My Neice #2 and #3

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My Neice #2 and #3As my Neice went to take a shower..i finished up with gettingthe food ready for the BBQ…I went down to my room and the bathroom door was open .as I moved down the hall to give my neice some privite time and as I was closing the door she saw me and asked me to help her I said with what …wash my back… well I saw the best little ass I’ve ever seen…I soon left a and went to my bedroom had the biggest hard cock ever…I pull down my pants and soon out fell out my cock in my hands,started stroking my cock harder and harder to the thought of my neices I was stroking my cock didnt her my neice get out of the shower .. she dried off and came to my bedroom to get dressed as I was a single man and didnt need more then one bedroom apt..she opened the door and my eyes were shut stroking my cock to the thought of her…she said… wow uncle ..ummm can i get dressed?I replyed with so sorry you saw that I…I…she said uncle dont worry.. Ill pretend I didnt see you and its our little secert…I wont tell..after I stoped jerking off and embarrassed..I pulled up my pants walked out and contuied to get the food ready for our BBQ..She came out and was wearing this little outfit ..small little black bra,with a white t-shirt on.. and a pair of the holy jean shorts that barely covered her ass..I asked her if she was really wearing that with the family around she said yea sure…she then asked me ..well you asked me something so im going to ask you something..what were you jerking off too honestly?I then said um.. dont worry about it she then instisted!!I said ok well its our little secert right ..she said yes..I told her she made my cock hard withthe sight of her ass… she told me that shes a little turneed on when she saw me and asked if she could spend the night ..I said well you have to ask you mom ..she told me not to worry shell be spending the night..Part #3….As our family started showing up they all brought food into the house..placing food everywhere!i was outside cooking on the grill and my neice right behind me watching everymove asking me stupid stuff just so she could be close to me ..(Id hoped)I didnt notice that my 16 yr old neice was drinking girly drinks and getting pretty lit…Or was faking it but I beleive her littl plan was falling in to place as the night grew on her mom(my sister)… Asked me hey um can your neice sleep on your couch… I said….. um sure why My sister… Then replyed with um you havent noticed shes drunk and cant drive home!So I agreed..As everyone anadolu yakası escort left i took my neice down stair put a movie on and we watched tv..I waited for her to fall asleep so i could put her in my bed so she had somewhere comphy to sleep and I went to the couch…(I had a hardon the hole time we were on the couch I was glad she fell asleep)When i put her in my bed i then got un dressed and got a blanket and a rag and layed on th ecouch and started to jerk my cock to the thought of my neice sitting on my cock.. she then yelled out UNCLE!!i got right up and with a hard on put my boxers on and went in to my room there she was fully naked and trying not to get sick on herself ..she asked me to help her in to the bathroom…I picked her naked body up and walked her down the hallway with a full hard on that kept getting bigger and bigger soon it was resting on her ass as I walked her down to the bathroom she asked what was pokeing her and then moved her hand to her ass to push whatever it was away..she got a hand full and woke up and asked if that was what shed had thought it was…I began to mumble uh uh nothing..I set her down next to the toliet and she say the tip of my cock pokeing though my boxers and she asked why I was always hard and then puked…I began to tell her umm your naked and seeing you naked gets me excited..she rolled over and teased me in her drunking state and showed me her little pussy and her beautiful little tits… and was rubbing herself on the bathroom floor..I told her to stop and I helped her up.. I helped her walk to the bedroom and I layed her down and she put her hand on my cock and said I want to see it..I told her no!.. and for her to go back to bed..I walked out she laid there spead eagle and with her in dispaire I went back over and kissed her on the forehead and said good night well talk in the morning…I went back to the couch and laid there trying to finish what i was doing and i heard a moan comming from my room ..I ignored it and still continued to jerkoff… the moans got louder and I got up this time fully naked and was gunna hide behind the door and watch her finger herself..after a min or two she opened up her eyes and saw me jerking off while watching her .. she asked to watch and so I got scared at her catching me ..I stoped jerking off to see if shed just think I was there and go back to fingering herself… she got up and walked to the door opening it and said ..if our going to watch me then I get to watch you ataşehir escort …come to bed with me..I told her no but I went anyways and stood next to the