My Memoirs Ch. 01

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My real name is Aisha Khan. I used Aisha as my first name. I am a British born Pakistani. I have decided to write a series of writings taken from my personal Memoirs. I am now 28. I have experienced and live through what many consider only happens in the movies. This is my life that I want to share with you all. My story is based on true event,s only the names of people and the locations have been changed.

I met my husband when I was 18. We dated for two years and then got married. All was well in my life. I left University after my 1st year so didn’t complete my studies. I was working in a small office and wanted a change. I saw an advert in the local paper for a receptionist at a local estate agents. I decided to apply. I was interviewed by a woman who seemed lovely. We got on well and it came as no surprise when I got the call later that day that I had got the job.

I started on Monday 8th March 2004. And so my story begins….

Monday 8th March 2004

I got in to my new work place at 8.35 even though I was not due to start work until 9. I wanted to make a good impression. My first day passed without any real problems. I made a couple of nice friends and was happy with my decision to start work there.

Thursday 11th March 2004

I first met Aftab on my fourth day of work. He walked in on his mobile phone and gave a quick nod as he walked off. 10 minutes later I was asked to go see Aftab in his office. I walked in and he was on his phone, he gave me a quick glance and motioned me to come in and sit down in front of his desk.

‘Sorry about that’ he said after hanging up the phone. ‘So you are the new receptionist?’ He smiled.

Aftab was running the company. He was ‘The Boss’ as everyone used to refer to him.

‘Yeah’ I replied in a soft, nervous tone.

‘Good. I hope you are much better than the last one, I’m sure you are’ he said.

He asked me a few question about me. What I did in my last job, what I expected from this job etc. It was a pleasant chat and after a few minutes I felt at ease. He was nice.

After that, I went back to work. At 11.25 the phone rang.

‘Aisha, hi. It’s Aftab. Can you come in and see me’.

He gave me a few things to do, namely photocopying and drafted letters. He was polite about it as he asked me if I was okay doing it.

The rest of the day passed by.

Friday 12th March 2004

I got to work early again. I sat to have a coffee in the canteen. After a few minutes later Aftab walked in on his mobile phone again. He smiled and went to get his drink. He returned and sat on my table.

‘Morning’ he said.

‘Good Morning’

‘Thanks for yesterday, Aisha. You helped me out a lot.’

‘It’s okay, it wasn’t a problem’

‘I have a proposal for you. I need someone to do that stuff…would you be interested?’ He asked.

‘erm…Yeah, I don’t mind helping out.’ I replied.

‘Great. I will be out of the office all day today. Come and see me Monday morning’ he said.

Monday 15th March

I went in to work and saw that Aftab was already there.

‘Hey, morning’ He said with a big smile on his face. ‘Come with me’

I followed him into his office where I noticed another desk and chair which wasn’t there the week before.

‘Right first of all here is your new contract’ he said handing me a folder. ‘Read it and sign it if you are happy with it.’

I glanced at it. My job title was now Personal assistant and I noticed a rise in my wages. It looked good but I said I should ask my husband to go through it with me.

‘No problems’ he smiled. ‘Just bring it in in the morning’.

I went home and showed it to my husband. Now, he was always very busy with work. bursa escort He owned a security business and that took up alot of his time. He regularly worked sixteen hours a day. I gave him the contract and he did’not even look at it. ‘Looks fine, gotta go, love you.’ And with that he was out the door. I sat down and read the contract. It looked fine to me. So I signed it.

The next day I took it in to work and handed it to Aftab.

‘Hubby happy with it?’, he asked.

‘Yeah, everything is fine.’, I replied.

And so I started work as a P.A. To be honest I didn’t know what the role consisted of but after a while I realized it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Most of it was paper work. I worked in Aftab’s office, where my desk was. We had a good working relationship. Weeks went by and I started to find myself really enjoying work. I would set up meetings and ensure paperwork was in tact.

Aftab wasn’t in the office most days so I felt like it was my office and because we were so busy the days flew by. I was happy.

Thursday 15th July (Evening)

My phone went off. A Text message read ‘Hi, forgot to mention, raising money for a local charity. Wear something Red tomorrow and bring in a pound. Thanks. Aftab’

I didn’t think anything of it. I certainly didn’t give Aftab my mobile number but didn’t think twice about it. I picked out a red blouse to wear with my black pencil skirt.

