’m flattered that you think of me like that. Lets take a walk in the woods ,so I followed her into the woods she picked a small spot off the trail kinda away from everything. When she turned to me and took my hand and placed it on her breast . I was slow to react when she said it’s OK squeeze them a little,so I rubbed them softly at first then a little harder. As she moaned my cock got hard then she asked me if I would show her my cock? I hesitated at first then she said please so I figured why not so I stopped rubbing her breast and started unzipping my shorts letting them fall to my feet she took her thumbs and hooked them on the waistband and pulled them down to my knees. Well I thought my 6 in cock was pretty big for my age as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and squeezed I asked her to stroke it for me . She then moved down to her knees to get a better look when she asked me if this feels good I nod my head when she said I bet then this should feel real good. She leaned in a licked my cock head which sent shivers up my spine I instinctively moved my hand to the back of her head and pulled her closer. Her mouth opened like she was going to protest but my cock went straight in closing her mouth I pulled back an inch or too then pushed back in. I started a slow rhythm while looking at her to see if it was OK , she smiled so I figured it was OK .It was a total turn on for me having a girl actually sucking my cock and it was Heather no less. Lately she had been the girl of my stroke dreams now here she is taking about half of my cock in her mouth, I started to get a tingly feeling in my balls so I told her that I’m coming she pulled back and said go for it , putting it back in her mouth she really started to suck hard. I have never cum so hard before but she held my hips as I poured everything I had into her mouth and she swallowed it all.After my head stopped spinning I told her I’m sorry I came in your mouth so much I just couldn’t help it it felt so good. Heather said that her girl friends like to do it for their boy friends so I wanted to try it for myself . She said that it was a little salty but still good and would like to do it again if I wanted her too. I told her that she could do it all day everyday if she wanted too, she laughed. I should be heading for home but we will do this again soon, but you have to do me a favor . Anything you want , OK then I want you to lick my pussy next time. Rachel says that she loves it when Jack eat her cunt . I was dumbfounded nerdy Jack !! You mean Jack Taylor the computer geek ? Sure that’s who Rachel likes , why does that surprise you . What’s so special about him anyway I asked ? Rachel says that he also has a big cock for his age too like you. I never thought Jack and I didn’t have anything in common but I guess we do after all. The rest of the tuzla escort week went by uneventful , I didn’t hook up with Heather again but I sure wanted too. Rachel is having a party for her birthday on Saturday and Heather wanted me to go with her to be her date. Rachel was excited when she found out that Heather and I were boyfriend and girlfriend saying we would have to double date sometime. Rachel’s mom watched every boy there like a hawk so no tried anything . I wasn’t sure if she didn’t trust the boys or the girls , I made a mental note to ask Rachel later. The party was OK I got to know Jack a little better and found out that he is a cool guy. He has a kick ass computer at home and he can get into any pay site for free so we set up a day that I could drop by and see his setup. Finally the day arrived and I went over to see Jack , his older brother Jim answered the door and said hey dip shit your friend is here with that statement he left . Jack said don’t worry about him he is pissed off that he has a ballgame to go to and he had to stay until you got here other wise he’s not so bad. Jack has the latest computer with a big screen monitor , a double quad core motherboard with a ton of ram and five terabyte hard drive. Jack looks at me and says Rachel tells me that Heather gave you a blow job and she swallowed your load. I was embarrassed and didn’t quite know what to say. Jack then says Rachel has been blowing him for almost a month now and she is dam good for a first year teen . I said that Heather has only blown me once so far but she wants to do it again first chance we get . That’s the right attitude for a girlfriend to have ready to suck your cock and swallow when ever you want , life doesn’t get any better . Have you eaten her pussy yet? No not yet but I will soon . Chicks love that , let me show you this website I found a couple of weeks ago . Then I watch as his fingers fly across the keyboard and find this website called Lovely young sluts . It showed young couples having intercourse in every way possible , all manners of sex. This is an awesome site I said Yeah Rachel thought so too. You mean Rachel saw this ? Hell yes she did we both watched it and we both want another couple to join us we were hoping it would be you and Heather . You mean you want us to watch it with you guys? Well yes to start with then when the girls are warmed up maybe get them to get naked and suck our cocks. Do you really think they would go for that? I know Rachel would and I’m sure Heather would join in to if you wanted her