bed as she fingered herself to me jerking off watching her..I soon was watching my little neice I used to take care off as a baby finger herself to me … i was about ready to cum I coul feel it comming up my long shaft and I told her I needed to grab a rag, I was going to cum…. she fingered her self hard and got off the bed on her knees and told me to cum on her face and tits…I was a little concerend and I started to leave as she grabed my cock and jerked me off the reast of the was and i came all over her face, mouth and her beautiful little tits… After we both were done pleaseing ourselves she asked me to stay in bed with her…she told me she was scared of new places.. I told her ook but im going to get my boxers…she then came back and told me NO! just get in bed… so I did…I could feel her all hot and horny all night my cock stood straight up all night.. she couldnt fall asleep so I told her to come close to me and cuddle.. she quickly moved over and held me tight and lowered her hand to my hard cock.. she then asked me if it was always hard and this big I was embarrassed and told her no.. I am just very horny looking at you!she said then why dont you fuck me then ..I told her I could your still a virgin and she commented I dont care I want you inside of me now!I could feel the precum dripping from my cock down my shaft and I was worried.. worried that id hurt my little neice and worried she tell her mom..i asked her if this was our little secert and she said .. oh yea uncle.. can I spend the night more? after debating on jumping on top of my neice she then got a little upset and asked if she did turn me on..I saof of course you do ..she came back asking ….then whats the problem… fuck it… she said she sat up and started rubbing my cock and then slowly bringing her head down to my cock….she then tasted my pre-cum and got her mouth around the tip and slowly started sucking my cock …(this was the best blow job i have ever got)…I could feel myself getting bigger in her mouth as she started to take me deeper and deeper in her mouth ..I didnt want to cum earlie so I pushed her off ..pulled her to the end of the bed and spread her legs so I could she her nicely shave pussy and I started to kiss and suck on the clit as she was bucking her hips back and fourth.. she was so wet and she so wanted me to drive ümraniye escort my cock deep inside her pussy…(her pussy was the sweetest and most tasteful pussy Ive ever tasted ..she took care of herself)I slowly moved up kissing her hips ,belly and moved up to her little tits (small b cup) I moved up and was licking and sucking on her little pink nipples she moaned louder and louder… I began to move up more and kiss her lips so she could taste he sweet little pussy as I did..I got off her and told her to sit up as I picked up all 98lbs of her I had her hug me and I slid her down on top of my tip of my cock slowly pushing my cock more and more in .. this was the best pussy i had ever been in ..tightest and the wettest…It was hard for me to have her all the way in with her hugging me so I took her back on the bed and told her to get on top till she was all the way down on my cock and she was comfortible with me inside of her….after about an hour of my neice slowly taking me all in and moving her hips back and foward and up and down she told me she was ready .. I flipped her over got behind her and slowly put my cock back in as she push agianst me.. taking me all theway in … she moaned so loud and soo good I knew my little neice was ready for a good fucking… I could feel her getting ready to cum…I began to pump my cock into her a little faster and faster till she was yelling in joy of my cock inside of her i touched bottom as we fuck held it inside of her till could fell myself get bigger and she started to cum all ove rmy cock squeezing my cock inside of her..As she came and came I was enjoying my litle neice and she was enjoying her uncle.. as she yelled…. deeper and faster to me…..come on uncle deeper …go faster uncle…I started to pound her little pussy till I was about ready to cum I told her I was ready to cum and she told me to wait as she came one last time and it was a huge orgasam… I could feel her pussy juices flow out around my cock and on to my legs and bed..I found out the she was a squirter…at teh point a i was the most turned on I told her I was gunna cum and she got off my cock and turned herself around and swallowed my cock and I shot the biggest load Ive ever shot in her mouth as she swallowed it as well as my cock…I saw a little cum still come out of her mouth and she caught it with her hand and continued to lick the cum off my cock and also her own juices… We were so tired we both passed out right were we the edge of the bed..we both woke up and welooked at each other and not a word but we kissed and she both jumped in the shower.. we washed each other and got out and got dressed I kissed her as I had to let her go home as her mom might get worried..that was the best night of my life and I cant wait to do it agina with her as we skype every night while im away…