Friday 16th July

I got to work and sure enough the place was lit with everyone wearing red. I started working after a while Aftab walked in wearing a red shirt.

‘Hi. Hope you didn’t mind the text last night. I forgot to mention this little thing we do now and then for charity. I didn’t want you to feel left out.’

‘No, it’s fine. I think we should wear Red everyday.’ I joked.

Aftab looked at me, up and down and said ‘ Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing you in red everyday. Red looks great on you.’

‘Thanks.’ I said in a shy tone.

‘Listen, we are celebrating selling a big property in London and having a few drinks tonight. Fancy coming?’

‘Erm…I’m not sure…what time my..’

‘It will not be too late, just a couple of hours and of course you can run it by your husband.’ he interrupted. ‘Let me know by the end of the day.’

On my lunch break I called home and told my husband about the drinks. He said it was fine as he was working all night anyway. I told Aftab I was able to come.

We met at a bar called Bar code right after work. There was about nine of us. We sat, talked, drank and I got to know people better. Aftab was just like us. He wasn’t ‘the boss’ here. He was witty and intelligent. By about 8.30 the nine had become three. Myself, Aftab and colleague.

‘I better get going.’, she said. ‘Thanks for the drinks Aftab. And it was nice meeting you.’, she said to me.

She left and I said ‘ Well, I better get myself home.’

‘Ah, Hubby waiting for you?’ Said Aftab.

‘No, he is working all night.’

‘So what’s the rush then? Come on couple of more drinks…….Please?.’

‘Erm..okay, just a couple.’

We sat and talked. He asked about me, my life and seemed very interested in what I was saying. He told me abit about him, his family and life in general. It was nice. I looked at my watch and was surprised to see it was gone past ten.

‘Oh, I better get going Aftab. It’s past ten o clock.’

‘Why? You going to turn into a pumpkin or something?’ He joked.

‘No, but it’s getting late..’

‘Well, you going home to a empty house, right?’

‘Well, yeah but…’

‘But nothing.’, he interrupted. ‘It will still be there in half an hour or so. Please?’

So we stayed. We drank more, we bursa escort bayan talked more, we laughed alot. He told me some funny stories. It was nice. After a while he said. ‘You know what? Red really does suit you. You look ever so nice.’

‘Thanks Aftab.’ I felt something in the pit of my stomach. Something strange. It felt nice.

‘I think you are very attractive, Aisha. So what is a girl like you doing working for us?’

I told him. I told about how I didn’t really need to work. My husband was making enough money for us but I wanted to work for myself and besides it kept me busy. I looked at my watch again. It was 12.15. Had I really been there for 6 hours?

‘God, I had really better be going now.’

‘Really? I mean its…’

‘No, no Aftab. I better go now. It’s been nice.’ I got up to put my coat on.

‘How you getting home?’ asked Aftab.

‘I’ll get a taxi.’

‘No, you won’t. I’ll drop you off.’

‘You can’t drive after all that drink.’

‘Okay, we will get a taxi.’

We climbed in a taxi and Aftab gave the taxi driver our work address. ‘Just got to pick up some stuff.’, he said to me.

We got to our work place.’You better come in with me. I’m not sure how long it will be.’, said

Aftab and paid the taxi man.

We walked into the office. He started looking around on his desk and picked up a folder. ‘Big sale we made here.’, he said lifting up the folder. ‘I’m so proud. We need to celebrate.’ He disappeared before I could say anything and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

‘Where is that from?’ I asked.

‘My secret stash!’, he laughed. ‘Just one drink….Please?’

‘Okay, okay..’

After a while he said ‘Aisha. Have you ever tried any modeling?’

‘No. Why would I?

Well, you have the looks, the body, everything really.’

‘Stop taking the piss!’ I said, throwing a pen at him.

‘I’m being serious. And that Red blouse looks great on you. But it doesn’t really do you justice.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, ….how do I say this without it sounding perverted…You have a great body and some wonderful curves….but that blouse, although it looks amazing, doesn’t highlight them as well as some of your other tops.

‘My other tops?’ My stomach tightened. It was a lovely feeling. I could feel my breathing getting heavier.

‘Yeah, like that blue top you wore on Tuesday. That highlighted your curves exceptionally well. You looked dead Sexy in it if I’m honest. What dress size are you?’

‘Oh, thanks. I’m a size 8 – 10.’ I said looking at my glass of wine. I tried to say it in a matter of fact kind of way.

