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MY NEPHEW’S VISIT..My nephew called and asked could he spend 2 weeks at my house. He was going to a basketball camp not too far from where I lived. I told him sure and my brother called and we ironed out all the specifics. My nephew was a great BASKETBALL player and had high hopes of being in the NBA. By eleven, he was already 6 ft tall and he was actually pretty good at the sport.I hadn’t seen my brother or his family in almost 2 years as he was in the military and he and his family travelled often. My brother and his family arrived at my house that Friday and they got Aaron settled into his camp and registered. My brother, his wife and Aaron and the twin girls Jada and Jemma. Aaron was a junior in high school and the twins were 7 years old. My brother had a beautiful family .My husband was killed in a car accident and I guess I was still in mourning as I couldn’t find myself able to date again after his death 5 years ago. I was approached by many men but I wasn’t interested. I had no c***dren and lived in my 4 bedroom house alone. So I sorta welcomed the company of my nephew. Aaron was taller than my brother. At 6’5 he was the tallest male in our family. He was slim and looked like a younger version of my brother. With dark smooth skin like his mother.They stayed and then left out after we had lunch together. I hated to see my big brother go. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until Aaron and I stood there waving goodbye as they pulled out of my driveway. “Well k**do it’s just you and me now” I say as we head on into the house. We sat down and I gave him my house rules and a key to the house. I also took him in the backyard and showed him the basketball hoop that my husband used. I left him in the backyard shooting hoops, and I went about my regular Sunday routine . Later that evening we ate dinner and we got to know each other. I was impressed with Aaron he was a good k** and was very mannerable. He was also quite smart for an athlete as he maintained balıkesir rus escort a 3.8 avg in school. He seemed to be destined for greatness. We cleared the dinner dishes and bid each other goodnight and I went to my room and he went to his.I took a long hot soothing bath and just relaxed in my tub. I usually slept nude but figured against it with Aaron here. I slipped on a nighty just to cover up with no bra and panties. At 43 I had grown to like sleeping that way. I poured me a glass of wine and watched the news until I fell asleep. I stirred in my sleep as I felt myself becoming aroused. I was getting a tingling sensation shooting thru my body. I hadn’t been touched since my husband’s death 5 years ago. I rolled over onto my back still sleep and the feeling came back again. This time I opened my eyes. Even in the dark I knew it was Aaron. He was on his knees on the side of my bed, with his mouth on my nipple and his hand squeezing my pussy ever so gently. I feigned sleep as I was in disbelief. He was latched onto my nipple as If I was his mama and he was my nursing baby.While he sucked my nipple he would flick his tongue across it. It was getting harder to pretend to be sleep as he had me making little whimpering sounds and my breathing was getting more faster. “Damn she has some pretty titties ” he whispers as he kept sucking on my tits. “Mmmm nice big tits. Nice chocolate nipples” he says. Oh my God he was sucking my nipples soooooo good. Then he stood up and slid off his boxers. “Dear Lord” I say to myself. He was hung . He dick stood out at attention in front of him. I could see that it was at least 10 ‘ and with a nice round mushroom head to it. He got on the bed between my legs and slid down to my pussy. I wasn’t wearing panties so I could feel the heat from his breath as he nestled between my thighs. ” MMMMMM pussy smells so good I can smell it ” he says as he sticks his finger into my moistness. balıkesir rus escort bayan I caught my breath as he moaned out. My conscience was telling me to stop the shenanigans but my body was saying ” let him do what ever he wants”… I was his Aunt. What was I doing? I thought to myself, and then he opened my thighs and began to lick my pussy. Forget trying to pretend I was sleep. I got caught up in the moment. “Nephew” I say as I sit up and look down at him eating my pussy. “Auntie Im sorry” he says in between eating my pussy. I couldn’t believe he was so skilled I was squirming and loving every minute of his oral skills. “I love it. Oh God you eat it so good. Im gonna cum Aaron and my flood gates open. I squirted everywhere. ” Auntie you got me so horny I gotta feel you ” he says and puts the head of his dick to my pussy. ” Our little secret. I promise I wont tell” he says, and sldes his dick into my wetness. “Oh God I knew this pussy was gonna be good” he says, as he slow stroked me. After 5 years of no dick, I was almost like a virgin. My pussy gripped his big young dick as he pushed up into me. I opened my legs wider and he positioned himself where he had his hands on my thighs and he straight hit my pussy missionary style. “YES YES, I LOVE IT. DON’T STOP ITS SO GOOD”I cry . He started something that opened me up and now we were FUCKING. I had to taste that big dick. I push him off me and I straddle his face and we 69. His dick was wet from my juices and I licked and sucked it clean HIS DICK TASTED SO GOOD. I had to ride it. I turn around and face him and he sits up and we begin to kiss. He cups my big tits in his hands. “Love these tits Auntie” I take his dick and guide it up in my pussy. ” Oh God its so tight” he says as I slide down on him. He holds my waist and I position my legs just right and I RIDE that big dick. “Damn this big dick good baby. I love it. Oh YESSSSSSSSSSS” I say as I buck rus escort balıkesir on his young big dick. ” Oh shit Auntie you riding it. You got that big dick on rock Auntie. He tried to sit up and I pushed him back down and grind into him harder and came up off it and then slid down again while winding my pussy the same time. I was fucking this young boy up. “Oh shit. If you keep on doing that you gone make me cum” he says. Dick was feeling so good I lost my mind and rode him like a bull at a rodeo. “Im cumming Im cumming… and he grabs my waist and empties his load all up in me. I could feel him throbbing as he yelled out in exctasy. Damn you took that 1st nut from me” he says as I hop off him. Not missing a beat he stands up and pulls me up and pushes me face down onto the bed and starts fucking me doggy style. He was still hard and kept fucking me as if he had never came just a minute ago. “Auntie I never had no raw pussy always had on a condom” he says. “Been fucking girls and women since I was 13 and always used a condom. Your wet pussy is driving me crazy” he says. He had a point…. That big raw dick felt so good, and he was hitting me from the back hard. His balls were slapping up against my pussy. I was loving every inch of that dick. He had me on the tip of my toes as he stroked me deep. ” Don’t run from this dick. You know you want it” he says as he beat my pussy like he was punishing me. “Its good. You’re so big. I love that dick Aaron. Please don’t stop” I say as he fucked me good. “Oh God Im gonna Cummmmmmm” I say . I hadnt come in so long I was almost delirious.. Words cant describe the feeling I had as I came so good. “I felt that. I felt that” he says as he keeps pumping me with the long strokes. “BEST PUSSY I EVER HAD. GOD DAMN THIS PUSSY GOOD. I CANT HOLD IT……. IM GONNA CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and he empties his load deep inside of me. I take every drop. All up in my fat pussy, and loved every second that the dick emptied inside of me. I felt every throb of his dick as he leaned in and pushed it up in me good as he came deep inside of me. Grunting and making a****l noises. “arhhhhhhhhh take it take all that nut ” he growls. I use my pussy muscles to contract my pussy and try to suck every drop out of his dick. We fall onto the bed exhausted and spent, and fall fast asleep…..