My life with Allison (pt 1)

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My life with Allison (pt 1)I had just moved to town recently and decided to give on-line dating a chance. I found some cool groups on-line and had received a discreet invitation to a party at a local hotel. There was an admission price and some requirements…but I decided to go for it. It was a club dedicated to matching potential couples up for kinky sex. Who would pass that up?I had a lengthy questionnaire to fill out and it was followed up by a phone interview. I had to submit pictures and an STD test. I know this would freak some people out, but I liked where it was going. It was exclusive, with a bit of caution tossed in. Some of the questions were tastes in women and life. I liked aggressive women with curves. Smart, witty, well read. I hadn’t really thought much about it, but the long process made me think about myself and dating. It’s weird, but even if I had been rejected I would have been better off going through the process. I liked that it told me why I had generally failed in dating. I had been needing a dominant woman to take charge of our sex life all along.I finally received an invitation in the mail along with instructions and a package. This was it. Dominatrix women would have their fun with willing slaves like I was signing up to be. They would pay for our services to the hosts and finally have an auction and buy a slave for the weekend. Yes, I paid for the honor and no I didn’t get any of the proceeds. But I didn’t care. I was to show up, be prepared to be naked in front of others. I was told that I would enter, register and be escorted to a side room. I was told it would be dark and to follow instructions. And to bring the steal cock cage and lock included in the package, something I had never been remotely curious about but was now eager to try on, and a blindfold. I was to be groomed as per a set of meticulous instructions including having my genitals closely shaven or even waxed. The appointed day arrived and I was nervous. I have to confess that I tried on the cage a few times. It was snug, but over all it was comfortable if I didn’t have an erection. I followed the instructions on the grooming, and even had my balls and ass waxed. Why not? You never know who you will meet, right? I freshly shaved my head and got dressed. When I arrived at the hotel, I could see a few other guys. They were different ages and builds, none of us fully sure what to do. I walked in and followed the small discreet signs to a wing of the hotel off from the rest. The hallway was curtained off. Yep, public nudity and discretion…I was liking this.I registered and, just as the instructions said, was shown into a dark room. This is where all complacency and confidence was shattered. I was greeted by three women, all different in looks and shapes, but all so confident my cock got instantly hard. The first approached me. Blue nails, purple lipstick, green hair, white corset, huge tits and a tutu. “STRIP. NOW.” He didn’t shout, but I got the point. My clothes were in a pile in just a few seconds. “Clothes in the bag. Underwear, kadıköy escort too.” She pulled down my underwear and grabbed my cock. “This will do…for some.” The bag of my belongings disappeared into a portable locker. They were organized. The next woman was a more conventional brunette. Not classically pretty, but a wide smile that scared me in the right way. “Hands.” She cuffed me before I realized what she was doing.” Give me your cage. We own your cock now. “ It was awkward but I complied. She pushed me on to a stool against a padded wall and grabbed my dick. A little lube and she slid the cage on. I was already so hard it wouldn’t fit. I smile until she gave a huge squeeze and slapped an ice pack on it. “Don’t get hard, yet. You have to earn that privilege.” She slipped the cage the rest of the way on and before I knew it, she had locked it. My cock really was hers now, it didn’t belong to me at all. I felt violated, lost, unnerved, and turned on all at the same time. She guided me off the stool and pushed me to the next. The third woman was definitely a big girl. Tall, heavy, so many curves I’m not sure where they started and ended. Oh, and heals. Tall ass heels. I felt myself being drawn to them and the legs they carried. Not a foot fetish guy but damn. Bright make up and brimming with confidence finished her out. She grabbed my handcuffs and pulled roughly forward. “You are now a slave without a mistress.” She fastened a collar around my neck and a leash to the steal ring. “In case you didn’t read the fine print in the waver, your cock belongs to us. Your body belongs to us. We own you…and we will sell you. In the next room, you will serve the ladies. One of them may pick you, one may not. If they do, you will serve her as her slave for the next 48 hours. If she is unsatisfied…well, you don’t want to know. “ With this, she wrote a number on my arm. It was my brand. M38S was my new number. My new name for this evening.A fourth woman appeared. Barefoot and wearing only a garter and thigh highs. She took my leash. “Follow me.” I started to follow and she shook the leash. “All fours, slave, and don’t make me repeat myself.” I went to all four and followed. Not too bad as I watched her ass move. CRACK the rising crop went across my naked back. “You do not have the privilege to look at my ass, much less worship it.” Head down, I followed her to the next room. We went down the hall into a larger room. “Stand up. Make yourself useful. The auction will start in about an hour.” As she started to walk away she struck me on the ass with that crop. I walked into the room and looked around. It was a mix of about 30 people. Naked guys like me, collared, caged and branded, and a mix of women of all shapes, sizes, ages. I looked over at the bar on one side and saw a plate of drinks. I figured I would make myself useful. No sense in literally standing around with my dick hanging out. The bartender smiled. She was another of these dominant women, corset üsküdar escort and tutu and knowing what she wanted. “Pick up the empties, and be quick about it.” I circulated among the