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Subject: My little buddy Part 4 My little buddy Part 4 By Chaim ail Reactions are welcome at ail English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free! We made arrangements, I showed him his room and finally he was able to settle in. I left him for an hour, to take a nap or whatever and said, “After that we will see, probably I have something to do for you.” Little Mason smiled, “That’s okay, Daddy. Whatever. I love you Daddy!” I walked back to the kitchen and called my buddy Samuel, I wanted to tell him so bad about Little Mason. I told him before that Little Mason would stay with me for some months and wanted to share the last inexpected developments. Well, Samuel and I were close, very close, we are friends and fuck buddies. I wanted to tell him about Little Mason’s cute little ass, the great time I just had with the boy, but I wasn’t sure if he’d be okay with the fact I had sex with a boy so young. We talked a while and Samuel got very curious, and after a while talking, he wanted to meet the boy. I didn’t think twice and invited him over. Samuel laughed, “You don’t invite me for sex, do you?” I mumbled something like, “Uh, no, yes, I don’t know. We can talk about it, Little Mason is upstairs taking some rest.” “Well, it is always worth the trip anyway, so thanks for the invitation. I will be at your place in thirty minutes.” “No problem. See you soon!” I went to what was now Little Mason’s room for the next two months and looked at the mess he made. I told him, “Boy, get settled and take some rest. You can sleep or play a game, whatever. Make yourself comfortable and get back some energy.” Little Mason smiled, “Thank you, Daddy, you are so kind.” I helped him to unpack his rucksack first. I have not a big house but the boy was excited that he got a room next to my room. Little Mason was dedicated completely to me and wanted to be as close as possible. Little Mason’s room was a large single space with two windows facing the back yard of the house with a double bed and a desk. As a typical boy his age, Little Mason managed to unpack only partially and all his clothes were spread out all over the place. I walked around to fix some things and he simply threw his clothes on the floor. I looked at the pile of clothes, it was impressive. Most of the clothes I put away in his closet. “Oh boy, you sure got lots of underwear,” I exclaimed, it was true, he had a little overboard with his underwear. I owned quite a bit myself, but he brought at least twenty. They were boy briefs, most of them. Little Mason was standing in his white boy briefs with a big smile on his face watching me. I could not help but look him up and down and admire how hot he looked this way. I folded his underwear and noticed Little Mason also had two pair of jock strap style underwear which really got my attention. “How come you got this type?” I asked curious. “Sometimes I like to feel sexy, Daddy. I bought them on Internet, nobody ever saw them. You like them, Daddy?” he asked me and I nodded my head. “Gosh, I am afraid, I do get a little boner again, Daddy,” he said with a grin and laid down in his white boy briefs and he gave his growing penis a squeeze. The boy was teasing me. I saw he lowered the waistband of his boy briefs to inspect his semi hard penis. He was nearly successful and I thought about having sex with him, but Samuel expected. For everything there is a place and time. I couldn’t help it, buy my cock went hard as a rock in my boxer shorts. Little Mason grinned at me and squeezed some pre-cum onto his finger and licked it off. He looked so sexy and cute! Putting his penis away in his white boy briefs he got up and we arranged a few of things before he lay down on his bed again. The boy looked so proud of the little bulge in his briefs. I hugged his nearly naked body quickly and left him alone. The cotton of my boxer shorts was wet with the my pre-cum. I walked back to the kitchen, to wait for my buddy Samuel. The doorbell rang and I greeted Samuel at the door, still wearing only my black boxer shorts. He looked at my face and gave me a wide smile as his eyes wandered down to my bulge. I wondered or the wet spot was clearly visible for him. “Hi Samuel, come on in” “Hi, thanks so much for inviting me. I was feeling somewhat on my own with nothing to do.” “Don’t worry” I said as he kissed me, Looked again at my boxer shorts and The walked up next to me and smiled saying, “Enjoying yourself were you?” I blushed red and said, “I was just going to have a shower” He looked at me, “Thought so…” nodding down at my crotch. By now my hard-on had disappeared with Samuel coming in, “Oh, you seem to have lost the swelling you had there” he smiled again. I looked at my buddy smiled and said “Don’t worry, it will be back very soon.” Samuel