My foot fetish fantasy fulfilled. Part 2.

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My foot fetish fantasy fulfilled. Part 2.So there I was with my dick in one of my girlfriend’s friends heavenly mouths. My left nut being caressed slowly by the foot of another friend of my girlfriend. While my eyes were blindfolded. I was yet to find out if I had guessed which girls foot had been caressing my right nut. If I guessed right I would get access to the feet of three of my girlfriend’s friends and had one guess left for a shot a four.”So did I guess right?” “Yes!” Said Emily as she let my dick pop out of her mouth. “And you only have one foot left to guess.”Emily licked the head of my cock and jerked it off into her mouth.”Mmmm.” Said Emily “Your cock tastes so yummy.” This last guess was easy. Through process of elimination, it was obvious my left nut was being touched by the clenched toes of…”…Sarah?””Yes!” Said Sarah and grabbed my dick off Emily and slurped and sucked it in celebration of guessing it was her foot on my ball.”Can I take off my blindfold now?”Sarah, Emily, Kasey and Bridgette removed my blind fold and embraced canlı bahis me. They each pashed me hard on the mouth.”Where did Cara go?””Well, after you guessed Tessa’s foot wrong, she went with Cara into your spare room. Because you guessed wrong, Cara gets to do to her pink soled feet what you would have been able to if you’d guessed right. So now she’s fucking, sucking, licking, kissing and massaging the fuck out of Tessa’s feet. And Tessa is loving it.”I felt envious of my girlfriend getting access to Tessa’s pink soled feet, but four out of five wasn’t bad.”Come on, sluts.” Said Kasey to Emily and Sarah. “You’ve been hogging Matt’s dick. It’s my turn to suck his cock while he sucks my toes. Bridgette, care to jerk him off with your feet while I suck your toes and his cock?””Fuck yeah!” Said Bridgette And she lubed up her feet and lay at the end of the bed.”Come on, Matt. Let’s get this between my chubby feet.”Kasey lay upside down on top of me. Her feet up by my face and her face sucking my dick. Bridgette slid her soles up and down bahis siteleri the length of my cock, jerking it off into Kasey’s mouth.I sucked and licked her pale soles and toes, while Kasey pulled Bridgette’s feet up and down my saliva soaked dick. While waiting for a turn with my dick again, Sarah and Emily sucked each others feet and said “Oh fuck yeah! Sarah, I love your freckled feet and body and face.””Thanks, Emily. Your pale feet are delicious.”Then came a knock at the door. Cara and Tessa ran naked to the door.”Oh, baby.” Said Cara. “The foot orgy wasn’t your only surprise.”She opened the door and let in Jamal. He had his head shaved number four with a stylish goatee and a body that people attempt to get by going to the gym. He was dressed in an expensive royal blue robe.”Since you couldn’t guess Tessa’s foot right. Jamal here is going to be involved in our foot fun. I know how much you love seeing black guys fuck white girls. Well.”Tessa and Cara removed his blue royal robe.”We white girls are gonna have a lot of fun with this.”His bahis şirketleri cock was massive. Standing proud and erect.I wondered how they would fit it in their mouths.”Come on, Jamal, you can fuck me and Tessa, our mouth, feet. You can stick your gigantic cock in our tight little assholes. Do whatever you want. Matt lost Tessa to me and you win us both.”They both held his cock. Cara’s friends sat up and all held my cock and jerked it while they stared at Jamal’s gigantic penis.Cara pressed the remote the TV on. It showed the spare room, so as I had fun with all four girls feet, I could watch Jamal lick, fuck, suck and massage Tessa and Cara’s feet.I got so horny once those three started, that I lined up all four girls and fucked them all doggie style while touching their feet.Then we swapped and Cara and Tess finally gave me a double footjob, while Jamal put all eight feet around his cock and Sarah, Emily, Bridgette and Kasey made sure to keep jerking his dick till their bare soles and toes and heels were covered in his powerful jizz. I came too in between Cara and Tessa’s rapidly jerking feet.It was the best birthday ever. Cara made sure to take photos of all the action she could. My foot fetish orgy, interracial fuck fest fantasy was finally fulfilled.