?M?y friend Rosa

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?M?y friend RosaMy friend Rosa is now 18, but she used to be my pupil since her 16s. Rosa (?which means *pink?*” in Spanish?) is a colour which describes herself pretty well. You can find it in her mouth, lips, and down there between her legs? if you are lucky?, along with the brown of her hair, eyes and, of course, nipples. We are now a bit more than friends, and much more than pupil and teacher… She is my slave. She is really shy, but a great, always horny and dirty minded slut.Except for that of my cousin, I have never been with anyone as young as her, but she discovered me I love that? taste?. It was during one of our lessons?, at her parents home,? when she opened, by mistake, some pictures of me that she was keeping in her laptop, so I got surprised, and her cheeks got… lovely ?*?pink?*?. I asked for an explanation. She muttered, pressing hard her hands between her legs. I wanted details, but I also wanted her to bursa rus escort keep calm and don’t frighten, I told her it was really common to feel love or attraction for someone teaching you something, who is above you in some sense??. With time, she happened to be a good sub after all.?? I ?also told her how I ?loved knowing what she told me, and that she and her voice, her pale and pink skin, and her youth, seemed really sweet? and fancy? to me?.?She told me she had never had a boyfriend and that my beard made me really manly, and that my explanations sit by her side together with her ?*?dirty?*? mind was making her crazy? (she used? ? the word? “young”?, but with time I discovered? she meant dirty, really dirty in fact). She used to imagine me eating her and her eating me, or ?even ?me tieing her and putting her on knees and shoulders…I wanted to see her mas ?t?urbating in front bursa rus escort bayan of me as she used to do with my pics?, and I told her with that same words. She got pinker, but a smile in her lips and a shine in her eyes also appeared. At first she refused, but it wasn’t very difficult to make her accept I knew she was dying ?to be alone with me in a same room, in that other way. She didn’t accepted to do that there in her room, even when her parents were out of the house, but we agreed in meeting other day, at my home.?The lessons after that weren’t much different from the former ones, but we had an agreement, which made both? of us start and end the lesson with a big smile.?The first day she came to my home, she was trembling ?since the moment she ?arrived?, so I first managed to make her tell me all her fantasies, with a cup of tea in her hands. After a while, and when her rus escort bursa heart beat?s? w?ere? almost normal, I asked her to get closer, to let me touch her hands, her face, and to kiss her lips. I suddenly started hearing clearly how her breathing got loud and ?her ?heart ?beated ?fast again, and that made our forbidden kiss much more hot. I started talking dirty, and she played back ?surprisingly well! We spent the whole evening getting to know each other’s body, and she reached her first shared, not autoinduced, ??orgasm.After that day, our games got more frequent even than our lessons. She learnt many things, and me many others. She happened to be a great slave, crazy about everything to do with anal sex. I loved that, and I could be rimming her for an hour if the day was long enough. The taste of the pink Rosa’s ass hole after a shared shower was delicious to me, and I loved to have her kneeling, while spreading her buttocks for me. I loved her loud breathing everytime we did that.Now, after a year at the university, she no longer need my math lessons, although she needs my training as sex slave. She has also learnt many things with her fuck buddies, but when?ever? we can meet in a same city, I know I’m going to need lots of lube.