My first time with a transsexual

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My first time with a transsexualI’m going to tell you how I met Kelly, my first transvestite girl …It turns out that at the age of 25, I just finished with my girlfriend, which made me pretty sad.It was a Saturday and I was coming from the work I had on Saturdays, taught in a computer school in which my ex-girlfriend worked too; I returned home like every Saturday and I turned on the computer immediately opened the chat and entered the room of transvestites in the hope of finding something, and more than anything to fantasize since for some time I began to draw attention to the transsexual girls and transsexuals, I clarify is not that it is bisexual, I was only interested in anal sex since not all women like to practice it.Well after this small tally of my tastes and preferences continue, I opened the chat and I started to see who was online, I suddenly see Kelly Taylor, not Beverly Hills 90210, transvestite girl with whom I had talked before.I greet her as we always did when we saw each other online and asked her what she was doing at about 3:00 pm she told me that she was in the pink zone and that she was going to go to a club called Hysteria with her friends who had been canlı bahis connected quick to agree with them, to which I replied okay well and at what time you go to the den? He replied that it was at night that he was going to a hotel in Rome to change and prepare to leave that his friend arrived at 19:00 to work and they went together to see that he was leaving.I told him jokingly that if I was going to give myself the chance to meet her and to get her, she said yes, to give her a phone number to call me as soon as I got to the hotel, I gave her my Nextel number, many remember in 2002 Nextel assigned a local phone number, told me to disconnect and that as soon as I arrived at the hotel I dialed to give me the room number and I went to see it; I disconnected and continued surfing the net watching porn videos of transsexuals and transvestites to warm me up a bit.After an hour I received a call she was Kelly, calling me on the phone telling me that I was in the hotel Bonampak gave me the room number and I wondered approximately how long it came to what I told him that 40 minutes in which I showered and went out to the hotel, I asked him which condoms he preferred or if he wanted bahis siteleri me to bring something to which he replied that the condoms I wanted to take and to take nothing.That said, I showered quickly I put on a pants without a boxer and I left for the hotel, take a taxi because the car was in the workshop and I asked him to take me to the street in Mérida, as soon as I could, I do not know if the taxi driver noticed my anxiety, but we arrived in less than 20 minutes to the hotel, I left in the corner right there is an OXXO where I buy the condoms, then walk to the hotel and enter the reception saying that I was going to room 201, They called and let me pass.Just when I was in there with a set of divine lingerie, Kelly back then was a closet tv girl, but she looked gorgeous she welcomed me with a kiss a little shy and tender to which I responded in the same way. We began kissing and caressing each other to explore us, grabbing her buttocks and lowering my pants and boxer freeing my shaved cock that was about to explode.I lay down on the bed and put my cock with a single blow to the mouth and began to suckle me in such a delicious way that I could not believe that my fantasy bahis şirketleri was becoming a TV reality mamándomela, I asked him to settle in such a way that his ass remained in my face which I started to lick as if it were a vagina and I started to penetrate it with my tongue to which my Kelly moaned with my cock in his mouth and asked more as I sucked more that pink bump she increased the pace of the blowjob came the moment when I could not more and I came into her mouth so abundantly she swallowed my cum as if it were milk.We slept in bed to rest, which she cliché XXX film asked me to light a cigar, while I smoked I confessed that it was my first time with a girl TV which you know a little of grace because she told me who sucked his ass like an expert.I already started to breastfeed and she told me that if I wanted to pump her, I said yes, she put the condom on me and she was back on me and we started to get that way and then she asked me to change my position to a missionary to which I acceded and at the moment of catching her that way she saw her clitoris, she wanted to cover it with a pareo and I mentioned that there was no problem, I was surprised saying that most men were uncomfortable to see her way, to which I replied that she had no problem knowing that she was not a biological woman and that did not cause me any conflict.We were getting in different positions until we did not