too. You mean seeing both of them naked at the same time? Look if your not ready then….. now wait a minute . I would love to see them naked , I always thought Rachel had a killer body so does Heather but when could we get them here to do it? Well my mom has to work this weekend and my brother wants to spend the day with his friends , so how about Saturday morning after they have gone, it will be just be me here all day otherwise . Alright I know that I can come over Saturday my mom likes it when I don’t spend my weekends in front of the TV , so if I tell her I’m going over to a friends house she will be OK with that. That’s great I will tell my mom that you are coming over and she will be happy that I am not alone in this house all day, I just won’t tell her that the girls are coming over too. I’ll call Rachel and tell her about this weekend and ask if her and Heather might want to join us for some fun and games. Saturday finally gets here I take a shower then head over to Jacks house around nine . Jack meets me at the door just as his brother bolts passed us saying stay out of trouble losers and like that he is gone. Once inside Jack says that the girls will be here in minutes , so we start towards his room and boot up the computer to the Lovely young sluts website. It seemed like only a minute later when the door bell rang , Jack got up to let the girls in and up to his room I hugged Heather then kissed her while Jack was doing the same with Rachel . Rachel said you guys ready to get started I smiled and said sure. OK then first things first we want to look at both of your cocks so strip down and show us what you got. Jack smiled and started to unbuckle his pants while I just pulled down my shorts and underwear letting them fall to my feet. Heather smiled and said to Rachel see I told you he has a nice size cock . WOW your right you lucky bitch is there any chance we could switch at some point ? Maybe later but now he’s going to eat my pussy aren’t you sweetie ? Yes I am having seen it done on the website I had a pretty good idea of what she wanted me to do, besides I really wanted to eat her pussy anyway. So Heather walked over beside the bed and removed her shorts and panties all in one motion dropping them to the floor sitting down on the bed and spreading her legs and showing me her bare freshly shaven pussy. My cock stood straight out in front of me as I walked over to her . Jack said Damn that is one beautiful looking cunt you have there Heather ! Thanks I just shaved this morning . Rachel looked at Jack and said that she shaved this morning too and that he is going to eat her too. So she walked to the other side of the bed lay down spread her legs and motioned Jack to get over here and start licking her pussy. I took it as a signal for both of us to get busy start licking our girls cunts which I was more than happy to do.I knelt in front of Heathers great smelling cunt and grabbed her thighs and planted my face directly into her licking the folds and her clit like I was dying of thirst trying to get every drop from her. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me into her cunt moving her hips up and down grinding my face in her pussy. Man this is so good I really like this and I want to do this all the time. Heather started moaning as my tongue flew across her labia folds and as far in her pussy as I could reach with my tongue. She sounded like she just might be enjoying my efforts . After several minutes she started to shake and her breath became ragged and short as she grabbed my head holding it in place as she came all over my face. pendik escort I kept licking which triggered many more smaller organisms she tasted so good I didn’t want to stop but it became so intense for her she pulled me out of her cunt so she could catch her breath. Having stopped I could now watch Jack eating Rachel’s cunt , she was a little more vocal and kept saying “Eat me you son of a bitch keep eating my fucking cunt” Jack then stuck his fingers on her button and up her cunt which sent her into orbit she covered her mouth as she screamed OH MY GOD JACK KEEP EATING ME. This feels so good can you do this forever I love it when I have my cunt eaten. Oh Jack you eat mt pussy so good. Having taken care of the girls it was now time for them to suck our cocks Rachel suggested that we stand side by side so they could compare techniques , I’m game I said Jack then stood next to me as the girls knelt in front of us Rachel the whispered in Heather’s ear then they giggled and said that they wanted to blindfold us to heighten the feeling of the blow job , but we were instructed not to remove our blindfolds for at least 30 seconds after who ever finished last was done only then could we remove the blindfold. So Jack said that’s cool as they scurried around to find something to blindfold us with . After we were blindfolded I heard more whispering then movement and finally a warm wet mouth on my cock. Having had only one blow job before the eagerness of the mouth on my cock was incredible long and deep strokes had me wanting to cum in just a few minutes. Then the mouth stopped , more movements then it started to suck again but something was different this mouth was sucking me harder like it was desperate for me to cum and fill the mouth so I grabbed the head of the girl and pumped my