grabbed me and kissed me hard on my mouth pushing his hard crotch into my naked belly. I responded kissing him back slipping my tongue into his mouth my arm round his neck. He pulled back, “I have really been looking forward to seeing you.” I ran my hand over his sweatpants feeling his hard cock, “I’ve really missed this too!” I shivered, one look at Samuel and anyone would have said Yes. Samuel looks young and he is so handsome. We huggged and his eyes sparkled holding me tight. Samuel was dressed in his fitness clothes, but he could have anything to wear. Samuel’s blond hair was a little longer and I liked that. I guessed Samuel thought it made him look taller. He had inherited a beautiful butt and a very well defined and flat toned torso now hidden under his white sleeveless shirt. Samuel was a slender but firm guy, smooth they way I liked it, and with his coloring he looked great. Samuel was one good looking twink, about my age, but he looked younger. “It’s really nice of you both to invite me round, I really appreciate it.” “You’re always very welcome and I enjoy having you here.” Samuel looked at me and grinned, “Is the boy here?” �es he is, but come with me to the kitchen,” First I got us some drinks from the frig, as I talked to him to made sure he really wanted this to happen. Samuel only got a sip of his Coke before I explained my situation to him, “Yeah, Little Mason is here. He just got here this morning and we had some real good fun together, I gave him some rest.” I winked at my buddy Samuel. “What? Did you have good sex with him?” he asked good naturedly with a grin on his face. “Yes but, Samuel, you have to understand, I never thought about doing something sexual with a boy this young. It just happened, because Little Mason and me feel so good together. I can’t explain. I hope you like him too.” I replied softly. “You are so cool! Just tell me everything, I want to hear what you did together. Fuck I’m so horny.” Samuel murmmered holding his body close to mine looking for another kiss. Our lips met, our mouths open, our tongues sliding into each others mouths, kissing passionately. He rubbed his hand across the front of my boxer shorts feeling my cock harden, “You want me to join the party?” Samuel muttered. “Yes, to be honest. I wouldn’t mind if you join us to have a little fun together! I mean we played and danced and ended up kocaeli escort bayan in bed, he is a little devil into more… much more! Maybe you can join our fun and we cab have a good time together.” “You sure he would be interested me? My body and be intimate and so on?” He didn’t say it unkindly or in a critical manner. “Of course he does, he is a young boy and responds sweet. Believe me, Little Mason is always horny, he is a curious nearly preteen boy starting puberty. Honestly, he wants to know and feel everything, so don’t be surprised by his easy going attitude. It would not surprise me if he himself took the initiative.” Samuel smiled, “Really? Well, Believe it or not I understand the boy having a crush on you. In my eyes your a good Daddy, taking care of the boy’s needs. He felt that.” he said softly. “How often did you had sex with him, Liam?” “Well, just once, he just arrived remember.” Samuel wasn’t about to let go of it so I told him more, “I bet you shot a lot of sperm inside his cute little boy butt. Can he shoot a boy load yet himself?” I smiled at my curious handsome buddy, “Well, he is young, very slender but I can assure you, he oozes boy cum all the time. Yes, sure, he is able to shoot his boy load already. It is even better! First I wasn’t sure this was a good thing. After all, he is a boy, but he can’t get enough of it. I had never had these feelings before, believe me. Jerking off with him had been fun, I sucked his penis and his hairless little balls too. I stared at his beautiful crotch. I couldn’t wait to see what he looked like during an orgasm. I jacked him off while I sucked his balls and crotch. Little Mason’s boy cock was really stiff! I put more spit on my hand and masturbated him more. He opened his mouth wide and started to get stiff all over. I knew he was gonna come so I jacked him off faster and held his hand. I watched his penis from real close up and he came! Cum squirted out right up to his chin and on his boy chest. He recovered jacked me off and I came right on his crotch and balls. I couldn’t believe it! I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm like that before but to screwed him was something different. The boy is really a little power bottom, his orgasm rocks his whole little body when I made him ready for it. Like you, I thought his boy load wasn’t there, but his climax was and he moaned sounds of utter pleasure as his boy cock jerked wildly as the first shot exploded. I don’t know it was his first wet orgasm, but he shot