My Mother’s Second Marriage -3 (Erotic Wedding)

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My Mother’s Second Marriage -3 (Erotic Wedding)Please read the first two parts of the series to understand this third part. In the last part, you saw how Tina was introduced and how we both fucked each other and decided to get married to each other. Now, coming further to the story.It was 2 pm and we all had steamy sex sessions and were just relaxing and deciding on how to get us married. My mother was super excited and she wanted to get this marriage done in a sexier way. We decided to get married in our home itself. It was going to be very different and an erotic marriage.As my mother was pestering Tina, she closed her business place and called all her prostitutes to our home. Man, they were hot. I mean, all of them.We all were naked when they arrived. My mother told us that I and Tina can’t fuck anymore until we get married. We both protested but mom was stubborn.She asked the girls to do a mehendi for Tina. They all put mehendi on half her legs and till her elbows. She was naked all through but we were not allowed to fuck.At 6 in the evening, Sharad called up and there came three ladies again. In the whole house, we were all surrounded by ladies and only two men were present. Sharad made some phone calls and invited a few people. One of the ladies had brought sarees with her. And all those were transparent see-through chiffon sarees.Sharad also made some bookings for our honeymoon. I did not pay much heed. He did the payments. I sent my resignation while all this was going on. I was going to join Tina in her business. That is, we were going to become pimps.People started pouring in. There were some esteemed clients of Tina. She was in the room with other girls and mom came into my room to get me ready. She took me for a bath and started giving me a blow job inside the bathroom! I removed the see-through robe that mom was wearingMe: Aaaahhhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhh yessss (I started moaning).Mom: Majja yetey na. Kya tight lund aahe majhya poracha. Kadhi cha taatla aahe. Mmmmmm mmmmmm. Jhav mala.shant kar tyaala.Mom then bent in front of me. I entered her from behind.Mom: Aaahhhh.. Mala adhi mahiti asta tujha lund evdha aahe tar tujhya baapala kadhich sodhla nasta and roj jhavla asta tula.. Aaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh. Chod ajun zorat.. Aaahh..Me: Mala navhata mahit tula evdha jhavaychi Aag hoti. Nahi tar me pan utata basta jhavla asta tula. Kya choot aahe tujhi.Mom: Ho mi aahech rand. Mi pan geleli randi banayla, tevha majhya kaki ne mala baghitla ek customer barobar jhavtana and majha tujhya baapashi lagna laaun dila. Pan tu shevti majhya varch gela.. Aai jhavada.. Jhav joraat.. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhI was pounding mom very hard. Just then, Sharad entered. He also removed his clothes and put his dick in my mother’s mouth.Sharad: güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Majja hai tere. Tina jaise chuddakad aurat tujhe kahi nahi milegi. Randi ki aulaad hai woh. Use bas lund chahiye hota hai. Aaaahhhh teri maa bhi kam randi nahi hai. Dekh kaise lund chus rahi hai. Aur maar iski choot.. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh.We all three came at the same time.Then we had a group bath and came out. Sharad and I were going to wear lungi only. He had brought one and said, “Humare yaha shaadi main yehi pehente hai”.My mother applied powder on my body and my balls. My dick was flaccid. I was told to wear only the lungi. Even Sharad was wearing only a lungi.Just then my mother brought a cream with her and applied it on our cocks. And mom went to wear her saree. She tied a waist chain on her waist and then wore her saree. Without the blouse, her mangalsutra was seen prominent and her boobs were seen through the chiffon saree. And her make up was like a typical slut.Sharad went into his sister’s room.The priest called us and asked me to sit for the marriage. Till then, my cock was rock hard and it was poking out of the lungi which was being seen by all. When I sat, it was pointing upwards and so was Sharad’s.The priest called the bride. All the prostitutes were wearing chiffon sarees exposing their boobs and they brought Tina with them. And here was my beauty with 36D boobs, in a chiffon saree which was more transparent.The priest asked her to come and sit in my lap. With my dick touching her pussy, she sat facing me. Then the priest called Sharad and his wife to do the ‘kanyadaan’.He asked them to stand in such a way that on her side, Sharad was standing and on my side, mom was standing. He asked them to put a condom and mangalsutra in my hand and asked Tina to suck Sharad’s cock and asked me to suck my mom’s boobs. We did so and the priest said and they repeated,Sharad and Mom: We hereby give our daughter to you. Please accept her cunt. And from now on, you are the owner of my boobs and cunt along with my daughter’s.The priest then asked them to place the mangalsutra in my hand. He asked me to tie the mangasutra.I and Tina locked our lips and I tied the mangalsutra around her neck. Then the priest asked my mom to put sindoor on Tina’s boobs and asked me to apply the sindoor in her head with my tongue. I licked it from my mom’s tits and put it on her head. By this time, my dick was feeling the heat of her cunt.Then the priest asked me to stand for the pheras. We were to take pheras like a dog bitch and after every phera, Tina would such my cock. And I would un-d**** her saree once.Tina went down on her fours. My mother lifted Tina’s saree and guided my cock in her pussy.Tina: Aaaahhhh bhenchod.. I love güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you, baby.Tina