My First Time With My Wife.

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My First Time With My Wife.This is how I first had sex with my wife. We’d been going out for a few months. She was 25, brunette, with a good 37-24-36 figure. We’d kissed and cuddled a lot, but she was shy and had let me run my hands over her breasts through her clothes and let me put my hand up her skirt to touch her cunt through her panties but I’d never got her nude and she’d never touched my cock.One summer day we decided to drive to the beach. We found an isolated virtually empty beach. Julie had put her bright patterned bikini on under her dress, and just watching her slip her dress off and show herself almost node in a tiny bikini just big enough to sling her hefty boobs and showing a cameltoe outline of her slit gave me a rock hard erection. I changed into my swim shorts under a towel, and it was obvious to her from my bulging shorts that I was up hard.After a dip in the sea we were laid out on towels and soon we were kissing and cuddling. She wrapped her leg over me so my hard cock was jabbing into the bulge of her bikini over her sex mound. My hand was all over canlı bahis her long smooth legs, creeping up her thighs, then on her soft round bottom through her bikini. I felt her gently thrusting her cunt against my bulging rod. Then to my amazement she started to stroke my erection through my shorts with her fingertips following the ridge where my knob meets my shaft. I decided to be more adventurous too. I tickled her just above the top of her bikini briefs, then I slid my hand down inside the front of her bikini. I felt her cunt hair and eased my fingertips her vagina slit. We kissed for a while with me fingering her pussy like that and getting her hot, and wet downstairs!“There’s a cave over there,” she said. There were some cliffs behind the beach, and a cave.We disentangled ourselves and went into the cave. We spread our towels on the dry sand inside, and carried on kissing and fondling each other’s body. I started to play with the clasp of her bikini round her back, and when she didn’t stop me I unclipped her bikini top. I fondled her big soft breasts naked for the bahis siteleri first time and licked her nipples till they were up taut and hard. She slipped her hand down inside my shorts and felt my cock and balls.“Its so big and stiff,” she said. Then she pulled my shorts down so my cock stuck out bending up erect. I took them off completely and sat with my legs wide while she fingered my shaft and balls. Then she bent over me and took the head of my cock into her mouth and she was sucking it and licking her tongue all over it. Her bikini briefs were held closed by a clip on each hip. While she was licking my cock head I reached down to undo them and her bikini bottom dropped leaving her nude. She stopped sucking my cock and knelt wide legged nude to show me her naked body. She had quite a full dark bush and my hand was immediately between her legs fondling her cunt.We flopped together on the towel nude with me kissing and fondling her cunt and boobs and her doing the same for my cock, with me making sure I stroked and fingered her cunt till she was wild. She rolled onto bahis şirketleri her back, spread and folded her legs up and reached up to me. I started by kissing her on her cunt then kissing her up her body, over her belly button then her breasts as I got on top of her. After a long feel of her smooth legs I got right on top of her and slid my hard up cock through her bush and between her tight wet labia with her belly against mine.I’d got her hot, I’d had girls before and knew how to hold back so I spent long enough fucking her rhythmically, smoothly and patiently that she came first. She cried out, wrapped her arms legs right over me and pounded my back and bum with her heels when her orgasm exploded. I kept going pumping my cock hard and deep inside her. I pushed her up the towel with my last thrust as I came. She still had her legs wrapped over me when my semen jerked into her. I stayed on top of her for a long time then rolled off her. Having fucked that first time we felt we’d crossed a boundary. We talked, started kissing and cuddling again, my cock was soon up hard and we fucked again using the same me-on-top sex position.From then on and through into our marriage we’ve had sex hundreds of times in lots of places and positions, but I’ll never forget that first ever time with her.