a healthy load and did it again and again. A boy’s first orgasm is special, and after that nothing could stop Little Mason.” Samuel smiled, “Wow, that sounds very hot!” and I continued, “Samuel, the first time I plunged my cock inside the boy’s sexy ass, I was sure to leave my load there. I felt it, needed it to breed him, making him my boy with my load of man cum. I wanted it and more important, he wanted it! Little Mason wanted me to fuck him, begged for it. I was horny, hot and I wasn’t paying attention to my hesitations anymore; my cock was sinking into him was that was only thing that mattered. I heard him encouraging me on, but I didn’t needed any encouragement. I fucked him anf finally bottomed him out, and I felt my pubes crushing against his cute sexy boy ass as I started pounding away. I was letting him feel every inch of me, pumping in and out of this marvelous boy until, way too soon, I felt my cum spraying inside him.” Samuel was well aware of my fixation toward Little Mason, but was telling me, “Wow, you are playing with fire, buddy. It sounds great, but he is young.” “I know, but I’ve wanted his ass for a long time, but thought he was too young. Little Mason really wanted this as much as I wanted it. I told him I wanted to hear him to say it. I wanted to hear that he wanted me to fuck him. Little Mason found his voice and he shouted, ‘YES, I want you to fuck me, Daddy. I want your cock in my boy hole, and I want you to breed me, I want all of your cum deep inside me!’ Samuel licked his lips and got horny listening to my story. Samuel whispered, “Wow!” “Believe me, I fucked him on my lap and on my bed, really the boy wanted everything. I felt Little Mason’s sphincter squeezing my cock in orgasmic rhythm. I lost the battle, I could no longer hold back and fucked him good. My orgasm hit me and pulled my cock out of his tight boy butt while drops of cum still squirt out of his own erection. I was thrilled as I came, shooting my cum onto his dick and while I was still cumming Little Mason shot a thin stream of boycum into the air. To answer your questions, the boy can shoot his boy load and he is absolutely the best!” Samuel looked up at me and just smiled at my enthousiasm. He seemed to think about my story for a brief second and his hand wandered to his crotch and he rearranged himself with a knowing smile. He stroked himself, rubbed his hard-on through his sweatpants as he watched my excitement, It seemed as though for a minute he forgot where he was. Samuel removed his hand and gave me a sexy smile. There was a nice bulge appearing in his sweatpants and increased in size by the second. Samuel smiled again and said, “Wow, I wanted to see him! You made my cock rock hard telling me this, maybe it is time you show me what he looks like.” I chuckled. “You can look at him when we go up to his room, just as easy as that, but let’s go slow on him,” Samuel couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was still surprised, “Wow, my best buddy has a young hottie living with him and the boy was eager to have sex.” For Samuel being gay together was very appealing. We had sex, but we both typically went for somewhat older teen boys, teens that were maturing into young handsome men, that had hair on the right placed and sperm in their young balls. “We know each other well enough, we have good sex and now you want me to join your private party with a young boy. Maybe I fall in love with him…” He told me laughing, thinking that might scare and discourage me. Wrong! “I didn’t say you can stay, but you are very welcome.” I responded winking at him. “Yeah, it sounds great fun to me. Where is Little Mason now?” I smiled at Samuel, suddenly he looked eager to meet my little buddy. Samuel wanted to rush over and introduce himself. I didn’t want to scare my little buddy, so I stopped him from rushing things. “Little Mason needs some time to recover but he’s waiting upstairs in his room, as you know he will stay for the summer. I told him I had something for him to do.” Samuel looked at me, “Did you tell him I was coming over?” I smiled, “No not really, but it doesn’t matter, he will like your company. He is taking everything so well, he is a good willing kid. By the way he loves to call me Daddy.” Samuel smiled at me. “Really? I like that.” “You ready?” “Yeah, for sure! Your stories make me curious and horny.” “Let’s go then.” We went upstairs to Little Mason’s new bedroom. Little Mason lay on his bed playing a game on his cell phone. He looked a little surprised as I introduced Samuel to him. Little Mason was not shy, “Hi Samuel, nice to meet you.” With a huge grin on his cute smooth face. He stopped his game and left his cell phone on the floor. Little Mason looked at me and at Samuel. His eyes wandered kocaeli sınırsız escort over Samuel’s body and soon fixed