ladies, offering drinks and cleaning up the empties. I did the same with hors devours and finally napkins. “You, come here.” It was an older woman of about 60. She still had much of her looks and a severe leather teddy with her nipples peeking through chains. Tasteful makeup and jewelry told me she was not here to impress, but but was instead here becasue she liked dressing this way and living this way. I instantly wanted to fuck her. She was sitting in a chair in the corner. “I need a foot rest.” I started to look around and realized what she meant. I kneeled in front of her and let her prop her heeled feet on me. She carried on her conversation as if this was totally normal and I have to say that in a strange way it was. After a couple of minutes she took hold of my leash and gave a tug. “Massage my feet, slave.” Without hesitation I found myself quickly complying. I was getting used to this and liked it. No games, no BS, just simply doing what I’m told. She yanked on my leash. “No licking, no kissing, and don’t even think of trying to jerk that dirty cock of yours.” She was old enough to be my, well, you know, and yet hearing her talk to me like this…wow these folks found a side of me I hadn’t known I had. And now I REALLY wanted to fuck her and hear groans out of that fir and trim body.After several minutes she slid her shoes on and stood up. “Come along.” She took my leash and guided me to a couch where she sat and spread her legs wide. She took a chip out her purse and handed it to one of the tutu women. “I want him to worship my pussy.” Not consulted, not asked. I hadn’t wanted to bury my head in a crotch so bad. The seller put her heel on my back and shoved me forward as she took the chip. “You wish is my command to this slave. Remember, the auction starts soon, and you can’t buy a slave you’ve rented.” She held her foot in my back, the spike of the heel digging in. I leaned and buried my head into her snatch. I licked, I sucked, I nibbled her clit and licked some more. The heel digging into my back and the dom’s hand reaching to my head, keeping my head from pulling back. In case your wondering…that cage HURT my cock! My erection had gotten so big that it was pushed past the steal frame. I slurped and gulped and licked that graying pubic hair. I knew that she had sampled many a sub, had many a person go down…and I was making her cum HARD. I hadn’t had this much fun in a while. I was responding to her body and her small thrusts. At some point in this, the leash was under her thigh like a pully and she held me that way. She was holding a cosmo in one hand smoking with the other. I noticed an audience had gathered and I just went at her with more gusto. When she finally came, I could taste her juices change. It was so satisfying that I had succeeded. I had made this confident dom cum in front of tuzla escort everyone. I leash loosened and I finally pulled back. I noticed we had quite the audience of doms and slaves. I noticed many of the slaves were envious and a couple of the doms were biting their lips. I felt pride in what I had done. I was prouder in making this woman orgasm than I had been when I first got laid.As I was standing up the circle around us broke up. The slaves were being called to the front. And not nicely or patiently. I took my place in line. This was the first time since I got there that I actually felt naked. I was in a line with the other slaves. I had no clothes to cover myself. My penis had gone limp in the fear. A bright light shined on us and blinded me. The multi-colored woman that took our clothes came up to each of us and blindfolded us. “You don’t deserve to see the woman buying you. You only get to serve her.”We were called front and center in turn. We were poked and prodded while an auctioneer called attention to each characteristic. Height, weight, hair color, penis size, physique. Some of the information was from the questionnaire. I felt violated as I thought it was private. But here it was all being offered out matter of factly. I had no privacy, I had no shame. I was a piece of meat to these women. As I had my sexual history detailed along with how many times I masturbate and when I lost my virginity, I was roughly turned around and bent over. I semi-lubed finger rammed up my ass. “Ladies…did I mention he’s an ass-virgin? That’s right, you can be the first to pop this slave’s anal cherry! And many of you saw how much he eagerly eats pussy! Let’s get the bid up!”The auction finally ended and I was shackled and taken to a holding area. My new mistress came to claim me and told my leash. The blindfold was still on and te key to my cage was hung around my neck. “Use him as you’d like. Fuck him into dust, bust his balls. Make him worship you. I bet if you beat him enough, he’ll lick his own cum out of you!” My former owners in the tutus taunted me as my new mistress led me away. She was silent until we reached the hall. In a husky voice, like the actress from the 80s, she said, “On all fours. You may earn the priviledge to walk in my presence, but for now you crawl.” We made it to her room and entered. I was still blindfolded and couldn’t see, but I was getting used to hearing and smelling and my balance was getting better.“Stand. Hands over your head.” I did as I was told and found that there were restraints from above into which she quickly and skillfully fastened me. “So…have you ever been bought?” “No.” She quickly slapped me across the face. “No, what?” “No, Mistress.” She kissed my other cheek. I could smell her and damn she smelled good. “Better.”“So, this generally works a few ways. No of that is important because this is only how I want it to work. I paid for you and you agreed to be bought. We are going to play until you understand that you will submit to me. Not in that fake groveling bullshit so many people do. ‘Oh mistress this and oh mistress that.’ I am going to break you and you are going to find such divine pleasure in submitting to my will. “She paused for several seconds. I swallowed hard in anticipation. “I am going to make it so you crave me, want me.” I barely heard her flog before it struck my chest. “And we start now.” *To be continued*