My Mornings

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My MorningsFirst personI originaly wrote this for my girlfriend but i wanted more opinions on it so I uploaded it.This is my first story please keep in mind. Thank you for reading. I kiss you awake holding you to my chest slowly rubbing your sides until you wake up and kiss me back. My hand slowly moves to your stomach and down to your pussy rubbing slowly as I kiss your neck. As I move my hand in your underwear rubbing your clit I press my dick against your ass and slowly push a finger in your pussy fingering you slowly nibbling at your neck. I continuing fingering you while I pull the back of your underwear and pants down putting my hard dick in between your ass. I put another finger in your pussy fingering you faster as I hump your ass. I pull my fingers you and pull my dick from your ass spanking you I crawl between your legs and flick my tongue at your clit and licking the whole length of your pussy pushing my tongue inside working my tongue all around. I rub your ass slowly licking faster running my fingers over your asshole as I pull my tongue out of your pussy I kiss my way up licking your nipples sucking on them rubbing my dick head against your pussy. I kiss your neck biting lightly pushing the head in your pussy and leaving the head in while I kiss you biting your lip playfully pushing more of my dick in slowly pulling out a little and pushing back in slowly thrustingI push in more till my balls touch your ass and I lock my lips with yours as I let you get used to my full length kissing you deeply while I rub your nipples slowly. I slowly begin to move my hips you keeping my lips locked on to your running my tongue along your lips as I get to the head and push back inside back down to the balls massaging your breasts with my hands. I güvenilir bahis siteleri move my head back watching as my dick moves in and out slowly and I begin to gain speed thrusting a little faster rubbing ur breasts faster. I lean down and whisper in your ear that I’m gonna make you cum today and thrust harder and deeper into you biting your neck holding your breasts while I’m still gaining speed with each thrust. I keep thrusting my dick deep inside your pussy while I pull your hair back and kisses your neck then bite it suddenly thrusting harder and faster. I keep thrusting in your wet pussy still biting your neck while grabbing your ass and thrusting faster deep in your pussy I move my head back up biting your lip. I thrust harder into as I feel the cum building in my balls I whisper in your ear I’m gonna cum inside you then I suddenly stop thrusting and pull out squeezing your ass whispering but not yet later your gonna be full of my cum then bites your ear and sits up looking at you. I spank you telling you to go start the shower and you go and run the water. While you are feeling how hot the water is with your hand I come up behind you shoving my boner between your ass again and rubs your clit keeping you wet. When the waters right we get in and you grab my dick slowly jerking me off while I kiss you and rub your nipples. You stop rubbing my dick and you turn around while I get the soap and wash your back slowly. My hands rub lower and lower until I’m massaging your ass. I rub my finger on your asshole slowly and gently push it inside you as you put your hands on the wall to brace yourself. I gently finger your ass kissing your back slowly lightly biting your back. I slowly pushing in more of my finger working the full length canlı bahis siteleri of my finger in your ass slowly loosening you up. I used my other hand to rub your pussy to help you relax as I as another finger in your ass gently working them in and out. Pushing my fingers in your pussy still fingering your ass slowly I gently bite at you neck pushing my fingering in your ass deeper moving them around to loosen you up more. I keep fingering your ass and whisper in your ear asking you if you want another finger or are you ready for my dick. You ask for my dick and I smile and pull my fingers you and rub my dick against your wet dripping pussy to lube it up and gently pushes the head in your ass biting your neck. I let you rest and relax with the head inside while I rub your nipples kissing your neck while I slowly ease a little more of my dick in a inch at a time. I stop about half way in and let you rest while I massage your ass and rub your pussy again this time pushing my fingers in your pussy. I finger your pussy slowly and gently using my thumb to rub your clit and arching my fingers to hit your g-spot and push more of my dick in your ass slowly until I feel my balls hit your body and stop moving. You start to move a little letting some of my dick out and slowly pushing it back in while I hold your hips letting you work it on your own gently loosening up to it fully. When you start gaining speed I know your ready and start thrusting to match your movements and fingering your pussy faster. I thrust normally at first and slowly go faster as I whisper in your ear that your gonna be punished later for being so naughty. You moan as I say it and I thrust faster and harder. Thrusting harder into your ass I spank you hard leaving a nice big red bahis firmaları hand print. I pull out of your ass shoving two fingers deep inside your ass. I bite your back smiling whispers your nice and open now babe. I turn the water off pulling my fingers from your ass and we dry off and walking into the bedroom for more fun. I throw you on the bed spanking you hard until your ass is nice a red. I kiss you and handcuff you to the bed posts and rub your pussy while looking at you smiling. I reach into the nightstand pulling out a butt plug and put i in your mouth telling you to get it nice and wet while I keep rubbing your pussy. I pull the plug from your mouth an stuff it in your ass and put my dick to your lips smiling. You suck on the head a little and slowly take the full length deep into your throat. I reach back and push on the plug and pull my dick from your mouth and rub it against your pussy. I smile and make you beg to have it inside and I smile big as I shove my dick deep in your pussy thrusting hard and fast. I keep thrusting harder and pinch your nipples making them a nice bright red then I suck on them to make them better and thrust deeper. I pull out and put the wrist band on and pull it to the fourth notch making it so I can’t cum and shove it back in thrusting harder. I kiss you deeply thrust faster as my dick strains to cum but keep thrusting faster. While thrusting I grab a remote and hit high as the plug in your ass begins vibrating hard. I keep thrusting for what seems like forever until I hear you moaning wildly and feel your cum wash over my dick and I pull the band off still thrusting fast and cum deep inside of you kissing you deeply. Moving my tongue wildly around your mouth until every last drop of my cum is deep in your pussy. I uncuff you and hold you in my arms as you embrace me in your hold. Keeping my dick inside of you we lay together until we catch our breath and I smile looking at you. I kiss where your heart is and lay my head on your chest and close my eyes…