on his sweatpants. I saw clearly the outline of Samuel’s boner and knew my little buddy understood our intentions. “Hi boy, your new Daddy tells me that you live here now with him, so he took me are going upstairs to introduce me to you right now. I hope we can be buddies too, as soon as possible. I understood you and Daddy are very close. Well, I have a confession to make,” Little Mason just said, “Oh…?” Samuel went on, “Daddy is my buddy, we have a friendship with benefits. He’s my friend and sex buddy. He and I are closer in age than you, but I like boys like you.” Little Mason started to laugh, his hearty laugh was infectious. “I understand Daddy.” The boy smiled and again, I was surprised by his young wisdom and open mind to accept new things. Little Mason raised his arm and his fingers were soon on Samuel’s sweatpants, stroking the soft material. “Do you have a boner, Samuel?” He asked suddenly shy, “You caught me, boy.” Samuel said with a laugh and reached out for him. “God, you are cute as a button, sexy as all hell!” Samuel chuckled nodding his head, as he held his hand want down touching Little Mason’s briefs a beat too long before releasing it. The boy’s thin briefs didn’t do much to hide anything. What looked like an already very nice sized piece of boy cock was tenting a little from his lap and now Little Mason shamelessly caressed it. He gave me us a broad smile. Was that an invitation? Pretty sure it was! “I bet you have yourself a little boner right now, don’t you boy?” He didn’t wait for the boy’s answer but moved in closer to pull the waistband of Little Mason’s briefs down. He looked inside and was impressed. Little Mason giggled. “You’re an impressive boy, your new Daddy told you, you had something to do this afternoon, didn’t he?” Samuel smiled at my boy and was not shy himself. He dropped his gray Adidas sweatpants and took off his white T-shirt still smiling at my boy. Soon Samuel was nearly naked, his black boxer shorts were at least a size too small, as he had always liked them snug. This caused his waistband to be below his navel, and the crotch pouch hugged closely to the contours of his cock and balls. Samuel’s tight boxer shorts were tenting and outlined his impressive cock. Samuel laughed and lay next to Little Mason, he tried to explained to my boy, “I felt overdressed with my clothes on. Your new Daddy and I mostly stay just in our underwear when we are togther. You both only wear your underwear now, so I will join you.” Little Mason swallowed and whispered, “You do have a boner, I can feel it against my leg,” the boy laughed sweet and pushed his little fingers at the waistband of Samuel’s boxer shorts. Samuel took his wrist in an attempted to dislodge his fingers from the waistband. “Let me see it, please!” Little Mason begged and struggled to try to get his hands on the waistband of Samuel’s black boxershorts. He was determined to tug it down and to reveal Samuel’s cock. Samuel smiled tugged his boxershorts into place and turned toward the door and of course Little Mason stared at the rock hard bulge that was more than obvious. “Damn, your cock looks huge!” Little Mason exclaimed, “Trust me, it’s not too big for you to handle,” Samuel said and headed to the bathroom. “Can I take a shower? I’ll be as quick as I can,” Samuel said over his shoulder as I nodded he left the room. “Daddy, he has really nice butt,” Samuel waved a hand in the air and kept going. My cock hadn’t gone down at single bit, in fact it may have gotten harder. I knew Samuel had a nice uncut cock and low hanging balls at the bottom of his cock. We fucked each other a lot of times and I was always impressed. Ten minutes after Samuel left the bedroom he returned, a white bath towel around his waist to find Little Mason still lying on my bed, hands cupped behind his head. I was sitting next to my boy, stoking his smooth skin asking him, “Hey boy, it’ll be just like with me, It’ll be fun. You like Samuel, right?” Little Mason smiled happy at me and looked at my buddy Samuel. He licked his lips and whispered, “Yeah, I like him.” “Well, he likes you too, understand? You like my cute little friend, don’t you, Samuel?” “Definitely. You are very good looking, boy. I like your tight boy briefs.” He laughed, “Don’t be shy boy, a man my age has seen and done quite a bit I can assure you. You like to play with Daddy, don’t you?” At this point Little Mason’s body was trembling and I knew at this point at least he might get to see Samuel’s hard cock tenting his boxer shorts. Little Mason got up and I was in no doubt was now sporting a boner. It showed and a little wet spot was visble at the top of his penis. “You are sure I’m not making you uncomfortable? you are trembling a bit.” He stoked his cute face and Little Mason released a giggle. “Relax! Believe me, you are able to make