My Forbidden Love Story

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 *Ever*  I was lying on my bed, and I fully heard the knocking on my door.Boom! Boom! Boom! I wished she would stop, but to no avail, she continued on. “Evie!” she said in her I-am-so-annoyed-with-you voice. “God, Steph, five minutes! Just five more, please?” I pleaded with her to let me sleep. She kept me up all night, practically babysitting her at the bar and unexpected frat party, so I’m pretty surprised even she is up. “No, we’re already late enough as it is! Dr. Benson isn’t going to let us in late everyday.” “He will if you continue to work your magic,” I retorted. “If by working my magic you mean flirting, then you’re wrong. I seriously think he’s getting annoyed.” He wasn’t the only one, still you could hear the smile in her voice. I told her I’d be up in a little while and walked into my bathroom. kocaeli escort I passed the mirror and refused to look up. I know I didn’t look my best. Again, I was at a frat party. I yawned and thought about the class I had to go to, with our drop dead gorgeous, but sometimes annoying professor, Carter Benson. I sighed, time to get ready.*Carter* “Aaaand Sarah W.”  I looked around, making sure I skipped no names on my list. It was my first year teaching college, and it was the first month. I had already learned all my students names. As I scanned the room, my eyes couldn’t help but wander to the fifth row, far left. Typical, no Stephanie. My eyes continued to the second to last, to Ever’s seat. It was usual for her to be late every once in awhile, but not this late. I worried about kocaeli escort bayan her, not that I should be. She’s just so breathtaking. The soft pale skin, and those full luscious — “Just knock, Steph.” “I know how to knock, just let me get ready.” The students in the room chuckled a bit, but quieted when I gave them the look. Something I had perfected over the years, with anyone and everyone. I sighed, partly relief of having my thoughts pulled of Ever, partly because I was going to let them in. I didn’t believe in locking the students out if they’re late. But I do believe in detention. As I was pondering things they could do to make up for their tardiness, I walked over to hear Stephanie’s latest excuse. “Hello Mr. Benson,” Stephanie purred. I tried not to smile as she continued izmit escort on, “We’re terribly sorry we are late, but we had to study for the test that I just couldn’t wait to take today.” Nicely played on her part. Maybe I won’t give them detention for the effort. I sighed. “Just sit down Stephanie; you too, Ever.” I tried to make eye contact with her, but she just walked up to her usual seat. I tried not to stare at her amazingly firm ass as she walked. She was wearing a black t-shirt with a white cross on it and a white pencil skirt that I wanted to lift badly. I tore my eyes from her and went to my desk. “Everyone ready?” I asked, though it wouldn’t matter, I’d pass out the test regardless. I gave everyone in the first row their papers, and almost as if they we’re programmed robots, they passed the rest back and began. ~The End Of Class~ “Ever, may I speak with you after everyone leaves?” “Sure, Dr. Benson,” she said, sounding rather bored. I watched everyone leave the class, Stephanie lingering for a bit, then leaving after me giving her a look.