my lovely neighbor…

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my lovely neighbor…my lovely neighbor…in my mind, i see her in front of meher inner beauty, warm and delicateher body even more beautifulslender and very sultrysilky white skinsoft perky breastsflat belly, protruding belly buttonsoft subtle curvature of her spineleading down to her small, plush buttockslike a perfect sculpturecould anything be more divine?perhaps the taste of her essence from deep inside herall that enters her through one openingmixing with all that is untouchable on the insideand then exiting through another openingsometimes hard, sometimes soft, but always sweetly pungentwill she honor me with her most sacred jewels?to let me be her toilet……the “throne” to her jewels??mmmmm, everything tingles in my body, from head to toethe entire fantasy, the possibility of such a reality….EXCITES MEi sigh deeply now as i plunge more into thought…i can see myself laying karabük escort down, looking up at skin and moist fleshshe is hovering over me on her knees and hands, her legs straddled over my facethis is new for hernew for mei can almost hear her heart beating hard through the walls of her chest she is excited, surprisingly moreso than what i expectedher shaven pussy sparkles with beads of moisture, wetness oozing from the inner lipsi want to pull her down on my mouth and lick, slowly forcing the tip of my tongue inbetween her foldsBUT i want something else even MORE…..and so i resist the urge… and WAIT patientlyshe is teasing me, she senses my desire as i gently squeeze the cheeks of her asswithout hesitation she plants her feet to the side of my face and sits in a squatting positioni place my hands near her buttocks and legs, spreading her cheeks apart karaman escort with my fingersyet giving her some support at the same timeim nervous in a good way, my heart beats strong, pumping blood to all my erogenous zonesno words are spoken, only heavy breathing, and a faint moan here and thereseveral minutes pass as i wait in anticipation looking up at her anal openingout of the blue i hear a faint gruntsimultaneously, i see the opening start to stretch and widenlight pinkish flesh blooms outwardnow getting bigger and wider as the seconds passa sharp, distinctive aroma pierces my nasal passagesonly one smell is so scrumptiously identifiablesomething dark starts to peek its way through…it will be big, grunting gets stronger….her hole stretches widermy fingers clench her cheeks harder as my excitement intensifiesher shit is now clearly visible, the escort bayan head darker than the restit starts to glide out more easily, making its way downi quickly open my mouth as wide as i can…just in timeshe pushes full forceher sweet shit, the precious jewels i awaited, was filling my mouthi watch with wide eyes as more and more shit comes outit is long, almost never-ending……it overflows around my mouththe only air i can breathe is through my nose; air that smells of dirty, sweet shitfinally it stops, i can see the opening of her hole tighten up as the tail leaves her bodyshe turns herself around to see me laying there with her shit fully in my mouthi play with it, my tongue pushing it up and downshe takes her hand and starts to smear it around my face and neckshe then licks her hand over and over, sucking on her fingers, as if starved for foodi let small pieces go down my throati really feel like a dirty, nasty a****l……a pig…….playing and rolling around in its shiti take the rest from my mouth and rub it all over my breasts and stomachi want to do this againi want to need this like a d**gshe gives me pleasure…….she is a good SHITTER