My first time

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My first timeThis is a true story and a very accurate retelling of the events,all I have changed is the name of my lover;I hope you enjoyI had always liked women from my earliest memories but it wasn’t until a few weeks after mysixteenth birthday that I finally became aware that I was sexually attracted to, and aroused by women.I started to realise that seeing some of my class mates in the changing rooms after PE made me verysexually aroused.I was terrified and excited in almost equal measure. Terrified that the other girls would find out and I’dbe seen as different or weird or an outsider. Consequently my ogling of their bodies becamesomething which I only did with the greatest of caution and always surreptitiously.At the same time as realising my attraction to women, I also discovered the joys of masturbation andfound my arousal and desire (I didn’t know or understand horny then) was greatly increased with thepleasure I found in masturbation.I suppose I could argue that my masturbatory fantasies around some of my class mates were my firstexperience with another girl.But in reality my first physical experience with another girl didn’t occur until I was just sixteen yearsold. I used to be a very keen swimmer and used the local swimming baths at least once a week,frequently more often.There was a girl called Laura who I vaguely knew from school. She was a year older than me and inthe upper 6th form and I çankırı rus escort saw her swimming regularly. I thought she was gorgeous. I tried wheneverpossible to get changed at the same time that she did, and used the opportunity to surreptitiouslywatch her in the showers.One day she noticed me staring at her and as you can guess I was terrified to have been caught out.She came over to me in the showers and I expected her to tell me what a disgusting pathetic younglass I was. Much to my amazement she told me I didn’t need to feel embarrassed. I guess I was thecolour of beetroot by now. We continued to shower side by side and when the other girls left theshower area she gently touched my bum and drew me towards her and gave me the sexiest mostarousing kiss that I’d had in my life.She began touching various parts of my body – face, lips, breasts, tummy, pubic bone and shewhispered encouragement for me to touch her in a similar way. Before I got the chance to reciprocateanother bunch of girls came into the shower and we had to stop.I left the shower experiencing feelings that I’d never had before. Excited and aroused but also with agreat deal of disappointment, I dried off and got dressed. Just as I was leaving she appeared at myelbow and asked me if I’d like to walk home with her.We walked to her house as it wasn’t far from where I lived and she invited me in. çankırı rus escort bayan Her parents were atwork and we had the place to ourselves. She made us a cup of tea and we chatted. She told me thatshe’d been aware of me gazing at her body for weeks and that she’d loved the attention she got fromme. She also admitted she’d fancied me.She took me by the hand and led me up to her room. It’s hard for me to articulate my feelings. Myheart was beating so hard I thought Laura would hear it. I was excited and scared of making a fool ofmyself, so much so that I was shaking like a leaf. My stomach was turning summersaults and I felt soaroused.Laura was fantastic, quietly reassuring me, telling me how gorgeous she thought I was and how luckyshe felt. It helped me to calm down and enjoy the moment.I can’t remember how it happened but Ilooked up and saw Lauranuzzling my neck in the full lengthdouble wardrobemirrors in her roomasI was sat there in just my bra and panties. Laura kissed mepassionately pushing her tongue into my mouth and I marvelled at the pleasure I felt as our twotongues collided. I felt her hand sliding under my bra and gently squeezing my nipple which made memoan with pleasure. My nipples were erect in seconds. Laura stopped and complimented me on mybreasts and told me how much she liked my nipples. Taking my left breast into her mouth she suckedand rus escort çankırı nibbled while she took my hand and placed it on her breast. It was so exciting feeling her nipplegrow firm in response to my touch. I looked over to the mirror and was electrified to see the two of ussat there with just our knickers on, me caressing Laura’s breast and she sucking greedily on my tit.Laura gently pushed me onto my back and began to kiss down from my breasts over my tummy on tomy pubic mound. I was so turned on my knickers were drenched. This made Laura very excited andshe spoke quietly but also a bit rudely saying she loved how turned on I was and how much pleasureshe wanted to give me.I can’t remember how it happened but soon I was knickerless and very aware of my juices glisteningin droplets on the lips of my labia. Laura parted my thighs and kissed the tops of them workingtowards my pussy. She gently parted my lips exposing my vagina and clitoris which she delighted inshowing me in the mirror. Her tongue slid up my vagina rolling and pushing my clitty sheath againstmy already firm clitty. I climaxed in seconds, my whole body shivering and trembling with pleasure.Slowly she slid two fingers into me, stretching my hymen as she rubbed her fingers slowly against theinner wall of my vagina. For the very first time she expertly found my internal G spot, gently andexpertly massaging my pussy whilst her tongue continued to lick and flick my clitty. I don’t know howlong it took but I will never forget the shuddering climax I enjoyed as I experienced a vaginal climaxfor the very first time. My first climax had been wonderful, the second literally blew my mind and Ifound myself screaming involuntarily in pleasure and ecstasy…To be continued