cock into the mouth . I could hear Jack moaning too, I wanted to cum in the mouth of this excellent cocksucker that I held the head in my hands and forced it down on my cock forcing them as far as I could before I unloaded. Six or seven spurts splashed in the back of this throat , my knees felt weak but I managed to stand and continued to pump this heavenly mouth until I went limp.I wanted to see who’s mouth I had just filled but my hands were held until Jack filled the other mouth with his cum. Then I remembered that we had to wait 30 seconds so when Jack finished blowing his load the girls moved to the other side of the room then we were told to remove our blindfolds . I yanked it off trying to figure which one’s mouth I filled ,but the girls stood there straight faced not saying a word about which one blew me or Jack. I really didn’t care which one blew me I just knew that I’d love another blow job from either one of them again soon, I know Jack felt the same way. I would gladly eat one or both of them if they wanted . I suggested that we make this a weekly event more if possible and we all agreed this was a lot of fun . Then Rachel said that she has other girl friends that would love to suck our big cocks if we would like , But we would have to be blindfolded again to protect us as well as the other girls that would be blowing us. I started to get another hardon just thinking about another one of their girl friends sucking my cock . Heather laughed and said looks like your answer is yes. Maybe we should start and ORAL SEX CLUB . Now that is a great idea Rachel said that she could probably get at least five more girls that would like to join. How many very discrete guys could you get? I figure every guy I knew would love to have his cock sucked by some unknown girl , but the only catch was he would have to have a big cock and a strong tongue to please the girls.So Jack and I started to make a mental list of guys that we thought who might have a big cock and love to eat pussy we would start on Monday after gym class and carefully check them out in the shower. I have a question though. What is your question asked Rachel ? Will all the girls have a shaved pussy? That might make it more difficult to identify the girls we are eating and we will not be able to speak or use our hands , we can only use our mouth . That’s a good point said Heather the guys can only use their tongue on our cunts. I think I have a way that will help too. How about we get a bed sheet cut a hole in it exposing our cunt but still cover our faces and the guys also have a blindfold on too .The guys can use the same sheet when he is getting his cock sucked by the blindfolded girl . That way no one can see the other . That’s fine said Rachel but I also have a request all the guys must shower before they get their cock sucked and we girls will shower too. OK I said are you sure you really want to do this ? I mean the thought of having my cock sucked by some girl is very appealing , guys think with the little head not the big head on our shoulders and we are horny all the time. I bet I could blow a load in a different girls mouth 10 times a day if I had the chance. So how many times a day would you girls like to get your cunts eaten in a single day ? Rachel said don’t think for a minute that guys are the only that is horny all the time we are too we just don’t let you know we are. I think I would like my cunt eaten at least 10 times if not more . Wow I guess Jack and I really have our work cut out for us then. How many guys do you want us to recruit? Heather said for now only the guys you can trust, and we will do the same. Finding guys who would like their cocks sucked by a hot girl was easy , but finding guys who also had a big cock would be not so easy. Hey Jack I said did the girls say anything about if they were black? I’ll bet the Thompson twins would love to be a part of our little group. I think they would be open to the idea of having a white girl sucking their cock and eating some white pussy. Yeah and I’ll bet the girls would love to suck a really big cock all of them trying to swallow the biggest cock and wanting to be crowned the best cocksucker of the group.I cornered the Thompson twins at their locker then I asked if either of them if they would like to have a hot girl sucking on their bone? Are you crazy what aydınlı escort normal young man wouldn’t love to have his cock sucked , Why do you ask? Well we have got a few girls that just love to suck cock but only if you are willing to eat some pussy too. Fuck yeah man I just love eating some young girl’s pussy especially if it’s white pussy , don’t get me wrong black pussy is good too. Well I said that Jack’s mom works weekends and his brother will not be around so how about you guys meeting us at Jack’s house this Saturday around 10. Ok man we will be there. I called Heather when I got home and told her that we have a couple of guys willing to eat some pussy and have their cocks sucked , so how is it going ? Find any girls for us? Well it just happens that we also have some girls that just love to suck cock and have their pussies eaten. That’s great now we can really have an assortment of delicious pussy to enjoy and you will also have lots of tasty cocks to sample too.Saturday finally gets here and I’m at Jacks house at 9:45 wanting to