crawled on her four like a bitch and I kept fucking her like a dog. We completed our pheras. By the end of the 6th phera, Tina was naked. And so was I.After our 7th phera, Tina gave me a long blowjob and the priest declared us husband and wife. By that time, it was 10 pm.Looking at us fucking, the prostitutes were already at work, fucking the rich clients. And mom and dad were drinking and smoking. I was shocked to see my mother smoking.Sharad called all the guests and introduced the new couple. We all had a naked group photo and everyone left after that.We got into our bedroom and I was still hard. I mounted Tina on the walls and was fucking her. Meanwhile, one of Tina’s prostitutes packed our bags. I pounded Tina for 20 minutes.Tina: Aaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh patidev.. Aj se meri choot tumhari hai. Jab chahiye.. Jaha chahiye ise maarna… Aaaahhhh aaaahhhh….I love you baby.Me: I love you too, baby.I kept fucking my new wife like a bull. I pounded her for 20 minutes and then we got dressed. My wife wore a thin spaghetti top and a mini skirt which showed her perfect figure with all the makeup. We came out and all four of us left for the airport.Sharad: We are going to the Caribbean for the honeymoon.Me: Waha kya hai?Sharad: Waha k Nassau island pe mere client ka ghar hai. He is from there, living in lonely area. Humari randiyo ko nanga rakh sakhte hai waha. And woh kaale lundo se door bhi. Kya pata malum pada kaale lund dekheke chudwane gayi dono.We boarded the flight at 3 am. We all slept in the flight as we were tired. We already had three days of numerous sex sessions and more were to come.When we reached the Caribbean, it was around 12 pm. Our ladies looked awesome and busty, one in skirt and spaghetti top showing half her boobs and the other wearing a tight-fitting tank top which hardly covered her ass.There, a guy named Ricardo received us. He took us to a restaurant where we had a nice meal. It tasted yummy but it also made us horny. He then made us meet Maria who took us on the boat. We were to travel on that boat.Maria was a busty lady. She had a big booty and when she walked, her booty was shaking so much.Just as we were away from the shore, my wife removed her clothes and started giving me a blowjob in the boat. Looking at her, my mother also got naked too and was giving Sharad a blowjob.We four had got naked and were sucking and licking each other. Then I and Tina got into a 69 position and I was licking her wet cunt. She was so tasty. She went mad with me licking her cunt and came on my face. Looking all of us fucking, Maria was also rubbing her pussy. She also got horny.I went to her güvenilir bahis şirketleri and started pressing her boobs, which were quite huge. She held my cock and gave me a blowjob. I was very hard as a piston now. I was kissing Tina. Then Maria got naked and asked me to fuck her. I looked at Tina who nodded in agreement.Maria came and sat over me and started riding me. She was just twerking her big booty.Just then, Sharad also came and he inserted in her ass. Maria was getting penetrated by two cocks now. We both fucked her for 15 minutes. Then we took our cocks out and released our cum in their mouths. My mother and my wife drank it all and they also shared it with Maria.Now, we were close to the shore and we were trying to get dressed. Just then, Maria told us to not bother as it was a tribal village where people stay naked.We got down from the boat into the cold waters and walked naked into the house. Even Maria walked naked.Inside the house, she had arranged food for us. It was some different kind of meat and she also gave us some drink along with the meat. Maria asked me and Sharad to drink it. We did and it made our mind swirl. It increased blood flow.We all rested that day, holding each other and slept. At night, Maria took us to the tribal people’s gathering. All were dark-skinned and naked there. All men had huge dicks. My mom and Tina were in see-through dresses.The tribal people started fucking according to their tradition. And looking at the black couples fuck, our ladies became horny.We all danced there naked and it was then I realized that my cock had grown a little big than usual. Tina was kissing me wildly. I pulled her on me and she started riding me. Sharad bent mom and he was fucking her from behind.My mom was sucking a tribal man’s cock while Sharad was fucking her. Then Sharad interchanged position and the negro entered my mom’s cunt. Sharad fucked her ass this time. My mom was going wild by that.Mom: Aaaaaaahhhhhh fuck.. Aai jhavli… Kya lund aahe hyaacha.. Aaaaaahhhhhhh chod chod bhadvya chod.. Sharad madarchod.. Thank you.. Jhava mala.. Aaaaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh.They fucked like a****ls for around 20 minutes.Tina: Tera bhi lund badh gaya hai bhadve.Kya fit baith raha hai mere chut main. Chodo mujhe aur jor se jaanu chodo mujhe.Me: Haan meri chinaal.. Le aaaahhhh aaaahhhh..(THAP THAP THAP THAP).I was fucking Tina like a bitch now. We fucked for 15 minutes and then we were spent. We slept there.In the morning when we woke up, we saw that there was a freshwater spring close by. We all got into the water and fucked there again. The red meat had given us some different strength. Our stamina had increased and so was our horniness. We all walked back home, naked.In the whole 5 days of our stay, we fucked our wives almost 3-4 times a day. When we came back to Mumbai, Tina had shifted to live with us. And I joined her in her business where she would cling to me the whole day and give me a blowjob at least once in every 2 hours.I will tell you in the next part how our lives changed and how we became a fucking family.