My New Friend

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My New FriendThere is nothing better on a warm summers evening than to wander down to the local watering hole and sit in the garden watching the world go by with a cold pint. It was only a 2-minute walk, usually 5 to stagger home and not the best place in town but it was convenient and somehow managed to attract some pretty fit barmaids.The evening started out slow, not many people in so I got my pint and sat outside enjoying the warm evening air, I didn’t even pay attention to the new barmaid.So I am now on my third pint having made a bit of small talk with Brenda the middle-aged barmaid, pleasant enough I guess, I decided I needed to empty out so headed off to the dreaded gents. I say dreaded because it has an open urinal just big enough for 3 close friends to do their business and 1 dingy stall which quite frankly I wouldn’t feel comfortable throwing up in although I think many had.As I walked in there was a guy standing doing what men do, we nodded heads in acknowledgement and I stood at the other end about 3 feet apart, I had a quick peek at what he was holding because that’s what men do although they wont admit it, quite impressed as a big stream of piss flowed from him.Being in shorts and a tee shirt I had no fly so it was comical as I lifted my shirt slightly to lower my shorts over my cock take hold and relieve myself, the sigh of relief and omitting 2 pints of gnats piss was heavenly,“Now that’s a novel way of taking a piss mate” the voice from across said obviously watching my every action. I glanced across and saw him looking, “A mans gotta do what a man’s gotta do!” I said smiling as we seem to finish at the same time, we joked about the situation as we left, it was all harmless banter and I returned to my table to continue admiring the view.It wasn’t long before my new friend approached with a couple of pints, “Mind if I join you” he asked politely, “Seems we’re both stood up tonight” he joked and I kind of liked his banter so I accepted the invitation and we both sat chatting and drinking for a while.He had just moved into the area and like me was a single dad to a teenage militant brat, his words not mine. We seemed to have a lot in common, similar ages and the same sense of humour which was very scary, we were actually getting quite hammered as the night wore on, I was bursting again.“I must go show Percy to the porcelain!” I said staggering to my feet, “Hang on Bro” came the reply and we both staggered to the dingy hole, this time I was at the far end and Mike was only 2 foot away as we struggled for balance, laughing as I tried to get my cock out over my shorts.It was funny and if anyone had walked in they would have died seeing 2 drunks trying to perform an act of nature. We eventually finished and returned to finish our drinks, “Fancy a night cap brother?” Mike mumbled and I actually liked the guy, we had so much in common he could have been my brother and we instantly struck up great rapport,“Hell Yeah!” I said back and we both stumbled out the pub to the fucking house opposite, damn you can’t live closer to a pub without living in it.“Shh!” he said softly as we walked up the path, “My Jenny may be asleep” he giggled, “Mum’s the word” I replied bakırköy escort trying to hold back the laughter. We crept into the house which was all quiet and he showed me into the lounge, “Great night Frank!” he said shaking me by the hand, “Strange way to make a friend, but hey! Its great to meet ya!” he said giving me a man hug.“So will a good scotch do for you sir?” he asked and my eyes lit up, “And maybe a smoke?” and my eyes just popped, what a guy?.We were buzzing, telling stories about being single dads, telling jokes and the scotch was working wonders. It was all quiet upstairs so the guess was that Jenny was fast asleep, Mike did say she was a heavy sleeper, would sleep through a tornado.It was late and we were quite wasted, Mike kindly offered me his couch and although I only lived a few minutes away it seemed like a good idea,“Let me go find a pillow and blanket” he said as he staggered out the room and up the stairs, I wasn’t sure I needed a blanket but I was in no fit state to argue.“Hey Frank” came a whispered shout from up the stairs, I staggered to the hall and looked up, “Come up here a sec” he whispered, I did my best to get up the stairs and he beckoned me into a bedroom, “Shh, come look” he said softly as I walked in and looked at young Jenny laying on top of her bed on her stomach with her night shirt up around her waist showing off a delightful panty clad arse.“OMG!” I said softly as we stood there like a couple of naughty schoolboys and if it wasn’t for the fact that we were both drunk I don’t know what would have happened, I am not totally sure if he realised what he done.We giggled and left the room staggering into his bedroom, it was very dimly lit and looked comfortable. “Hey Frank” Mike said softly, “Hell with the couch, I got a double if you want to share” he said pointing at something far more comfortable than a small couch.I wasn’t totally coherent as I peeled off my tee shirt watching Mike do the same, “Too hot for PJ’s” he said as he stripped right off and climbed under the thin sheet. I pulled my shorts off and still had visions of Jenny’s arse in my mind and was sporting a little chubby, not that Mike noticed as the light was dim and he was as incoherent as me to what was going on, I climbed in beside him and turned to my side,“Night Bro, Great night!” I said, “Night Bro” he said back and the light went out.The bed wasn’t massive and I could feel Mikes body behind me but felt relaxed and comfortable plus his snoring told me he was well gone; I wasn’t far behind him that’s for sure.I wasn’t sure what time it was but I was laying on my back and no idea where the covers were, Mike had his head on my shoulder and his arm around my stomach, I could feel my erection pressing against his arm, I froze as it was a nice feeling, his arm started to move and I could feel his fingers caressing my stomach, I kept my eyes closed so he would think I was sleeping.I felt him touch the tip of my cock and his fingers wrap around the shaft softly pulling the skin back to expose the swollen head, I felt his head raise from my shoulder and his body move down the bed, his lips touched my nipples beşiktaş escort in turn, kissing and licking while all the time exploring my cock and balls with his hand.I