My Mates Girl

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My Mates GirlThis happened a year ago when i was living in Sweden for a month, I am married, 48 yo, a little bit chubby I suppose, I am in wood sales and part of my job is to travel around and buy timber I was living with my colleague Mac at the time we were sharing an apartment while we were travelling around Sweden visiting wood mills. One day about a week in to our visit he announced that his girlfriend Sheryl was coming over for a visit for a couple of days I said “OK be nice to see her again” as nonchalantly as I could but my heart was hammering she was a good looking bbw, beautiful light brown hair shoulder length,a beauty spot just above her lip, whose face is cute/angelic but who had a look sometimes as if she was anything but. I felt my cock twitching and stirring as I innocently asked when she was arriving “tomorrow” said Mac ..”fuking hell” I thought grinning “2 days of staring at that beautiful big rack I don’t know if I can stand it”. Sheryl breezed in the next day ” Hi Simon how are ya” she said completely oblivious to what she does to me “fine ta” I replied ” keep it professional, keep it professional omg look at those tits keep it professional ” i thought to my self.Now u may be wondering what it is about this girl, she’s 30 yo, smart, attractive (although she didn’t think so she told me once which I couldn’t believe cos she is drop dead!!) dresses well, a real bbw great tits and an ass to die for and she loves blowjobs and anal Mac confided in me once “sounds like the ideal girl I told him” with a grin.I did notice she was a bit angry so I asked her what was up she confided that “that bastard Mac” was actually working all day and night the next day and wouldn’t be able to spend any time with her “so what was the point in me coming” she said “I’m going back the day after””well” I ventured carefully “we are over here to work” I grinned embarrassed cos i CERTAINLY did no want to fall out with this girl actually what I wanted to do was probably the complete opposite !!Hmmmph she said and walked angrily off her ass moving around under her short skirt and her boobs shivering deliciously up and down “you men are all the fuckin same” she tossed over her shoulder, I sighed ” now that is much woman” i thought, my cock twitched again as if suddenly taking notice of what had just left the room.That night I went to bed early to stay out of the way so they could have some alone time just to be rewarded with listening to Shez’s moans of pleasure however it didn’t go on too long but I couldn’t sleep thinking about a thin wall between me and a naked shez so i through back my covers as it was hot and started to stroke my cock mmmm that felt good up and down up and down god my cock was soaking “mmmm shez” I moaned I was really enjoying myself, ” I love your great big tits” I said I glanced at the mirror to see if I could see myself wanking ( I know its a bit pervy but i have a decent cock and I like to see it çankaya escort being stroked….even when its only me doing the stroking) and noticed the door to the hall was cracked open and horrors there was some one there I realized it was too short to be Mac it must be Shez and she’s watching me and she’s not going away either so she must be enjoying it “happy fuking birthday Simon” I thought you can give her a show “shit Ive been moaning her name as well has she heard”? I thought to myself then hard on the heels of that “fuckit too late to worry about that I hope she has”. I was facing away from her so I turned onto my back and slowed down on my cock cos i wanted this to last, I kept my hand still and bucked my hips so I was fukin my hand I wondered if she was still there I glanced at the mirror and she was, I stopped bucking and started to pull my foreskin backwards and forwards from the top to the bottom very slowly muttering mmmm sheryl, is she enjoying it I wondered I could here her breathing it was heavy and fast I assumed that she was, if I strained my ears I was sure i could here her moaning, I carried on stroking slowly picking up the pace until with a loud cry I came there was great spurts of cum landing all over the place I came long and hard and Im sure I could here faint cries coming from the doorway, when i had finished I looked at the mirror and she was gone.the next morning I woke up still amazed at what had happened the night before, catching a girl who i fancied as much as Shez watching me having a wank!!! and she definitely came I decided there were two people crying out and one definitely was a girl ….shit i hope Mac didnt hear. I went into the kitchen and there she was in a very flimsy dressing gown I couldn’t see through it but there was definitely a suggestion of her body especially when she was by the window and NO BRA I gaped and then quickly recovered “where’s Mac” I spluttered ” gone already” she replied “wont be back till tomorrow abt 10 just in time to take me to the airport” she smiled (did I mention she has the most beautiful smile) she knew I had been looking but she didn’t cover up I felt giddy with lust “what r you doing today” she enquired “er I’m at a mill down south for lunch time then back here for about 4pm” “great” she said “we can go out to eat” she smiled and her eyes danced (did i mention she has the most lovely eyes), “sounds good” I said and turned to the kitchen bench to hide my confusion (and stiffening cock again!!), “right I’m off in the shower” she said loudly “it was a hot sticky night” she laughed and left the room, “I wonder” I thought “can I get to see her tits” I gave it 5 mins and walked down to my room passing the bathroom on the way, the door was open slightly I could hear the shower running it was a wet room they were all the rage in Sweden everyone had one so I was hoping for an eyeful, I wasn’t disappointed balgat escort she was stark naked,the ultimate bbw, huge boobs to die for, a