me hard with only one smile, boy” I smiled at them, Samuel knew how to seduce a boy. Little Mason was willing to submit to his cock. Samuel was careful and nice to him. Once Samuel told me once his philosophy, he only wanted to have sex with a boy as he felt the boy was looking for the truth about himself. Samuel said to my boy, “I’m not into force you into something, I only want to share some fun, Little Mason.” I added, “Come on, boy. I wouldn’t have invited him if I thought he wouldn’t be nice.” I looked at my boy, “What do you say?” Little Mason looked at me. “Samuel is your buddy and I want to meet your friends, Daddy.” “Good! Let’s get started.” We got up and went to my bedroom and I said to Samuel, who took his clothes with him, “Samuel, you can throw your stuff on this chair over there. I will get some things.” As we sat down, Little Mason asked my buddy with his burning questions. He would go from one question to another, like kids do. Samuel answerd everything honestly. Little Mason was sitting very close to him and Samuel moved his strong arm around him. Samuel’s hairy armpits clearly excited my boy. The boy looked at the small trailer of hair that ran from his navel to his cock. Little Mason loved what he saw and reached out and ran his hands across Samuel’s chest. Slowly moving his little hand down his chest, his index finger leading the way to the belly button and followed the thin trail of hair from Samuel’s navel to the rock hard cock in his boxer shorts. As he moved his hand to grab his cock under the cotton, Samuel suddenly gasped, “No, don’t do it!” as he grabbed Little Mason’s wrist. “If you do that I will shoot my load, boy, it’s too early for that.” Smiling Little Mason sat back to allow Samuel a better view of his body. Running his hands across his bare chest he slowly moved one hand down to his little boy cock which was tenting his briefs. He used his other hand to play with his little hard nipple smiling as he looked at Samuel. I asked my friend, “You ready for it, Samuel?” Samuel groaned softly. Little Mason whispered, “Don’t think so much about it. I want to be close to you bot. Really I want learn everything from you.” Shifting his position, grinding his little boy ass against Samuel’s now hard cock. izmit anal yapan escort “Oh little one, I see that you like your Daddy very much and he is proud of you. You make me very happy because you’re turning me on. I know I can join, that’s what I am here for, to help you on your way. Today is your special first day here. You’re a great boy and I teach you as much as you like.” Little Mason smiled happy, “Daddy didn’t do anything I didn’t want and if you want to do more. I am all in for it! I loved my daddy milk, it made me feel very loved. Please Samuel give it to me like Daddy. Just to it, make love to me. You both can take care of me. I know that the only thing you want, is to make a man out of me, and I have I will do anything that you tell me to.” Sitting up, the boy moved in front of Samuel and between his spread legs. He looked at me, “You can share me with Daddy, if Daddy agrees.” Samuel smiled at me and I said to my boy, “I won’t let Samuel do anything, you don’t want to do and who knows you love it!” Leaning down I kissed my boy on the cheek and said, “You are my lovely little boy!” and we moved to my bed. Little Mason knew Samuel was watching us and in a way he did the same, the boy checked Samuel and was imppressed. Samuel looked good in his tight black boxer shorts that left little to our imagination. Samuel’s chest was strong and toned, with a sprinkling of hair that tapered into a fine trail before it disappeared beneath that flimsy material. I wondered, as I had so many times over the last couple of years, why we couldn’t be lovers. We had sex a number of times, we called it ‘friends with benefits’, and it never developed into a relationship. I shook myself from those sweet memories of long nice days and hot nights together. I took my little Mason in my arms and hugged him tight. “We will enjoy this afternoon, Little one,” I said into his smooth boy chest, kissing his little boy nipples. The boy’s skin felt so soft and lovely. I felt his soft boy body, smelled his boy scent, his essence. Samuel enjoyed the sight of my body pressed into my lovely boy. “You look so pure, total and complete togeter,” Samuel whispered looking at me and my little boy full of unfulfilled fantasies. “I’m glad I’m here and can join you both in your love making.” With Little Mason in the middle, Samuel and I on either side of him we let our hands touch the boy body. I was running one hand up and down the Little Mason’s back while the other was gently squeezing his knee. Little Mason knew that Samuel wanted him and by opening his smooth legs we knew he wanted him. Samuel began to move my hand up his smooth