felt his tongue run down by belly teasing my button before I gasped as his warm tongue flicked the tip of my purple head.I wasn’t totally sure what was happening but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop it, this man was an expert and this was by no way his first attempt at sucking cock, he explored every inch, licking and sucking my balls before deep throating me to the limit. I was beginning to think my new friend was gay, not that it made an ounce of difference as he was a damn nice guy, had I given off the wrong signals or was he just trying his luck? Either way I was enjoying it.He knew what he was doing, he was getting me to the brink, edging to the limit, my balls covered in saliva which he expertly massaged between my cheeks, he could do what he liked, I was still totally incoherent and Mike could see that as he rolled me onto my stomach and spread my legs, I felt his tongue and bristly chin running up and down my arse crack and felt his fingers pull my cheeks apart. I jolted as I felt his tongue press up against my hole and as he grabbed my hips I pushed back feeling his tongue enter my hole, what followed was probably the best rim job I have ever encountered and how I didn’t cum was a miracle.I was on my knees holding onto the headboard trying to get my head into focus when I felt his hard cock running up and down my crack and rest at the wet opening of my arse, I knew what was coming and gasped as I felt his hard cock enter my arse, it felt good as it got over the first hurdle and I pushed back forcing him deep into me. He must have been desperate because within a few minutes I heard him grunt and felt his hot cum shoot deep into me, OMG it was so hot. MmmAs I collapsed on the bed he turned me round and took care of my hard-throbbing cock, after what he did to me and Jenny’s arse still fresh in my mind or was that a dream? Anyway it wasn’t long before I was shooting hot creamy cum down his throat which he gratefully swallowed before we both collapsed back onto the bed.The next thing I know the blinds were pulled up and the bright morning sunlight hit the room, Jenny stood there this time her night shirt covered her, “Good Morning… Oh, you have a friend over” she said with a giggle looking at me and her dad lying in bed, I am just glad that the sheet was covering my obvious morning wood.“Hi, I’m Jenny” she said smiling, “Frank” I said in return, “Too drunk to get home” I said feeling like crap, she giggled as she waved and left the room. My blurry eyed friend soon stirred, not sure who looked or felt worse, we looked at each other, Mike was first to respond, “WTF Happened last night?” he asked like his head was about to explode, I looked as puzzled as he was, “I have no idea mate, we got wasted, great night mate” I said not thinking of anything else to say as we both tried to focus, Jenny returned with 2 coffees which was just as the doctor ordered,“Here you go boys” she said as she handed them to us as we sat up in bed, “Looks like you both beylikdüzü escort need it” she said showing no sympathy what so ever. It was needed though.With young Jenny wandering around in just a nightshirt and panties it soon became apparent that Mike had a similar relaxed dress code as I enjoyed at home and neither of us seemed bothered that we were both naked under the tiny sheet and from what I had learnt thus far Mike and Jenny were mirrors of me and Lisa, so refreshing.The coffee seemed to give both of us a kick and as we both gained focus Mike suddenly burst out laughing, I looked for a sign as to what had humoured him,“I just remembered how we first met Frank” he said giggling, “You struggling with your shorts in the pub” he continued which from my vague memory was quite funny.“Looks like we both suffer from morning wood Frank” he said looking down at the two bulges that were visible under the sheets, I liked this guy’s openness.I laughed as it was quite funny seeing us both bleary eyed drinking coffee with boners, then out of the blue Mike pulled the covers down and held his erect cock, I was impressed as I did the same and we jokingly tried to compare sizes.Somehow in 12 hours we had become best friends, I personally felt very comfortable,“You ever touched another cock Frank” he asked looking at me holding mine, I decided to play it cool and keep my bi side to myself for now, “No Mate, I can’t say I have, What about you?” I responded waiting for any indication that he had any recollection of last night,“No Mate, been to many nudist saunas but never indulged” he replied which surprised me but I was happy to go along with it.It was if we both had a sixth sense as we both reached across and held each other’s cock, his cock was hard and veiny and I pulled the skin back exposing the hard swollen head, a little precum leaked out and using my thumb I rubbed it in the tip, Mike was doing the same with mine, it felt good.“Wow!” I remarked as I slowly rubbed up and down, feeling every inch and squeezing his balls, I now had this naughty schoolboy feeling again as we experimented wanking with each other.I could smell the bacon cooking, it seemed like he had Jenny well trained and it would be interesting to get to know these guys better, He was a man’s man and I liked his company and she was a doll, shy and polite and obviously respected her dad, at first sight he had done a good job and as with Lisa I knew the struggle he has had.We sat in bed getting high on bacon smells rubbing each other’s cocks with no real purpose, it just felt good.“BREAKFAST IS READY BOYS!” came the shout from downstairs and we both simultaneously jumped out of bed and both stretching our limbs, “Here, chuck these on” mike said as he threw my shorts over, I had no idea where my shirt was but I did as asked as Mike pulled on a pair of boxer briefs, they were tight and his erection although softening was still evident as was mine however mine looked more like a tent pole.“Feeling better?” Jenny asked as we both walked into the smoky kitchen, seeing Jenny still in her nightshirt and a glimpse up the back of her legs was not helping relieve the flagpole effect and although she made no comment I am sure she saw it, maybe seeing her dad in boxers often it became second nature, either way it was a good atmosphere. We all sat together eating a good portion of bacon and eggs, cooked to perfection. Who knows how this day would pan out, more coffee and pain killers did the trick as we sat making jokes and small talk.