cute shaved pussy ,and a big sexy ass I couldn’t believe my eyes first last night now this, my cock was stiffening up I could feel it leaking pre cum into my shorts, she was washing her self first her boobs then her nipples which where hard she took her time with those god it was sexy I pulled out my cock which was as hard and long as it ever gets and started to pump it slowly, as I watched she ran her hand down over her tummy and parted her lips and started to rub her clit moaning at the same time “ooooooh simon” I couldn’t believe it she was putting on a show as I had the night before I carried on pumping and let it unfold before me, “mmmmm simon what a gorgeous cock sooo fucking hard and big” she said with her eyes closed her fingers where disappearing inside her at this stage making a slurping sound her other hand was never still rubbing her tits, tweaking her nipples hard and slapping her own ass very hard mmmmmm I could see the red hand prints appearing god my cock felt good in my hand watching a girl who Id fantasized over for years get herself off, her fingers picked up the pace and she started to slap her own tits as hard as she could it seemed, and she was fucking loving it damn this girl was a dream come true I watched fascinated as she came screaming her orgasm I exploded at the same time an even bigger orgasm than the night before thick ropes of cum spurting all over the place. I looked up and she looked me in the eye for the first time “did u enjoy” she said and smiled (did I mention she has a heart stopping smile ) “yes i did” I said ” it was soooo fukin sexy” “well one good show deserves another she said” and smiled again, what do I do now i thought go in and fuck her, turn around and go to my bedroom, buy her a box of thanks for the wank chocolates ?? ” thats it though no further” she said “we are both spoken for” wagging her finger at me like it was my fault and smiling (did i mention her smile ) er ok I croaked Id better get going and went to my bedroom got dressed and went to my car.All that day my thoughts turned to Shez could I take it further ?? would she ? is it right she loves to suck cock?? I was soooo looking forward to dinner……I arrived home that night after dreaming about the night before and morning all day still not able to believe my luck. I went into the front room and Shez was watching a video which looked a bit raunchy she turned it off as I came in .. “hi shez what were u watching?” “Hi simon nothing really I was just killing time waiting for u” she smiled I shivered at that smile horny again , “why don’t you get ready and we can go out” she said , so being a good boy I went to get showered and changed I left the door open just in case she wanted a show but every time I checked she wasn’t there…gutted elvankent escort I made my way to my bedroom to get dressed deeply disappointed. I met shez in the lounge and gasped as I saw her…. she was wearing a low cut filmy white top showing loads of cleavage and a short tight skirt and as she sat down ….damn she was wearing stockings mmm so sexy damn this girl gets me hard.We walked to a restaurant in the town and enjoyed dinner together. I sat nxt to her and tried to touch her while we were chatting but no go she wasn’t up for it….damn I was disappointed. We walked home after a lot to drink we almost fell in through the front door Shez wanted to watch the telly for a bit so we both got changed ready for bed then jumped on the couch together I could feel her thigh pressing against mine mmmm warm and soft my cock stirred and started to stiffen which could be a problem as I was only wearing shorts! We turned the telly on it was Swedish tv programme we settled down to watch anyway both of us sipping wine from the fridge. Shez put her head on my shoulder and sighed we didn’t talk just continued to watch the telly. Suddenly Shez said “I’m not comfortable can you put your arm around me” … my heart lurched, “of course no probs” I said and I did and started to stroke her side my cock was stiffening and moving along my leg as it got stiffer and stiffer , omg its nearly sticking out of the leg of my shorts , my hand by now was stroking the side of her boob my cock was by now sticking out of my shorts just the last inch I didn’t know if Shez had noticed I assumed not . I looked down and it was in plain view and making a damp spot on my leg did she see it? What should I do …. “er Shez” I said but before I could finish her head slipped down onto my lap and the tip of my cock was sucked into her red hot mouth “Ooooh god” I groaned her mouth was like an oven “mmmmmm” says shez “as she pushed up my shorts leg to take more cock in. My hands were every where her tits her ass she had one hand on my cock the other busy rubbing her clit, we both stood and stripped both hurrying now desperate to fuck, she pushed me back on the couch straddled my lap and shoved her tits in my face so I could suck her nipples in one at a time mmmmmm what a big sexy mouthful I was rubbing her clit and starting to push my fingers inside her mmm god she was wet “ohhhh” she groaned “I want your cock in me” she lifted herself up so I could slip my cock into her then sat back down until it was all the way in we both cried out together she slowly bucked her hips I slapped her ass cheeks “mmmmm” she said “is that as hard as you can slap” I did it again and again “ohhhh god simon harder” her hips bucked faster and faster she fucked me and I slapped her ass her tits …..I started to explode cum into her “omg shez im coming” “me too” then she was screaming her orgasm it went on and on screaming and moaning.Let me know if you liked it guys n gals there is another part to this which I will post later today please vote if you like it …. I was so pleased with the reaction to my last story so a big thanks to anybody who read it 🙂 oh and also please ignore any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as I’m only a poor amateur 🙂