‘Are you okay?’, he asked.


‘I didn’t mean to offend you..’

‘No, no, you haven’t.’

‘I thought I was being nice telling you how attractive you are.’

‘No, it is nice. I’m fine, really.’

He walked over to me as I sat in my chair at my desk. I sat on my desk facing me.

‘I’m not saying this top doesn’t suit you.’, he said standing right in front of me, holding his glass of wine in his left hand. ‘Maybe, it would look better if you just undid the top button.’ As he said that he reached down and undid my top button with his right hand.

I froze, I looked down to the side at the floor and the electricity I felt inside me was something that I never felt before.

‘That is better.’, he said, leaning back, looking at my top. ‘You see how it makes it fit more naturally around here.’, he ran his fingertips along the side of my left breast. I could not believe I was letting my boss touch my breasts.

Aftab leaned back again and started sipping his wine. ‘Aisha, you have such a sexy body. I mean, escort bursa sometimes I just watch you move and it’s amazing. Is it wrong that I want you to wear tight tops from now on to work?’

I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked by what he was saying but even more shocked that I was still sitting there. Why didn’t I stop him? Why didn’t I get up to leave? Why was I still there? I was thinking those same question right at that very moment.

He reached over with his right hand and lifted my chin away from the floor so that I was looking right at him. ‘Is that okay, babe?’, he asked.

I nodded.

What?! What was I doing?! What was I thinking?! Did I really just agree to wear tight tops to work for him?

‘You promise, babe? Starting Monday? Do you have any tight tops?’

I nodded again. I could not believe it. I could feel my heart beating so fast I’m surprised he didn’t hear it.

‘Are you going to wear them for me, babe?, he asked.

‘Yes.’ I felt amazing.

His mobile rang.

‘I better answer this.’

It gave me time to gather myself.

‘I really better be going Aftab.’

‘Okay. I’ll call you a cab. But your okay,


‘Yeah, yeah I’m fine.’

‘I have had a lovely time with you. You are amazing.’, he said.

He called me a cab and I got home about 1.50 in the morning. All the way in the cab I could feel a sharp but amazing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I walked in and got ready for bed. As I climbed into bed my phone went off. It was a text message. It was Aftab.

‘Are you thinking about me?’, it read.

Again, without knowing I was doing it, I replied. ‘Maybe.’

Maybe? Maybe? Of course I was! A minute later came his reply.

‘Aisha, I can’t stop thinking about you. You are so sexy. Please, please will you stick to our deal about the tight tops?’

I texted him back ‘ Why do you want me to wear tight tops?’ I knew it was a stupid question and I knew the answer but wanted to read his answer.

Back came his reply. ‘Because you have a fantastic pair of tits on you. I thought that the day I first saw you. You are so slim but I noticed straight away you had some amazing tits on you.’ Can I ask you a question, Aisha?’

‘Sure.’ I texted back.

‘Do you promise to stick to our agreement? Please?’

‘Yes I do.’ I wrote back, not even thinking.

‘Thanks. I can’t wait.Good night’ he texted.

Seriously, what was I doing? I lay there thinking the same thing. Why did I agree to that? Why am I still thinking about when he undid my top button?

As I asked these questions I felt myself caressing my breasts, and then running my hand down my stomach, and into my knickers. Why was I so wet? I played with myself for a few minutes until I couldn’t take anymore. I got up walked over to my dresser and pulled out my hairbrush. I lay back in bed and ran the handle down my stomach until I reached my knickers. I pulled my knickers to one side and teased my pussy with the handle of my hairbrush. I thought of Aftab as I slowly pushed the handle inside me. I had not masturbated for a while but this felt amazing. I imagined Aftab on top of me as I pushed my hairbrush deep inside me.

I gasped as I started to build up some momentum with my hairbrush. I was so wet I hear hear my juices as I pushed and pulled my hairbrush in and out of my wet pussy. I could feel my legs starting to tremble as I felt my orgasm starting to build. Harder and faster I fucked myself, thinking of Aftab slamming into me. I could feel I was really close to cumming, I put my left hand under my nightie and squeezed my right nipple as hard as I could. That was it, the pain of that jolted a sensation deep inside me and I started to cum, harder than I have ever before. I slammed my hairbrush deep inside me as came hard, making me squirm and tremble. Wow. That was amazing as I lay there, breathless and fell into a deep sleep….

To be continued….