leg, his fingers stopped when it reached the side of his smooth ball sack. Rubbing gently up and down the edge his little uncut boy cock began to stiffen. The two balls were small inside a tight skinned pouch. They were pulled up tight to Little Mason’s body. As Samuel cup the two jewels in his hand his face turns to mine and I kiss my boy on the lips. He opened his mouth from the first moment our lips met. I pushed my tongue into his mouth while I sucked on it. Little Mason was really gettibg into it. I wanted to give my buddy Samuel a good little show and pulled Little Mason on top of me. We kissed and ground our hard cocks together making bigger and bigger wet spots on the fronts of our underwear soon drenched with precum. Little Mason groaned, the boy loved the feeling of my cock grinding against his and his own little boy cock messed against mine. I rolled him around so that he was on his back. Samuel looked at us, surprised by our passion, his hand was on his hard cock and he stroked himself. I fucked my tongue into Little Mason’s young mouth. Samuel couldn’t hold back, he slowly started to lick down my boy’s body. He bit at his little boy nipples and buried his tongue into Little Mason’s navel. I moved down with him and my face reached the front of the skin tight briefs, my boy was wearing, I licked at the bulging penis and sucked the boy’s precum out of Little Mason’s piss slit right through the material. I saw Samuel’s pre-cum juice oozing onto the calves of his legs. This excited us all the more. For several minutes my tongue explored every stitch of the stretchy material of his briefs until I couldn’t resist it any more and, using my teeth this time, pulled at the waistband and tugged it down revealing Little Mason’s trobbing penis. Samuel repositioned himself into a sixty-nine with the boy and shoved his tight boxer shorts right against Little Mason’s face. He shoved his wet cotton covered cock in the boy’s cute face and began rubbing it all over his tender face. Little Mason’s tongue licked at the piss slit through the cloth and he got his first taste of Samuel’s cum. The aroma and taste blended to drive him wild with lust. “That’s it, boy! Lick at that pre-cum,” Samuel urged the boy on, he reached for the waistband of his boxer shorts and pulled it down and tucked it under his balls. “Oh boy, you really like that pre-cum stuff, don’t you? Sure, you do!” At the same time I licked up and down Litlle Mason’s oozing boy cock and smooth boy balls for a few minutes sliding the little shaft all the way down, until my lips met the boy’s root. I pulled away, used my tongue to whirl around the tip of my boy’s cock-head and tongue fucked Little’s Mason wet moist piss slit. I moved my tongue deeper into the slot, making hm moan. “Oh Daddy!” Little Mason’s body began to tremble and he yelled, “I’m going to cum, Daddy,” as he arched his body off the bed, giving me my reward. The boy groaned and he shot his cum off. Gush after gush of his hot white boy cum came into my ready and waiting mouth. Little Mason’s boy nectar shot into my mouth and I tried to keep it in my mouth as long as possible, before I swallowed his hot fluid. Some of the jizz oozed out of the corners of my mouth and smeared onto Little Mason’s smooth boy balls. Samuel looked at us and moved in, he decided that he would lick that up. Samuel licked my boy’s wet cockhead while Little Mason squirted his last drops of juice into his wide mouth. He licked the trembling shaft, the boy’s smooth balls clean. Little Mson’s body finally stopped it’s spasms and he lay still. As the boy looked down, Samuel was still cleaning his cock and balls with his tongue. Little Mason felt this was the best! He was served by two man who both fancied him. Samuel wanted to please the boy more than he had ever wanted to please anybody in his life and by me, his new Daddy, who took care of him in all possible ways. What a trill, what a delight! Samuel stared at my handsome boy, and sure, my little boy was handsome. One hell of a hot, sexy boy. Little Mason giggled in his arms. Samuel held his breath as his eyes broke wandered over my boy. He looked at his beautiful smooth face, to flow hungrily over his nicely formed chest, and further down that magnificently stuffed little crotch. Samuel got horny again and was loaded, no doubt about that. Samuel still holding my boy tight in his arm as his other arm went down. He stroked Little Mason’s little firm boy butt. He smiled and whispered to me, “What can we do with that butt?” Samuel lay on my bed and I was sure he was fighting every urge to chase Little Mason down and rape him right there. I turned to lean against the headboard and offered them a grateful smile. “Keep calm and carry on.” Reactions are welcome at ail English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free!