get there before the Thompson twins show up . I help Jack prepare the basement for the big event . Heather called and said they will be there in 5 minutes and come in the back way hiding from prying eyes in the neighborhood . OK we will be waiting , I relayed the message to Jack so he told Tom and Toby Thompson the girls were almost here. When Heather opened the back door entered along with three others , Rachel plus two girls the first one is Amy along with Terri . Amy is very petite about 75lbs a freshman she is Chinese and very cute but a fantastic ass and no tits to speak of. While Terri is a little taller but slender blonde pretty face made the cheer leading team on her first try so she is very athletic. I’m thinking this is going to be awesome I can hardly wait for any of these girls to be sucking my cock or me to be eating their pussy’s . The plan was simple the guys would undress and walk to the sheet put on the blindfold put their cock through the hole and wait for one of the girls to approach them and start sucking their cock . Problem was all of us wanted to go first so rock paper scissors until we had a winner, so the girls did the same on who went first , for the guys Tom won then Jack was second ,Toby was third and I was last to partake . I had promised Heather that I would not reveal which girl was blowing which guy and for me it really didn’t make a difference I was looking forward for all of them blowing me at some point today. As luck would have it Heather went first the look on her face when she saw that big black was priceless she is a real trooper and got down on her knees and started sucking the cock like she has been doing it all her life. Tom looked like he was enjoying himself , thrusting his hips back and forth sliding his cock in Heathers mouth . I was jealous of Tom wishing it was me getting blown , but I had to wait for my turn. I watched them all as each of the girls in order suck and swallow each cock through the hole. I thought I hit the jackpot when the last girl was Amy got down in front of me and within moments she was bobbing on my cock squeezing with her little hand and pumping my cock as she sucked, my cock it felt gigantic as her small mouth worked her magic. I was soon ready to fill her mouth as my balls contracted I could feel the cum shooting out of my cock flooding the back of her throat which she swallowed with some difficulty . When I finished it was the girls turn to have their cunts eaten by us guys after some discussion we all agreed that no one would ever discuss today’s events with anyone but the group so we did away with the sheet as the girls thought it would be best if we lay down on the floor so they could mount our faces and the guys were more that willing to eat any of the girls . As the girls picked out a mouth to ride I had Rachel lower her sweet pussy on my face I grabbed her hips and drove my long tongue as deep in her as I could she soon started to moan and grind her pussy on my face as she came Rachel was holding her breath shaking rubbing her tits . I had to hold her legs tight to keep her on my face until she finished with her climax , juices flowed from her and I eagerly lapped all I could . After all of the girls climaxed we were sitting around when I casually asked Amy where she had learned to suck cock so well. Amy said that her uncle who 22 was only 10 years older than her had talked her into sucking his cock last year while the they were at a their house. She had gotten up to get a drink of water around 2 in the morning and found her uncle watching a porno and stroking his cock as she gasped he jumped up grabbed her and pushed his cock in her mouth forcing it down her throat as he unloaded she said it was over to quickly . Amy said she wiped her mouth and told her Uncle Dan that he better get up again so she could enjoy this time. He quickly recovered when she lowered her mouth over the head of his cock and sucked and stroked and for the next twenty minutes he stroked her hair told her what a great job she was doing even said that he loved her which made her suck even harder and when he shot his load this time Amy was in control squeezing his cock and swallowed at her pace until he was spent . Amy got up lowered her panties and asked Uncle Dan to lick her pussy he must have thought he was the luckiest guy in the world when a beautiful girl even a young one asked you to eat her pussy only a great fool would say no. This will be our secret you did a fantastic job on me I would love to eat your sweet little pussy. Amy put her legs over his shoulders as he started eating her sweet little cunt until covering her mouth as she started coming . Amy said that they found time to repeat their oral encounter twice more while he stayed with them enjoying their time together that weekend. Amy said that has really been looking for the his next visit when she hopes to be able to fuck him properly but says that she will have to practice until then. All the guys volunteered to help her practice, the girls laughed at us and said aren’t we good enough for you . I quickly said that we would love the opportunity to fuck any and all of you when ever you want. That seemed to ease the tension for the moment , but Jack’s brother was due home soon so we had to end this party now but we were already planning the next time .